From a female journalist to a successful entrepreneur


in this life may change more than a job, but a job is usually with a very similar, because if you find another one did not understand the risks, not be able to do a good job, but a female reporter is bold make such a decision, re start, do you want to do!

Liu Wanqiao: run like a wild horse

2010 years, just graduated from Liu Wanqiao, Shenzhen, when people’s livelihood reporter, every day to run to report who lost children, where a car accident. Suddenly the rise of the three wave of the Internet – buy, LBS and micro-blog, she began to look forward to the internet.

but at that time, Shenzhen has no Internet atmosphere, no entrepreneurial atmosphere. Just Liu Wanqiao met angel investor in micro-blog, Wang Lijie, Wang Lijie asked her: cast you 100 thousand dollars, dare to do something?

so Liu Wanqiao went to Beijing in 2011, to pull himself in the university teacher, and a student to teacher, then recruited a staff from the Internet, from a Residence Internazionale Baiziwan a 40 square meter LOFT and a row of second-hand office furniture to do the movie package.

jellyfish jellyfish she founded is almost the first to develop independent App film company. At that time, there is no H5, there is no circle of friends, we collectively these products for WebApp. Of course, at that time, the popularity of 3G network is not high, so the popularity is not so good today." Currently on the promotion channels, jellyfish interaction has integrated the most popular 180 App, the content of these App providers.

to the C end to

"can be done in two directions, movies and music, are my favorite." Liu Wanqiao recalls. However, the music was trapped in copyright and other issues in 2011, the industry outlook is not clear, coupled with the film’s marketing approach is what she likes, after a brief test of the water, Liu Wanqiao devoted to the film.

"movie propaganda is better than song propaganda it has a short burst. If the film is a product, the product promotion period from six months to release before the release within one month after the intensive bombing style propaganda, large area coverage, large advertising signs, can make me more creative."

she thinks that the Internet is the most understanding of the film, but also the most understanding of the Internet in the film circle, although she is not a movie, not to learn the internet. Her company is also wonderful, one of the two departments is a traditional advertising type, one is the traditional technology, with a collision sparks, promote growth.


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