Seismological Bureau of Qingdao city to investigate and study the construction of earthquake prevent

from September 27th to 28, Zhao Weibo, director of the Qingdao Seismological Bureau Director and his party to visit the city of 7 people to investigate the construction of earthquake disaster prevention and legal work, and with the Municipal Seismological Bureau held an exchange of views.
forum, since the Municipal Seismological Bureau on 1998 promulgated the "People’s Republic of China earthquake disaster prevention law" the legal construction of our city earthquake disaster mitigation and law enforcement work are introduced in detail, and listened carefully to the Qingdao Bureau of the "Qingdao city earthquake disaster mitigation management regulations", "seismic safety evaluation management measures" and the process of legal system construction the practical problems encountered in the construction of legal system and law enforcement team construction and execution of the work in the exchange of views.




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