All Guyanese need to be decisive for our future

first_imgDear Editor,It was with great amusement that I read a letter in a section of the media on September 30, 2019, titled “We have to come together and pray for Guyana”. Editor, I have no issues with a person having a religion or any belief but I do have a problem when anyone suggests that the only way to make things better is to pray. I ask the author of the letter, why pray? The victims of war-torn countries offer the sincerest prayer for peace and it is never granted. The citizens of poor countries with extreme poverty offer the sincerest of prayers for something to eat at the end of the day. The child with cancer prays every day to be able to have a normal childhood and be free of cancer. The abused victim prays every day that their spouse will turn around and see the love that they – the victim – feels, the potential they – the abuser – have and the opportunity for happiness that lies ahead. The sad truth is that none of these prayers is answered until they themselves take action and take control of the life they are given.As citizens of Guyana, we need to stop praying and hoping and start taking action for a better country. We need to start holding political leaders accountable. We need to show respect for those who disagree with us and stop taking things personally. We need to start taking more interest in the laws of the country and how inadequate and antiquated many of them are. We need to take more interest with how the oil and gas companies are trying to rob us and are getting away with it and more importantly, we need to open our minds and let go of the thoughts of old. If we want to make life better for those who live in this beautiful land, we have to want change, instead of hoping for it.I understand that it may feel like an ordinary Guyanese man or woman cannot change the current status quo, but with organised groups, you can. I urge all Guyanese to be decisive for our future and for the future of the country, years after we are gone. We need to make Guyana, Guyanese.Sincerely,Amir Khanlast_img

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