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and proved to a pivotal moment in the campaign for former Massachusetts Gov. Westlake called 911 and tried to contain Boek’s bleeding and performed CPR, Westlake is a concealed weapon permit holder and had recently graduated from the police academy. with Paige needing help to get out the ring. or the Atlanta Braves, the governor commended the assembly for seeing to the eraly passage of the budget.” Hajiya Aisha Mamman was wife of the late Alhaji Mamman Danbaffale, on toast. She celebrated eating and then decried the guilt that followed.” “The Nigerian government has been slow in accepting help from the United States and other Western countries due to their attempt to cover up their ill-equipped and corrupt military.

Abdullahi had in an interview during the weekend justified the killing of innocent Nigerians by rampaging herdsmen across the country But describing Abdullahi’s comments as unfortunate the pan-Yoruba socio-political organization said elders of his nature should not speak as such Afenifere through its National Publicity Secretary Yinka Odumakin told Vanguard “I read the interview and it is quite unfortunate that an elder statesman a former Vice-Chancellor will make such utterances and also justifying the killing of Nigerians by herdsmen “He is supposed to be the spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum Elders do not make these kinds of utterances” Also reacting to the comments by Abdullahi a former Secretary General of Ohaneze Chief Nduka Eya said that “Ango Abdullahi is part of the problems we have in Nigeria “My friend Prof BIC Ijeomah responded to Ango Abdullahi in a book where he said that they want to hoodwink us into ignoring realities of the truth “Ango Abdullahi is among the educated northerners who don’t want us to say the truth “When the North East Development Commission Bill was passed he said nothing but objected to the South East Development Commission Bill “What Ango Abdullahi exhibited is characteristic of those who want to run this country on their terms with arrogance “How can the solidarity for Benue people be described as divisive Who even made Benue Northern Nigeria “ This is one in a series of 13 Yahoo News interviews with historians about defining moments in presidential leadership The interviews were conducted by Andrew Romano Lisa Belkin and Sam Matthews and the videos were produced by Sam MatthewsJournalist and historian Evan Thomas author of “Ike’s Bluff: President Eisenhower’s Secret Battle to Save the World” spoke to Yahoo News about Eisenhower’s defining moment of presidential leadership: the courageous decision to defy public pressure and push back on the military-industrial complex at the height of the Cold War Excerpts:The military-industrial complex is a real thing It is the combination of defense contractors the Pentagon and Congress They all work together to get the country to spend money on building weaponsIn World War II the United States had to go from having basically nothing for a military to having the greatest military the world has ever seen They built an immense defense infrastructure churning out planes and tanks and ships — and that never really stoppedEisenhower was wary of the relationship between industry and government and he saw that the military industrial complex could get carried away He personally was able to keep a lid on spending but he was afraid that when he left office his successors would not be able to do that and spending would get out of controlWhen Ike came to office the Cold War had already been going on for several years It was at a funny juncture because Stalin the fearsome leader of the Soviet Union died almost as soon as Eisenhower became president When Stalin died Eisenhower asked his advisers “What are we going to do” And he quickly discovered there was no plan Russia was a closed countryThere was a moment when Eisenhower tried to seize the initiative and he gave his famous “chance for peace” speech He asked the Soviet Union if we could step back and cool things offIt didn’t really work The Soviet Union wasn’t really listening and there were just so many forces building up to continue the Cold War We were building rockets and the Soviets were building rockets — and it turned out they were building a bigger rocket than our rocketIn 1957 the Soviets launched a satellite Sputnik and it scared the living hell out of us Americans freaked out because they knew what Sputnik meant: If the Soviets could put a satellite across us they could put atom bombs into usIt was less frightening however to President EisenhowerEisenhower was unusually calm in the Sputnik crisis He was the only man who could be calm — he had conquered Europe and the Soviets were rightly afraid of himEisenhower knew the capacity of the military to take advantage of panic by spending a lot of money — by building new weapons — that weren’t going to work but that might have felt good to politicians Ike resisted itHe knew that his popularity would suffer and it did But Eisenhower played a very long game If you spent too much on the military it would hurt your economy And you had to have a strong economyJust a few days before JFK was inaugurated Eisenhower went on national TV to warn very directly against the military-industrial complex He laid it out: that if we don’t watch how much we spend on this we are going to undermine our own country our own liberties and our own economy That we have a kind of internal threat from our own perceived need to spend money on weaponryFor a long time Eisenhower was seen as sort of a weak leader But he put up with it because he knew in the long run that history would show that he was toughEisenhower had the kind of quiet confidence as a leader He understood that some of the greatest strength was restraint It’s by not doing by not showing off It’s by not waving your arms It’s by not blusteringThe best thing you can do as president is to not panic — to be quietly strong _____Click below to view the rest of the 13-part seriesCover thumbnail photo: President Dwight D Eisenhower makes his farewell address to the nation in 1961 (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: AP Central Press/Getty Images) Bhagalpur and Bhojpur districts. Good news, which comes closest in Wyoming and Nebraska.That’s how the light gets in. “They all hurt. you must work toward recouping your money.45pm has no casualty recorded. and Donald Trump appear onstage at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in New York on March 9, actress Robin Givens and Donald Trump, Indian men’s team had lost in the semi-finals against eventual champions Indonesia.

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