Rubiales’ “injustices”: pros and cons of alternatives to finish LaLiga

first_imgFinish the season on Matchday 27Also rejected by the president of the RFEF, one of the options that gained more strength was that of end the season on matchday 27 and proclaim champion to the one who occupies the first position. Of course, Barcelona would be the maximum benefit, since it would validate their good work so far. Also teams like Getafe wave Real, who have proven to be up to the best, but who would have signed their position in September. Luis Rubiales appeared to explain the situation of Spanish football, after UEFA definitively announced the postponement of the European Championship until the summer of 2021. So far, a total of five alternatives were put on the table to conclude the championship. However, after the words of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, only one is contemplated: ending the competition with the remaining eleven days, regardless of the date on which they are played.Furthermore, Rubiales cataloged the other deck possibilities as “unfair”. But, Why do you consider it this way? Who would benefit and who would suffer from each of them? The federative president explained it, although it is worth mentioning, individually, the great winners and also the great losers of what would be unique closings in the history of Spanish football.Leave the championship desertedIf this decision were agreed, already ruled out by Rubiales, Cádiz, Zaragoza and Barcelona would see their efforts ruined. Those of Setién are leaders of LaLiga Santander and would not add a championship that they have won on the pitch. Gaditanos and Aragonese would remain at the gates of promotion, after occupying the first two positions in the table in LaLiga SmartBank in recent weeks.Also, if the competition doesn’t end, European positions could be decided by UEFA Coefficient based on recent years. In that case, revelation teams like Real Sociedad and Getafe could see their dream of traveling the continent fade away. Atlético de Madrid will surely qualify for the Champions League, despite occupying, at the moment, the sixth position in the table.This was explained by Rubiales: “They were talking about nullifying the season and we defend not. How are we going to do that. How are we going to take away prizes from teams that have been winning things throughout the season. We want the season to end.”JOAN MONFORT & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Barcelona will not be champion if LaLiga could not be played again.JOAN MONFORT (DAILY AS) Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Athletic or Betis could not turn around some irregular months and they would stay away from goals or, failing that, dreams. Mallorca, Leganés and Espanyol would say goodbye to the category without having the opportunity to save the burn; while Celta or Eibar, who have rubbed elbows in the bottom all year, would stay in First without the need for the final effort. In the Second Division, Cádiz and Zaragoza would return to the elite; Deportivo, Lugo, Extremadura and Racing would say goodbye to professional football; and it would remain to be seen if the third promotion would go to the third classified.Anyway, the possibility is no longer on the table. This was explained by Rubiales: “It was said to end the classification as it is. And I can already say that it would be injustice to end the classification as it is. It would be a tremendous injustice. The classification that there is now will not be the one at the end.” The difference in timing, for example, is one of the factors that does not give this possibility the required justice.Keep the first lapIn order that the calendar did not influence when deciding a champion, it has also been stipulated with the option of only accounting for the results of the first round. Thus, everyone would have faced everyone. If it were that way, Barcelona would also be champion and Atlético would win places in the table until they qualify for the Champions. I would lose the square Real, heading to the Europa League. The Valencia. The Getafe he would stay at the gates, seventh.Yes they would lower the same as in day 27: Mallorca, Leganés and Espanyol. They would leave their place in First to Cadiz Y Almeria. Huesca, Fuenlabrada, Zaragoza and Numancia, in that order, occupied the Playoff positions at that time. However, Rubiales is not convinced to reward and punish for only the first months of the sports year: “And the third scenario was talking about bringing the season back to the first round. And we are not going to do that either. It would be rewarding someone who had a position that is not the one of now. We only have to finish the season.”A Playoff… for next year?The last of the shuffled alternatives was to decide champion and bottom with the celebration of a faster Playoff, which would allow to lighten the competition and be able to finish on time. At the moment, that will not happen. Yes, at the moment, since Luis Rubiales has not ruled out a similar option next season. If the championship, due to the spread of the coronavirus, had to be extended until the end of summer or, even more, of course, the usual schedule would have to be modified.Thus, it would be possible that the next season did not respond to the usual pattern that has been repeated for so many years. Rubiales left it up in the air: “We only have to finish the season. That is June 30, perfect. No, it will end later. And if later you have to start later or with another format, it will be done, but agreed by all. This is the formula we have found. “last_img

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