New line O2O observation Xiamen small fish net local community O2O business opportunities

generally believe that the key to O2O is to build a closed loop of consumption, through the realization of the construction of closed-loop consumption, data accumulation and marketing accuracy, and then realize the value of O2O platform. In the "new line" in Xiamen City, with small net as the representative of the local community is through the original accumulation of users, play the advantages of localization, to build consumer with closed-loop marketing, the mining of local mass consumption opportunities.



network operators in the world Xiaoyi pool


May 13, 2013, focus on the service life of the local community in the Hangzhou 19 building completed a strategic financing 60 million yuan, which makes many local portal community sites in the commercial road to see a glimmer of hope.

in fact, to have the community, media and e-commerce the three attributes of the local portal community website, if the center of gravity in the community before cultivation and media function, is on the rise of e-commerce and the "internal strength", so often burst in O2O business today, when the external conditions of increasing mature, local portal website to the community rooted in local, local businesses on understanding, coverage and influence, to find a way to O2O to the commercial road.

19 floor so, Xiamen small fish nets also so.

February 18, 2003, "Xiamen fish community" quietly born, to provide a living information Xiamen online communication platform. In January 1, 2008, the small fish community was upgraded to "small fish net", and developed more network brand products, including blogs and online shops.

after a lapse of ten years, small fish network has 1 million registered members, potential users accounted for more than 85% of Xiamen’s Internet users.

"a web site will not die for 10 years, that means it will have a lot of accumulation, especially the accumulation of users."." Xiamen small fish network co-founder Yao Jincheng told the "world network operator" reporter.

here, Yao Jincheng refers to the "user", if the use of business logic to understand, can be divided into businesses and consumers. The precipitation and accumulation of 10 years, the two part of the audience has been full of precipitation and accumulation, which makes the rise of O2O mode, the small net, is not a new thing, it is more like a gene innate, fit people get tempted to envy hate.

profitability lies in O2O’s consumer closed loop design

in Yao Jincheng’s view, the local portal and local people’s livelihood consumption is closely related, which contains a large number of consumer opportunities.

"user requirements have been through a speech, replies appear on the web.". These requirements are not out of thin air, and are the real response of 1 million users in small fish networks." "These requirements correspond to the reality behind the 1 million ID," Yao Jincheng said

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