A potentially huge market University Campus

said that the students make the best money that makes sense, especially the college market, college students began to dress themselves, they also began to pursue the trend and fashion, love is the university required course, what game so. It is needless to say, it is a very large sales group.

"parking problem has become difficult, if the parking lot will integrate resources, help owners find parking spaces in the peak period, but also can provide effective information surrounding, such a large market applications." On the stage, from the Wuhan Polytechnic University, Cao Wei talking, Taiwan, 9 senior members of the investment community nodded. This is the world’s 2011 investment in mobile Internet entrepreneurship contest finals scene. After nearly two months of competition, from the country’s top 200 colleges and universities, more than 7000 players, the selection of creative works in the form of creative design and innovative achievements of the top ten teams into the final showdown. Competition organizers Shenzhen World Investment Co., Ltd., said the contest winners in addition to the value of nearly 100 thousand yuan prize, but also the opportunity to enter the well-known enterprises. It is said that the project will provide 10 million yuan of venture capital fund.

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