“If you play again, we will try to have the level before the break”

first_img-The anecdote of the Bernabéu. “It will remain in the memory that we achieved something historic. I knew it was going to be very difficult, that we had to dance with the ugliest, but we were convinced that it could be won. It was an unforgettable night. Those last minutes are from the ones that have suffered the most or I have been able to suffer in a field. I had been inactive for two months, I played 90 minutes on Sunday in Leganés and in the Bernabéu another 90. I like that Merino is there because in the second or third goal of them I could not even with my soul, the three changes were already made and I insisted that I could not, and he replied that I had to endure as it was. Luckily we resisted and it was something unforgettable. It remains for everyone’s memory. “-Aritz’s step forward. “When you arrive in preseason and see that the club has placed a lot of trust in you, with the departures of players like Héctor Moreno or Raúl Navas, who due to age or seniority were behind, I felt that I had to take a step forward, that I should leading that line. I had a lot of bad luck because I broke the abductor, I relapsed, I had a hard time recovering, but when I had the option to play I felt like one of the leaders behind to help the team, the goalkeeper and the defense. I broke again and it was difficult for me to return, but it is true that these last games I have found myself getting better and better, with a lot of confidence and now this break has come. I hope I will not get hurt again and end up on the field with the rest of my teammates. “ -Friend with Yuri. “I have a very good relationship with Yuri; when we passed in Miranda he congratulated me. Of course he was happy for all the close people he has in the club, and the next day, when they passed, I also sent him a message. I have had no more messages, and if they don’t write to you, I don’t write either. “-The Cup, priority if the league resumes. “The Cup is the most important thing, but we will try to reach the level we have had so far and get as many points as possible to stay on top, in European positions. It will be difficult because it is not only us, but we must be convinced that We can do it even though we are a young staff. We have to grit our teeth, try to work at home as the physical trainers ask us and then in Zubieta prepare ourselves to death for that final stretch. “ -Without doubts about the level of the Real. “We have no fear of not recovering the performance we had achieved. From the beginning it has been seen that if we press we can achieve the level we have reached and this is part of what has happened. We have had to stop and when it is our turn We will come back and we will see the time we have to prepare. We are aware that we have to work now at home, clench our teeth so that when the time comes to return to Zubieta, it will be like the last day. “-Mentalized to win the final. “The finals are not played, they are won. It is clear that we had a lot of merit in reaching the final, achieving victory in every game. It was going to be played this Saturday, but it could not be and we were psyched that it was going to be A great day. Let’s hope it arrives and we can go out for everyone. We are faced with the opportunity to do something historic and the dream of many could be fulfilled by achieving that Cup, which would be something unforgettable. “last_img

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