Do Amoy Ali mother, only two words stick to

contact Ali mother cat has been for 3 months, during which there are happy, there are bitter.

said, feeling like "clean out a guest" win, every day looking forward to the day before whether the transaction, whether the money into his account. I believe most website friends and we also did guest promotion friends, evening 3, 4 o’clock not to sleep is normal, the early morning of the second day climb up, the first thing is to open the mom website, login to view my mom "whether there is a commission income. If yes, can inspire morale, if occasionally one or two days is not strange, but 4 consecutive 5 days, didn’t get the guest who hit hard to stay up late, as can be imagined! Hard to Amoy propaganda website, plus upload goods hard to hear, who today heard who do revenue of $200. Amoy and make money, your account is 0 yuan, led to a lot of friends have given up, think Tao is not imagined so good to do.

in fact, in the money Amoy friends, they are not so easily be able to spread out goods, certainly also spent a lot of time and energy to fusion.

yes, I have 5 consecutive days without any income, I even doubt guest system is a problem, the average daily website IP has 1000 on it, but I don’t believe so many visitors have a deal? I remember the beginning 1 months the station visits, only dozens of IP. A day’s income have a few cents. By asking the mom in a forum posting, others these days have income, I doubt to dispel the system problem of amoy. Now summed up, or to make good efforts to promote their own, including site visits, the crowd positioning, all this should be done well,


believes that we all have our own unique ways of doing business on the web. We should sum up the experience of failure. Here, I want to say is: Ali mother cat, only use two words to sum up, that is "hold on! This is done, the future success of Amoy still belongs to you! Well, write here today, we’ll discuss and summarize the good experience to share the joy of success!

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