Youth the most delicate retail, the most demanding electricity supplier


electricity supplier needs to be more delicate in order to become the best


, creative director of Hua Gao network, sweetmalt recently published an article on how to start a Taobao store with an annual sales volume of 60 million in 18 months. Before, I heard a business director of electricity supplier, talk about how to do fine management of clothing electricity supplier speech. And sweetmalt this article content is more abundant, involving the electricity supplier in the operation of the supply chain, brand and so on. The article has eight thousand words and has not been written yet. It’s really worth recommending. When Ali and Sina marriage, many market participants will be excited. However, e-commerce has now expanded from the five dimensions of platform, supply chain, brand, traffic and retail, and is becoming more and more difficult. Sweetmalt article touched some deep-seated problems of electricity supplier management.

without me, all things are impermanent. In the changing clothing industry, Sweetmalt feels deeply about it and puts forward only 5% of the profit target. This is very practical. The idea that SKU can sell easily hundreds of thousands of dollars and sell good goods is very naive. Long tail products will also bring long tail marketing costs, and quality products at a certain point in time did not move, users will become inventory, or Van Gogh will not be so sad to die. Supply chain, consumer, big data are very complex, the three at the same time point to reach an agreement, which requires a wealth of experience and a certain degree of luck. This dark horse has an article about "Youth" movie marketing focuses on social and real time, in fact, most of the product sales have strong timeliness, but the market is always changing rapidly. When TCL and Haier did not produce amazing products on the IPTV, but music as it did.

respond to some of Sweetmalt’s ideas below. About supply chain. At present, the electricity supplier generally no ZARA general vertical integration of the supply chain, let alone 15 days of market response speed. This contradiction in a number of occasions encountered electricity supplier raised this problem, that is unable to guarantee quality and quantity on time to take goods. The small amount of variety proposed by Sweetmalt is not a fundamental solution. This is actually a need to have a wholesale function of the B2B platform for the electricity supplier to do the logistics. As the electricity supplier’s operating rhythm is generally faster than the line to shoot a few, which requires the B2B platform must be higher than the wholesale market under the line efficiency. This piece is the blank of the market, in industry mouth is called industrialization and informatization two melt, had seen similar case. And recently, suddenly discovered that various princes are quietly entering B2B, which is a real good news for the electricity supplier. This will also promote Ali and other front-line platforms in the future more attention to the B2B problem, do not B2B marginalization.

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