Learn slag counter attack into the campus man

a learning slag in college students can only be a negative example of people, you want to counter attack into the school man who has any way? Entrepreneurship may be a good choice!

"big moment I am learning teacher’s questions, addicted to playing games, almost fail the exam, now I feel the side of the business side ready to graduate, every day is very full." The evening of March 28th, the construction of City College of Wuchang Polytechnic Institute Junior Tang Dongsang was invited to share their business experience and the growth experience for the students, he said his university course can be used simply "to describe the return of the prodigal son". His learning slag counterattack entrepreneur man inspirational story sparked heated debate on campus.

"at that time is also the total teachers and home care." Tang Dongsang said, their change is in the second semester, when he attended the school’s "shining star" singing contest, see the side of the students are very good, my classmates Li Ziyan is the college president, good friend Xiong Jian is a student member of the Standing Committee of the presidium, but only their own without a single success too. Failure.

"I am not willing to mediocrity, want to change myself. Perhaps is not willing to be an ordinary heart, perhaps really want to understand, and so on the way to open their own business."

when it comes to their own pot of gold, soup dongsang are sad. At that time, he persuaded his mother to support venture capital 3000 dollars, with the money into the English Test hearing headphones four boxes, a total of 400, ready to sell to freshmen, but the results are not satisfactory. At that time, the sale of fraud behavior is particularly large, mostly in the state of the business is not trusted, and as a newcomer to the soup.

"was very discouraged, not to be trusted, not a smooth, can’t wait for someone to come to buy, so I had to take the initiative to sell." Tang Dongsang laments. He find a friend to help promote organization thought of the combination of group purchase, sales, sales training and bundled together through the headset insole, although profit is not high, but the sales are very good, finally sold a net profit of more than 2 thousand, although not much, but it is their first pot of gold "".

and then with the arrival of Christmas Eve, and use the money to dongsang soup into the peace fruit, the first sales experience, thinking of using the Internet to sell this handy, three days to earn 10000 yuan.

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