Novice webmaster portal Yangaoshoudi intolerable!

novice stationmaster of a lot of love to give their station into Natori "XX portal", I think this is a very interesting thing, this kind of novice webmaster most with a very ambitious, very noble ideas, great ideas, admirable courage and ridiculous, of course I did not laugh, because I was also in the DEDE forum asked how to put advertising of such problems, I just think it is necessary to correct a misunderstanding of the novice webmaster, let them take some detours less

now the webmaster of low threshold, as long as you have this idea can be a webmaster, there are a lot of space free space for you to choose (AD: free resource station:, the domain name is not used to say, I just remember the earlier contact site of CN is 50+, plus the time still read junior or senior high school to a website, and have no income, so registered an ordinary domain name usually have to consider for a long time, so that although at that time there are many very good meters, but does not want to make things.


threshold is low, of course, is a good thing, more friends can join individual stationmaster the legend of the industry, but due to the low threshold, but also appeared a lot of contact with the site closed mouth to engage in a fight out what portal webmaster, I think this kind of mentality may have friends some problems need to correct, otherwise, to borrow a saying: " that is, the greater the disappointment, fly higher, fall more miserable "

!When the

at the end of last year began operating a not community (, the cause is not finished by buying their own foreign space, as we all know, foreign space is terrible, terrible and cheap, I bought at the hundreds of G capacity, thought anyway, not less take it out to those who just contact site have the ability to buy a space station. The novice Zhang Yong, it is for this reason, I contacted many novice webmaster, also to understand some characteristics of them, I think the biggest problem is that "business"


webmaster typically do not like ordinary work, go out and find a job to get, the more special work, it is usually encountered some of the more can let you move one thing or talent in this regard to let them into the ranks of the personal webmaster, want to YAHOO Taobao Sohu earning large quantities of gold each day, think of a package the pet is more expensive than cold shock in the real life of the Tencent, the thought of Ma Yun, Robin Li thought, Ding Lei thought… They immediately began to boil, so determined to do, even if do not have to do a Ding Leidi Ding Lei, two, and immediately began, the first thing is —- looking for free space, and then find the free domain name, and then find someone to ask, I have a very creative, generally is to do what kind of website.

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