Share my initial website optimization experience

finally my site was included in Baidu, in a good mood, write this article. Although I know that in the optimization of this aspect, this can not be said to be successful, but in any case, but also their hard work in exchange for, to share my optimization experience.


shares my experience, let me talk about my website. Start hanging up from 01 2010 22. The optimized configuration is all set. Because my website is to do lighting information network, so I chose the "LED", "street lights", "courtyard lights", "energy-saving lamps" lights a few keywords. In January 23rd, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, soso, Sogou and other major engines submitted my website. And maintain updated content every day. The website to 02 02 days, Google, Yahoo, soso, Sogou search engine all included my website, and every day has increased. Only Baidu did not include my site, to 03, 09, found my site or not included by Baidu, I began to worry, and began a crazy optimization.

The first step of

optimization, I chose the Baidu encyclopedia and soso encyclopedia, I tried it before, added to Wikipedia, the site to be included soon, I added "this entry in the Wikipedia channel lighting network" and through the audit, soon found through Baidu search to Wikipedia "lighting channel network"

optimization second steps, I choose in Admin5, Knight Webmaster Station write soft Wen, and updated every day. Because I know spiders will visit these sites more frequently.

optimization of the third step, I set the target at the Baidu know, Sina, Tencent, Post Bar ask, ask the Tencent to search, Sogou say these questions in the forum, to promote my website by asking and answering questions, try to take fourth steps to optimize the link, the popularity of the Career Forum, forum day the forum, crazy published articles, but must carry on the web links. Achieve the purpose of attracting traffic.

to 03 on the morning of 12, I opened the browser, pleasantly surprised to find that my site was included in Baidu, but also a collection of more than 100. Very happy. After all, this is the result of my efforts. I hope my happiness can infect everyone.


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