Against the threat of dogs, dog nuisance this dog to carry out remediation activities in Xining

July 16th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a meeting to carry out inventory remediation remediation dog activities. Remediation activities from the beginning of July 18th, in 20 days time to focus on inventory stray dogs, undocumented dogs, investigate Gou Raomin, dog dog dog, dogs do not go out with the dog chain. Do not apply for a dog license, illegal walking the dog, Xining Dog Management Office of the police will confiscate the dog, the punishment of dog owners.  
"dog management in accordance with the regulations of the Xining municipality, the public security organs in our city supervisor, responsible for illegal dog dog registration, processing, storing and handling of stray dogs work; to occupy the sidewalk and public places set up their stalls sold dog behavior and dogs out the impact of the city environment and health behavior, responsible for the city management department; community residents need to cooperate with the dog daily management work." When the owner of the dog for the dog, the dog to do the police have asked the owner of the dog in accordance with the law to ensure that the dog acts to sign the book to restrain the dog owner’s dog behavior. Guarantee of the contents of the annual inspection, including the annual plan, do not raise a strong dog, dog dog chain must be tied to the time to clean up dog feces, etc.. Unfortunately, a lack of guarantee of regulatory authorities, did not play a role in some of the constraints, not There are plenty of people who chain for dog dog when the dog, the dog dog owners also do not see the street defecation cleared up. One of the dogs suffering from dog pollution for six departments has become a regulatory problem, no one tube, there is no way to manage embarrassment.


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