Catering sector is experiencing a big shake up investment to choose the right direction

era continues to change, the food and beverage industry is no exception. Wealth gathered in the catering market, business trends will be how to change it? By what factors? After reading the introduction of small series, I believe you have a certain understanding.

in many city, because the administration work is not coordinated, efficiency has always been snail’s pace of road construction, traffic congestion caused by the world without end, day and night, sunny dusty, rain water is not refundable or muddy. The restaurant for parking is a problem, not only that, shop rent expensive, the store is small, business is good to accommodate guests, poor business will have to put up the shutters.

in addition to environmental conditions, the national income has increased, the car is also more and more, eat a meal, go to the outskirts of the total than can not find parking spaces in urban areas is good. So these years belong to the field mire suburbs, began to appear a number of super large illegally built restaurant, parking lot to the cheap rent, wide and large stores, and only half the hotel banquet dishes, attracted a large population to urban consumption. As a few years ago, Tianjin seafood cheaper than Beijing, even there are many Beijing people to the wedding arrangements in Tianjin.

originally have removed these illegally built, although the local authorities in large illegal intervention were removed, but the industry had to recover the cost. As the saying goes, "no one to do business at a loss, there are certain industry to seize the initiative, a lot of profit. This indicates that these regions have business potential, as long as the legal registration will be able to benefit.

the restaurant?

now accelerate the work efficiency, work recommended

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