The movie station station of a green hand.

movie station also has a very long time, from the first station, second, opened a close one, now forgot to open a few stations, from PR0 to PR5, to PR0, this process is really long, but the taste and feel is very short, because a article slowly can tell it, this article is dedicated to the struggling movie webmasters, and want to be a movie webmaster friends, if you can not read on veteran heroes, but also give yourself mouth.

1. Choose a domain name,

with half the effort

movie station and other stations, the domain name is the most important, it basically belongs to a permanent investment, the benefit of things, for example, you want to do QVOD HD movies, you can put the four letters QVOD to your domain name, a multiplier.

2. Good luck with choosing a server,

some people say that this is not necessary to say it, wrong, this is necessary, but also always ignored by some movie owners. First of all, the line must be intelligent double line, this is not necessary to explain, North and south, and many movie stations, foreign students also often see. The server should be stable, I started to do the movie station because there was little experience, eat a lot of losses, for example, I started to buy the server does not support the acquisition, down to the well, all the film program with no way, because the manual collection of non exhausted me not, and if sometimes causes cannot access the phenomenon Baidu, will not love you, see the film will not love you, finally, you will not love this station, so the server is also very important, good luck to the server.

3. Choosing a program is nothing,

movie webmaster can understand some of the procedures, now very popular programs such as CMS ADN, MAXCMS wind and so on, here for MAXCMS is the largest, and Baidu is not the most love MAX, someone asked why, why Baidu and the great Marx sorry ah? In fact wrong, and not Baidu a sorry, sorry, but tens of thousands of duplicate data. And Marx’s template is free to share, so the same station is too similar, this will exceed repeated stations, which is Baidu’s favorite. So, if you have the ability to use other programs, it’s different.

4. Change the content submitted, Baidu included light

movie station why not do it? Because the repetition rate is too high, everyone collects, so the content is repeated. How can we not repeat this? Only in the plot above efforts, now the plot, there are three major portals, we each portal to pick up some words, and then submit, so that we can achieve the purpose of the original, Baidu will think you are original, naturally included you. And the quality is very high.

5. Blog matrix to group good, traffic a can’t run,

group blog is necessary

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