Lower the head, concentrate on doing the station, let the new station go further

has been busy on the website for a month, and has been following SEO all the time. It’s almost forgotten. The beginning is busy included, every day but stick it, BBS writing, as if a turn from doing stand into a professional writer, and finally in line 10 after included. So the first thing every day is to go to Baidu site:www.lchhr.com, to see if the collection has increased.


are updated every day, although the page are integrated into div+css, but Baidu’s collection is still very slow, especially recently there have been reduced from 91 to 79, and from 79 to 68, I do not know what else to go to site, after seeing the n about traffic and improve keywords optimization articles still can not help but come very much puzzled, ask: what is Baidu? And Google collected more quickly, has maintained a more than 800 page unabated, not all put into a "sandbox", rather baffling flow come from. Many of the brothers in the group said "brush it in the brush, but I always believe that the search engine will change, I need a real flow, I am not afraid of low flow, but I still don’t understand is Google into the sandbox for a new what role, Baidu spider crawl log in IIS all day how will be less and less. Confidence and patience gradually collapse, is not that we have not been to site, has not been concerned about the rankings, but just concentrate on doing the station will be better, is not to consider the statistical code lost, we will go more easily.

well, finally a little about their lessons from failure: the replacement of the title is not frequent (has changed 3 times, do not engage in the page title) unified keywords, must complete the internal links don’t appear dead chain, some tests may have the wrong page do not upload to avoid crawling failure, must engage in original or false original something. My LIAN recruitment network had made many simple mistakes, because before the line does not know what is SEO? I think: maybe our optimization is almost, we have to do is to lower the head to concentrate on the next station, not to see the rankings rise, not to think or to remember not included, flow the level of sense, let us go farther. The station consists of (https://s.lchhr.com)


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