The success of opening a store must also be opportune work


determines whether the success of the shop factors very much, and has always been advocated by the "right" nature is occupy a very important aspect. The ancients said: "when the weather is not as good as the geographical location, as well as." For those of us in the retail business of cigarettes, weather, geography, and three conditions are very important. But outsiders like me, had not been exposed to the retail industry, the difficulties faced by more than ordinary people, it is difficult to have these three conditions simultaneously. So, in my business is to do: first, "geography", seize the time, and then establish the "people and" to enhance the service.

find a location, with the "location"

good location is the basis for a good store. Convenience store is to highlight the convenience of the characteristics of the characteristics of this article. In general, lots of good shops rent a little higher, but the income is also large.

2003, I came to Zhejiang from Tonglu Jiangxi home builders, second years, opened a grocery store in a village in the town of the Fuchun River. Choose the shop in the shop before, due to the lack of experience, but also afraid to take too much risk, I covet the store rent cheap (need only 4000 yuan per year), the store opened in the village. But this shop in addition to rent cheap, there is no other advantage, after the opening of the business has been bad.

later, I realized the importance of "location", began to search for a new location in the town. After a period of investigation, I found that the the Fuchun River machinery manufacturing industrial park is under construction, not a cigarette retail planning circle, consumers should have to go shopping, one kilometer outside the village Shao community two grocery store. I think at that time, if the choice of the Fuchun River Machinery Manufacturing Industrial Park shops along the street shop, you can give full play to the "location" advantage, estimation of the future will have greater development potential. So I decisive shot, turn off the shop in the village, opened a shop in the park. I am now operating in this shop, the rent is higher than the previous shop doubled, but the income has increased several times.

seize the opportunity to seize the "days"

after the opening of new stores, the shop is basically the consumption of construction workers in the park. With the increase in construction projects, the number is increasing. Although the level of consumption of these customers is low, but the number of consumption is considerable. According to the customer’s consumption demand, I adjust the train of thought, the store will be positioned as a small supermarket.

at that time, I have the business of slippers, racks, washbasin, rice, eggs, vegetables and other hundreds of varieties, are inexpensive necessities of life. In addition, I also installed four public phones in the shop. Due to the great demand of the customers for the low-grade cigarettes, I pay great attention to

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