Love starts in Hunan electricity supplier poverty alleviation action

poverty alleviation is a common word in our daily life. However, the electricity supplier on poverty alleviation action is how one thing? Specifically how to expand it? The following and Xiaobian together with a detailed understanding of it!

from the beginning of this year, our province will in Chengbu Miao Autonomous County to carry out a comprehensive demonstration on "business poverty alleviation" special action in 51 poor counties. Focus on the "agricultural products (000061, stock it) to" focus on promoting the county’s agricultural product standardization, scale, brand. In April 27th, Hunan province to promote poverty alleviation business officially launched special operations, the launching ceremony held in chengbu.

state-level poverty-stricken counties to catch e-commerce express

27, Dan Kou Zhen Ping Zi Zhai Cun, Chengbu County, village electricity service station officially opened, the villagers stampede in, learning how to order goods online and use the electricity supplier convenience services to staff. Ping Zi Zhai village business service station is a Hunan rural commercial company built a "industrial countryside" platform, will also carry out local agricultural products upstream channel.

27 on the launch site, Hunan Su ningyun (002024, shares), mango, Fang, Huinong agricultural life search network and cloud Caihui also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the. Prior to this, the county with the Jingdong group, agriculture and village travel network signed a cooperation agreement. Many electricity providers gathered, to jointly promote the national poverty county Chengbu catch the express train of electronic commerce.

in recent years, the electricity supplier has to accelerate poverty alleviation in Chengbu, Tianyuan support agriculture, Montessori tea and a number of enterprises to establish business operations center. Granville Township villagers Tang Shengbing is a black bone chicken farmers, his monthly supply of 1000 chickens to Tianyuan agricultural, annual income of up to $200 thousand.

2015 years, farmers in Tianyuan agricultural development cooperation electricity supplier operations center more than 500, through search, Tongcheng and Nong Fang, Happigo (300413, shares) and other electronic business platform, set up a kiwi, silky and rich rice as the main agricultural products online sales chain, led more than 5000 farmers get rich.

to the end of 2020, the basic application of e-commerce in poor counties

Provincial Department of Commerce and the provincial poverty Alleviation Office has issued in April 22nd "on the guide and promote the implementation of the views of" business poverty alleviation, put forward to 51 poor counties in our province as a key area, to the province 8000 poor villages filing riser as the focus, to increase the income of the farmers as the starting point, market-oriented, enterprise as the main body, to nurture the industry as the key to build agricultural products with market competitiveness and rural electricity supplier system.

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