The road to profit for local talent recruitment (advanced articles)

in the previous article, I have analyzed the profit pattern of general local talent website, finally set a suspense, so today I run "Yulin talent network" as an example, to advanced road local talent website to share the profit.

or it goes: poor and literary, focusing on thinking, also please correct civilization.

in local talent website on the road to profitability in the primary (, I said the ultimate Shazhao local talent station with the local Personnel Bureau, the talent market, now on this topic I talk about in practice some operational experience.

1, for cooperation with government units,

first, I refers to the private nature of the local talent website like me, this is the largest group of network base, its characteristics are: large number, but the ability of small scale, weak strength, anti risk difference. Since the ability to resist risk is poor, then it is necessary to find a strong "backer". Among them, the personnel and labor department in the local government is naturally the best choice. But please note the following important point:

(1) local personnel system (talent market or talent exchange center)

such units generally have self built personnel, personnel, websites, and these sites are relying on their own existing personnel resources, the market is very large, the development is very rapid. Often, local personnel or talent market websites are the most powerful and competitive websites in your area.

(two). Local labor and social security system (vocational Jane Shao)

this kind of administrative color is strong, but for the lower level of personnel, the number of self built talent website is not much, and the size of the website and practical value is lower.

so in my opinion, it’s not realistic for a personal talent website to directly confront the personnel system website, and the website of the labor insurance system is not worth seeing as a competitor. How about that? Even so often is the fact, but I want to say is in units of government cooperation, this watch is very contradictory, in fact, comprehensive analysis, and you go to the website, has a strong hold monthly cooperation personnel system special recruitment will be almost impossible, at least in the is completely impossible to.

why not to consider: your website is the website system + labor personnel system

I think it’s a good idea to cooperate with the local labor bureau on personal qualities, talents, websites and local labor bureau. I also hope that your website plus the support of labor registration can be equal to the personnel system. Moreover, the author’s experience at that time convinced the labor bureau to cooperate with me only for one reason: do you always want to be under the pressure of the personnel system and be indifferent to it?


2, support for local talent exchange activities,


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