The key words and layout of the website determine the key to success or failure

to do in advance, a person’s character, good or bad, determines the style of doing things. Similarly, a website is also a lot of stress, types and architecture of each site is different, but the same is the site before the line must have planning steps and will give a good impression of the search engine, the search engine on your new website to give high marks, not included, and ranking play a decisive role, saying education should start.

many new owners feel that a website step is to find a template or imitation of a stand over, change into their own needs of industry or style can be online, waiting for your search engine, online content filling and update. But it’s easy to lose your site at the starting line without a chance to show it to everyone. Why do you say so? We analyze from the following aspects.

1, keywords

keyword is the soul of a website, how to layout is the magic weapon to win. Many new Adsense website when often do not consider the distribution and selection of the key words, hurriedly put the site on the line, only to find the place selection or improper positioning of the keyword search engine included the content of the website, this time to modify the title, adjust the keywords, change the home architecture at the end of the the light is right down, heavy is K.

so do before the station must be good master key words and long tail keywords, and layout to the home page architecture, complete the first step of the website construction.

2, home page architecture

Keywords positioning

site properly, you need to make the site architecture planning, how to layout the main keywords, how to use the long tail word layout of the navigation bar, directory of the article how to layout to optimize the long tail word and so on are all around the keywords steps, so the reasonable layout of your website architecture is the construction site second step.

3, fill content

is the first line to many webmaster website content to improve the filling site, but said that if only the skeleton of the line on the website when presented to the search engine and users, and users can not find the engine needs, also is not the user experience, then the search engine will give your website a very low score so, you lose at the starting line. The layout of the website, the establishment of the website structure, the rich content and the filling are the third steps of the website construction.

4, engine decoy


did not complete on your website, you must be in a relatively high weight of the website and forums where written text or do anchor text signature work, for example: your site is, you need to optimize your keywords is slimming soft or signature will make the link to their website let you have ahead of time, the website of the external links, so that your website will be faster after included, optimize keywords better ranking, engine bait has played a role. >

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