The breakthrough of New Maize Variety Breeding in Sichuan

in the process of economic development, people’s livelihood is always fundamental. China’s huge population base, to solve the problem of people’s food is the key. But with the current social situation, the urbanization is expanding, more and more people go to the city to live, but for the cultivation of grain is still very important.

recently, Sichuan Province, 12th Five-Year Corn Breeding Research – breakthrough new varieties of corn breeding project breakthrough. 4 new maize varieties approved by the state, the approval of the 40 varieties of corn through the provincial level, to achieve a breakthrough in Sichuan Province, the number of varieties of super high yield varieties, the number and quality of breeding varieties in the forefront of the country.

project team around the province of hybrid maize breeding, the implementation of a series of agricultural research collaborative innovation action, to obtain a number of independent intellectual property rights of genetic resources. Successful breeding of "723 sheep" and "Y9614" with high yield and disease resistant inbred lines 6, high starting point, the synthesis of Reid Reid and non Tropical Germplasm Base of 2 populations, a new inbred line 1 from MCO-1 (breeding varieties: 689), the construction of 759 group and PD group with more than and 20 breeding groups a, use DH technology to obtain haploid breeding value of more than 100 copies, complete the supporting technology of male sterile breeding new hybrid "dragon 999", construct the anther restoring gene box seed production techniques of maize male sterility transformation vector of more than 10.

project to improve the overall level of Maize Breeding in our province, improve the core competitiveness of corn seed, in agriculture, quality and efficiency, farmers’ income significantly. 2011-2015, the varieties of maize breeding program in the province and outside the extension area of 4500 acres, 3000 acres, the province to promote the breeding of sweet waxy maize varieties, both inside and outside the province more than 150 acres in the promotion.

at the same time, the project is also publicly published more than and 130 research papers, which included SCI published a total of more than 21 provincial and ministerial level scientific and Technological Awards of 7. Shen Yaou, Pan Guangtang in the "PLosOne" published papers, causing maize genetics and genome (MaizeGDB) hot concern, highly praised by experts at home and abroad.

Sichuan in the face of people’s livelihood issues, the local resources to actively play a positive role in the cultivation of crops. This time, the selection of new varieties of Maize in Sichuan to obtain a breakthrough for the development of the economy is very meaningful! If you are interested in this new project, more relevant information, you are welcome to timely online consultation.

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