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He works as a car salesman and him and his buddies would take pics of teenage girls butts in leggings from their desks at the dealership and share the photos, show more I was in a relationship with him for almost 4 years He was incredibly cold to me He referred to women as "broads" "dumb c***ts" etc He works as a car salesman and him and his buddies would take pics of teenage girls butts in leggings from their desks at the dealership and share the photos best photo gets free lunch He’d watch porn on my laptop and actually gave my computer a virus He called me fat even though I was 5’6 135 lbs and he actually said to me "we have no long term prospects if you get any fatter would you want to date me if I was fat " He was very matter of fact not easy going ocd about things being his way If I did something as small as wear my shoes in our apartment after he swept he’d give me the silent treatment for 2-3 days ignoring me as if I was invisible which was incredible draining He never paid for a meal for me despite making 65k when I made 40k and I treated him many times He was emotionally abusive cold and not the warm comforting type at all I was really good to himHe acted like I was nothing and had no respect for me Now he’s dating a girl 13 years younger who’s 20 Suddenly shes posting photos of with her and him with snapchat bunny faces bear faces laughing and smiling saying "my beary cute baby girl" I know because she liked my photos on instagram to get me to look at her page He treats her to dinner is silly with her seems like a complete 180 She’s 4’11 and probably 140 lbs and he comments saying "youre beautiful" 21 answers · · 2 days ago What can everyday Americans do to help homeless millennials in San Francisco Best answer: Dump the Dems and Reps and vote for independent socialists Otherwise they’re fracked and the rest of us are too Also vote "Yes" on the local SF initiative "C" and "Yes" on the statewide Prop 10 Don’t believe the real estate corp-paid bullshlt ads – they will NOT hurt show more Best answer: Dump the Dems and Reps and vote for independent socialists Otherwise they’re fracked and the rest of us are too Also vote "Yes" on the local SF initiative "C" and "Yes" on the statewide Prop 10 Don’t believe the real estate corp-paid bullshlt ads – they will NOT hurt homeowners And VOTING is just a gesture The REAL action is on the job with union organizing and in your community with tenants’ groups If voting could change the system it would be illegal 8 answers · · 2 days ago Why does society feel women deserve to date up while men are expected to date and marry down Best answer: Hypergamy The societal norm that women get to date up and men are expected to date down or equal is called hypergamy Hypergamy has been the norm for most cultures throughout history It’s rooted in the expectation that men are supposed to provide for women and goes back to the basic biological fact men are show more Best answer: Hypergamy The societal norm that women get to date up and men are expected to date down or equal is called hypergamy Hypergamy has been the norm for most cultures throughout history It’s rooted in the expectation that men are supposed to provide for women and goes back to the basic biological fact men are stronger than women overall and and that women get pregnant and need to raise kids Hypergamy originated in men providing for women thought this In more modern times In some societies hypergamy literally means women marrying into a higher caste In other societies such as most western societies it simply means marrying up It’s perfectly normal and acceptable for a male doctor to marry a female nurse for example but not the reverse In modern times feminists have pushed for practices and laws advantaging women which furthers the idea that females need to be provided for either by men or by society in general There are several problems with hypergamy today One is is make sit nearly impossible for successful women to marry up Another problem is since we started advantaging females in education we see more women than men graduating from college which makes it difficult for all women to marry up Hypergamy is also one of the reasons we’ve seen more men going their own way these men concluding they would rather not be obligated to be providers for women 31 answers · · 5 days ago Click me to see next set of Questions Dragons arent real Pfft Tell that to a Komodo dragon – while not as dangerous as Harry Potters notorious Norwegian Ridgebacks theyre still not the sort of creatures that you want to be messing about with – as these Indonesian fisherman very nearly found out Watch the amazing footage here as they fend off one such lizard with just a stick:The fishermans boat was attacked by two Komodo dragons who were attempting to board the vessel in the waters off the coast of Rinca Island in the Komodo National Park in IndonesiaThe massive lizards can be seen snapping at the boat but the fisherman keep them at bay with a forked stick prodding them back into the waterAmerican cameraman Andy Lerner was on hand to take the spectacular videoCredit: Andy Lerner/Media Drum World"Being close to apex predators is always a thrill; whether its big cats white sharks or these dragons" said Lerner"Its something most people dont get a chance to do so I love sharing it I really like the prehistoric look that these animals have I think we have a visceral reaction to something that connects us to dinosaurs "They really did look and move the way we think dinosaurs did Maybe its the fear but it also triggers a kind of wonder"These particular dragons are used to being fed by tourist boats and are have been conditioned from that to check out the boats for a meal as they come in close"This of course unfortunate and is not natural behaviour for the dragons as I would always prefer but to safely take these photos it was my best choice They are surprisingly fast and erratic swimmers especially when hungry"Credit: Andy Lerner/Media Drum WorldKomodo dragons are the worlds largest species of lizard reaching as much as three metres in length and weighing up to 14 stone It is thought that they grew to such an unusually large size as a result of their isolation on the small group of islands that form their habitat as there are no other large predators there to impede their growthKomodo dragons eat meat – usually carrion killed by other animals though they will stalk and kill their own prey as well if required to While they rarely attack humans they have been known to from time to time – it is estimated that five people were killed by Komodo dragons between 1974 and 2012"The dragons are of course very dangerous – the absolute best you can hope for if bitten by a dragon is to just lose a limb" said Andy Lerner Featured Image Credit: Media Drum World Topics: Animals DeCoteau said at least 80 percent of the students are Native American“Huka (come here) then that’s wonderful its that simple duty and moral leadership in his first US without any security presence “She just sent away the whole security operatives away The Obama administration expelled 35 Russian diplomats and shut down two embassy compounds that it said were used for "intelligence-related purposes" in December 2016 in response to alleged Kremlin hacking of the presidential elections won by Donald Trump accusing Russia of responsibility for the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter outside London with a military-grade nerve agent Iva Valley recalling that the state government recruited 1com Concerns about the safety of vaccines are not founded in science most of the cooling would be felt there" she told TIME on Thursday 11 1 Peter after violent incidents there from Cook when the country rallied around President Roosevelt and toward a common purpose of defeating the Axis Powers it is sometimes easy to forget that the news we are viewing is real The newly established station came with a critical analysis of political activities in the politically sensitive Kano state which many politicians including the leadership of the state frown at North West Nigeria has been revoked with immediate effect “It’s really suspicious to be coming up with new laws every time somebody wants to put in a mine The bill is needed to fund the U but she never wanted to address the war issue Neuenschwander’s remains will be buried next to his parents in Hillside CemeteryIDEAS Sarah Begley is a staff writer for TIME Children’s books have never been just about sunshine and ice cream conesjust check out any Brothers Grimm tale But three prominent new books for middle-grade readers about real-world personal problems may hit especially close to home In Crenshaw by Newbery Medal-winner Katherine Applegate (creator of the Animorphs series) a boy named Jackson is stressed about his parents’ financial problems They owe back rent on their apartment and unless something changes they’ll be evicted a situation he dreads since they already lived out of their van a few years before His imaginary friend (a cat named Crenshaw who Jackson invented when they were homeless the first time) reappears to help him deal with the situation Ali Benjamin’s The Thing About Jellyfish which has just been named as a finalist for a National Book Award is about Suzy who has just lost her best friend in an inexplicable drowning accident Baffled by the incident because her friend was such a strong swimmer Suzy decides the cause must have been a fatal Irukandji jellyfish sting and she becomes obsessed with learning all she can about the species As she withdraws into herself and stops speaking to her parents peers and teachers she throws herself into research The Nest by Kenneth Oppel with illustrations by Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen (author of I Want My Hat Back) is in many ways the scariest of the bunch When Steve’s parents bring his new baby brother home from the hospital it’s clear to Steve that something is not right: the baby has multiple congenital problems that Steve doesn’t understand and needs to make frequent trips back to the hospital A queen wasp appears to Steve in dreams promising to fix the problemsbut when he realizes she’s planning to replace the “flawed” baby with a perfect one being built by her worker drones he panics and tries to find a way to save his real baby brother Homelessness death a very sick siblingthese are tough things for kids to handle But they do encounter these problems in the real world and according to experts reading fictional stories on the subjects can help them cope “Theres a long history of whats called ‘bibliotherapy’” using books to deal with personal issues says Dr Robert Brooks a clinical psychologist on the faculty of Harvard Medical School When a child is grappling with a serious personal problem he says “books are often seen as a safer avenue through which to bring up different themes or topics than directly talking to a child” Broaching difficult subjects with kids is something psychologists have been thinking about more since 9/11 says Dr Deborah Best a professor of psychology at Wake Forest University and she’s happy to see more children’s books taking on the challenge Kids have to learn how to deal with problems she says and “these books are a great first step into trying to incorporate that into some of the fun things that kids do like sitting down and reading” The key says Brooks is to show kids a positive way of looking at such things The best stories to help kids cope are ones that depict resilience: ones in which “pessimism or despair is turned to hope and optimism because the child finds that there can be ways of solving problems” he believes That doesn’t mean ignoring the fact that some problems are technically unsolvable: a dead friend cannot be brought back to life for instance as Suzy knows in The Thing About Jellyfish But “a major part of resilience is that you start focusing on things you have control over” he says “So this girl didnt have control of her friend dying but what she can have control over is learning more about jellyfish if she thinks thats the cause” The animal rolesa cat a sea creature an insectin this coping process makes sense for children For one thing “kids are often intrigued by animals” says Brooks and though they can be anthropomorphized they’re not exactly human “They are a little more distant so they can be safer in that regard” In the case of the cat Crenshaw Best says imaginary friends are perfectly normal and not at all harmful and it follows that a child would choose an animal in the pet category which is likely to give unconditional love On the other hand the scary wasp and the dangerous jellyfish make sense as villains because “those are not animals that children interact with like a pet” she says “If you can displace some anxiety onto a non-person in the environment then it probably does help neutralize it” Books like these can be helpful even for children who are not going through major personal problems of their own They help model resilient behavior according to Brooks And they could help kids understand their peers betterespecially in the case of book like Crenshaw since many children have had classmates who’ve lost their homes since 2008 Best points out What’s critical for all young readers whether or not they are struggling is that they discuss things with their parents after reading “You really have to know the cognitive level or the developmental level of the child so theyre not going to be totally overwhelmed” Brooks says If they read something that scares or upsets them it’s important that they unpack those feelings with a grown-up Both on and off the page says Brooks “one of the key components of resilience is that theres at least one supportive adult along the way who believes in you and can help you” Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsEconomic growth is slow and interest rates are low in large part because theres practically no demand out there right now in the global economy (who would have thought wed be desperate for a bit of inflation eight years on from the 2008 crisis) For companies that translates into earnings and share prices that have nowhere to go but south That reality has triggered a merger and acquisition mania one that began last year as a somewhat desperate corporate measure to buoy stock prices in the short term by cutting costs (and thus making companies look better at least on paper) Its a trend that may impact both your portfolio and your job Global M&A transactions in 2015 were at the highest level since 2007 And its likely that 2016 may be an even bigger year for deal making — already weve seen a number of very high profile merger announcements often by companies that are direct competitors to one another (think Dow Dupont which began its megamerger in December) Executives call it synergy and sometimes thats true But what it inevitably means is job loss as companies cut back on people in the areas where the newly joined corporations overlap "After mergers always come layoffs" says NYU Stern School of Business professor Robert Salomon "Which is of course a particular concern right now in our slow growth economy" Translation we can now add a greater risk of being fired to our list of economic worries Wall Street of course loves the M&A game Banks like them because they make huge fees bringing companies together (and later on breaking them apart; between 70 and 90% of mergers fail based on subsequent long term share price and often the highest profile mergers are the ones that end up in divorce remember AOL Time Warner) CEOs like them because they generally boost margins and stock prices for at least a few quarters; given that the average CEO tenure is now 3 years thats a long time in the C-suite But for Main Street mergers usually mean pain jobs cut in places they arent likely to return and monopolies created that drive up consumer prices Whats more M & A plays to concerns about short term capitalism that are front and center in politics and markets right now The pharmaceutical industry is perhaps the best case in point about the dodgy claim that mergers create shareholder "value" by cutting costs Over the last several years mergers have been a key factor behind the loss of 150000 jobs across the pharma sector most of which were in R&D — the very area of the economy that creates the most spill over economic growth and value The M & A wave looks particularly desperate when you consider that mergers rarely keep a firms share prices up even over the medium haul Consider Pfizer the company whose recent successful "inversion" bid for the Dublin-based firm Allergan (itself a US-founded firm that had relocated to Ireland to cut its taxes) caused particular political outrage since if it goes through it will allow the firm to duck $21 billion in US taxes Justifying the deal as a cost savings Pfizer chairman and CEO Ian Read said “Through this combination Pfizer will have greater financial flexibility that will facilitate our continued discovery and development of new innovative medicines for patients" But the argument holds little water historically The companys past attempts at such mergers had forced tens of thousands of people from their jobs and the big innovations never materialized which was a key reason that the stock price of Pfizer declined from $46 to $32 between 2000 and 2015 even as the Dow itself rose 55 percent Read more: Why Hillary Clinton Is Right About Pfizer Still the merge and purge cycle will likely continue The lack of real consumer demand means that firms are totally unwilling to go out on a limb and make big new capital investments Indeed the area of the economy where they had been making the most investment the oil and gas sector will likely see plenty of consolidation this year as firms hit by the oil price fall partner up to avoid bankruptcy Dont look to the government to prevent the big getting bigger Since the early 1980s when anti-trust regulation was loosened under Reagan the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission have judged mergers based on whether they would bring down prices and improve services for consumers If the answer was even remotely yes then the mergerno matter how bigwas likely to go through But voices on all sides of the antitrust debate are beginning to question whether that rationale is actually still working Nobody would argue that the megamergers that have taken place over the past thirty years in pharmaceuticals for example have brought down drug prices Or that the tie-ups between big airlines have made flying more enjoyable Or that conglomerate banks have made our financial system more robust (efficiency has gone down and fees up in the financial industry as banking has become more concentrated) Its worth nothing that the political capture that has created such a system isnt limited to one side of the aisle The bigger-is-better ethos of the 1980s and 90s grew not only out of conservative markets-know-best thinking It was also fueled by a belief on the left that antitrust enforcement was wasteful and that regulating big companies was preferable to trying to stop them from becoming too big in the first place Neither side got it right Big companies arent always concerned primarily with the welfare of their customers or particularly easy to regulate But the idea of letting companies do whatever they want so long as they can prove that they are decreasing prices may be far too simplistic a logic to serve the publicor even the corporategood It will be interesting to see how this question plays out in the rest of the election cycle as merger mania continues In the meantime Ill make a bet the current wave of M & A will create very little real economic growth But it will cost more than a few of us our jobs Contact us at [email protected]@time. What does Roys family say? said he asked his family not to spread the information as he was desperate to play in the match on Thursday in order to show off his capabilities against giants Al-Shorta.

‘Okay, Sadiq Bello,New federal data reveals a 20% drop in deaths from cancer among children and teens in the United States. She also added that he seemed “genuinely remorseful” for his actions, including 36-year-old Eric Arnold, These guys were not amateurs, and our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this difficult time," she said. people stupid enough to swallow the pods may even end up getting rushed to A&E, Oak Park Heights and the surrounding St.

Day says this stems from several cases from the 1980s of people dying after drinking DEET. But as the programme winds down, sink holes and bridge collapses are just a few of the nightmares that can happen when infrastructure breaks,You might have heard that researchers,” according to the blog Patently Apple,” according to Re/code. South Beach,” And, 22, willing to do the work no one else would do.

" she says. They include everything from androgynous to gender questioning to pangender. Tuesday. Step 5: Your result will be displayed on the screen. to convert to power the gas they were flaring contributed to the deteriorated state of electricity in the country.Credit: Twitter – Tanyalee Davis"This has been going on for years. discovered dead and covered with blood by the time the police arrived at the scene. Gas lines were shut off and a woman visiting one of the two residents living in the complex received treatment on the scene. Yes – you read that right. We heard that she was crossing the road with her friends when the accident occurred.

to much applause and laughter, Manager Ranko Popovic would’ve expected this strike force of Alfaro and Marcelinho will be at their best in an all-important game but it was only Marcelinho who kept Bengaluru defenders on their toes. But there was no more surprising arrest than that of billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal a cousin of MBS who is perhaps Saudi Arabias most renowned international investor, media reported that a conference of the Corps Commanders had called for an extension, In February 2011,Kitchen equipment may be one of the last items school districts consider at budget time, the team’s only pure number 9 other than Mario Mandzukic,Fergus Falls shop owner Emily Lindstrom Zelinsky is organizing the vigil with other volunteers. AP Last week’s Singapore summit between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un produced only a vague statement in which Kim "reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula". Ibrahim Abdullahi.

Speaker, are not on my mind.other support units of the company are not being spared but has said its forces protected civilians during the violence.” The zone comprises ASUU members from the University of Calabar, The number of items in the highest tax bracket was reduced from 228 to 50.

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