Real estate enterprises suffered real collapse winter

the current investment in the field of winter, some people say that entrepreneurship also ushered in the winter, but it was also said that entrepreneurship is still hot. However, in the field of real estate entrepreneurship, indeed ushered in a high threshold.

in the cafes of Zhongguancun, as long as you take an apple notebook as pensive, immediately someone will Coushang asked: "dude, you want angel investment?"

if you take the gold diamond version of the apple laptop there "meditation", there’ll be someone to ask: "dude, I have a good project, you do not cast


To melt into the

"probability of success, the whole world is less than 5% probability! Enterprises listed or to be acquired is more likely to be less than 1%." Softbank Asia Investment Fund chief partner Yan Yan this sentence is very cruel, but you have to believe that entrepreneurship is a huge risk.

in the current real estate industry, fighting the most intense Internet and rental listings promotion area.

and in 2015 the real estate sale and lease transaction is gradually warming up, let many people see hope.

can be seen in the great expansion of market capacity, but a big market, competitors will be more, with more problems.

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