Chongqing human resources and social Bureau set up a public service center for college students empl

every year a new batch of college graduates to join the community, many of the employment problem is a matter of concern to all levels of government. In order to help college students start employment, Chongqing set up a public service center for college students’ employment and entrepreneurship, to build a platform for the employment of College students.

for college students to provide comprehensive, high-quality and efficient employment services, to help its self employment and full employment, Chongqing People Club Bureau set up innovation of College Students’ employment public service center. The center area of 3800 square meters, is located in the city of Chongqing University, the surrounding colleges and universities, about 200 thousand students, more than 5 graduates a year, more than 16 people. Service center to integrate the city’s college students employment and entrepreneurship policy, college students employment and entrepreneurship services platform and demonstration window.

in the operating mechanism, the service center is the biggest characteristic of the "public + market" and build a multi, condominium, sharing, full integration of human resources services, training institutions, student entrepreneurs, labor union, universities and government departments such as the "Six Party" forces, efforts to build four platforms:

a self-service handling service platform. Through the establishment of the website, the development of handling software, such as touch screen, to achieve independent online consulting policy, understanding of the process, to enjoy the service, query job information, delivery resume and other functions.

by constructing the "four platform", "employment policy consultation + + + + skills training and entrepreneurship guidance occupation identification + AC + + talent personnel agency Exhibition" eight, will provide college students employment service 100 thousand passengers annually.

high-quality college students is an important resource for the future economic development of the labor China, guide students to find employment way, solve the important problems of people’s livelihood, contribute to social stability and development.

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