Access bridge in Leguan worsens

first_imgOne week after reports surfaced that a bridge connecting the villages of Waterloo and Maryville in the Essequibo island of Leguan was deteriorating, no action has been taken by the authorities.Region Three REO Denis JaikarranThis was related to Guyana Times on Saturday where it was noted that the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), which has responsibility for the structure, has made no move to rectify the condition under which residents there have to traverse.Last Sunday, this newspaper had reported that residents, especially parents of young children, were fearful to allow their children to use the bridge. Guyana Times was also told that the bridge is the main access point through which many farmers transport their produce. Farming is the principal means of sustenance on the island.The deteriorating bridge at Leguan, EssequiboIt was also reported that many of the boards on the bridge had risen with some sections bearing holes, and gaps which are too wide. On Saturday it was explained that one of the boards rose even higher, posing a greater danger to users of the structure. This comes on the backdrop of the previous revelation that a motorcyclist, last week, had narrowly avoided an accident after colliding with one of the holes at a section of the bridge.This connecting bridge has been in decline over the last four months despite residents voicing their concerns to the RDC of Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara).Guyana Times was told that the Assistant Regional Executive Officer has a sub-office on the island and had been informed of the bridge’s deplorable state. It was also explained that Regional Executive Officer Dennis Jaikaran was officially informed of the matter.Attempts to contact the REO on Saturday proved futile.Additionally, this newspaper sought to contact Regional Chairman, Julius Faerber to garner comments on the state of the bridge. This too proved unsuccessful.last_img

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