Drug shortage, late distribution plaguing Berbice River medical facilities

first_imgPublic Health Minister, Dr George NortonBY UTAMU BELLEThe large number of issues affecting Kwakwani Hospital, as well as Ituni Health Centre, both in Berbice River, were highlighted when Vice Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Alroy Adolph presented his statutory monthly report to the RDC.Alroy indicated that the problems, which range from shortage and late distribution of drugs to the absence of an X-Ray technician, among other things, are said to have a distressing impact on the smooth functioning of the health institutions.At the Kwakwani Hospital he said, the issues continue, despite a recent visit from Health Minister Dr George Norton. The Kwakwani Hospital receives its drug supplies from the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) which is considered a ‘sister hospital’.“What we found out is that there were lots of shortage of drugs at the hospital. When there’s a shortage of drugs now and they report it to the LHC, they would send one… when that’s finished, then they would send another. We also discovered that the chest clinic and the medic working in one office and we condemned that… We also discovered that some of the beds were bad, and a few other things”, Adolph stated.He noted also that there is presently a shortage of cooks at the hospital.The issues, according to Adolph was brought to the attention of LHC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Farouk Riyasat who was instructed to put corrective systems in place, however, he noted that there has since been no improvement as recommended by the Health Minister.Meanwhile, over at the Ituni Health Centre, where Adolph disclosed he along with an RDC Councillor and leaders from Kwakwani recently visited, the situation is also similar. The health worker has complained of working without an active telephone line since last year. As such, in cases of emergency, calls would have to be made via her cell phone at her own expense! Adolph further related.“The Health Centre don’t have fans. I reported this to the Chairman… and also water. They would get water like every 4 days. It would run for half an hour, then stop, then until next four days, the members of the community reported that”, Adolph said.In response, Regional Chairman Renis Morian said the Council will write the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) Company concerning the telephone issue; however he indicated that based on talks, the Guyana Water Inc (GWI) in Linden is refuting what residents are saying about the water situation.“I’m hoping that in this new week I can have GWI go to Ituni and ascertain… the fans will be delivered to the agency next week (this week), two fans will be sent…,” Morian said.The Regional Chairman also disclosed that while the RDC is not solely responsible for health in the Region, the Regional Plan of Action had provided for a new hospital to be built in Kwakwani next year, however, until such time, steps needed to be taken to keep the people comfortable.last_img

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