Why online Carnival online and offline businesses are a mess

– the recent war has ended, the public generally believe that online businesses a lot of profit, in fact, after the online carnival, either online businesses or the store’s business is very bleak, why is it?


, welcome businessmen.

Question 2: double

"the whole network is only 3% – 6% of the businesses in the money, most of the rest we are including peibenzhuanyaohe."

"globalization" Carnival electricity supplier has covered more than and 200 countries and regions of the consumers. One side of the Alibaba and the New York where the singing and dancing to celebrate the historic moment, while businesses are licking after the carnival alone.

Behind the

traditional line shops and online business, the customer is divided into two groups of people will say Chinese words and will hit the word, they are anxious to wait for cramped customers take the initiative to attack, you have no clue as to how to. Part of the traditional business owners because they have Tmall flagship store and I would unrealistic thinking of the Internet, as everyone knows, you can just change a place to wait.

double 11 and double 12 real value is brought new traffic complex for businesses, whether brought sales myth double 11 outlet and zhuangshiduanwan price jumped to the online store, Alipay or the godfather of red to let originally a deserted house line shop Paiqichanglong, which provided a new creative marketing contact, a large number of new service contacts and new sales contact.

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