Zidane: “If I have a flower? These players are the host”

first_imgThe Cup, nailed spine: “When I wear the Madrid shirt, I want to do any match well. Tomorrow is a Cup match and it’s our turn. We want to give everything, just that. The players prepare every day to be well and give everything in the field when we play in the field. “Winter market: “It’s not true that I don’t like the winter market. Until 31, everything can happen in all clubs. I have a squad, I have the best players and I want to do everything with them. And all clubs do the same: if they need, they do it; if not, no. “Cup Format: “I was asked the same thing in the previous one before Unionistas and I said that I am used to it because in France a game was always played. I like this idea, it is dynamic, to a game. But we adapt to what it touches. It is my opinion, but we adapt to what we have to play. This year is a match. “If Bale will go to Zaragoza: “You will see tomorrow, as always. I have all the players because something always happens to someone, but I am not here to talk about this. There is a call later and there we will see. I know that all players want to be well, available, without discomfort, and that is what is happening. “Football style: “I don’t know if the Bernabéu would accept a thousand passes without any occasion. Everyone has his style of play. I played at the Bernabéu and what the fans want is to see their team give everything in the field. It has always been that way. amateur watch your team sweat the shirt, that’s the most important thing in the end because you can’t always win. “Hazard’s defensive strength and situation: “I prefer to have all my players, especially for the player. Hazard, although he has returned to the field with the technicians, is not yet with the team. We will see this week how we manage it. Defensively we are happy because we know that before attacking we have to defend well, be intense in our defensive phase. We know, at the same time, that all the matches are different and we have to prove it. Tomorrow we have another match to show our strength. “ Historic Rival: “Surely it is a complicated game. It is a rival who is doing very well in Second, who wants to climb, we know the players who have … As always, for us it requires the maximum concentration, intensity … We always have to try to give our best version because that’s how we can get something out, when we give everything in the field. “ Criticisms despite the successes: “I always say the same, I will not change. The important thing is that this club has given me the opportunity to train this team, these players, who are the host. It is a great team. I am lucky to be here in the sense that I like this job. I am excited to come every day and work with them, take advantage of the opportunity I have. They are 18 years here, first as a player, and I saw what this house is, a special house. The good thing is that what people want for this team is to see their players and coach give their best in the field. Whatever is said, flower or not flower, that we are good, that no … Two months ago things were not going well and there was a lot of criticism, and that is not going to change. What we want is to continue in this line now. Players are the most important thing for me. “Kagawa, in Zaragoza: “He is an important player of Zaragoza, he is demonstrating it. He plays football very well and I wish him the best, but after the game, as always, because what interests me is what we are going to do tomorrow.”3 glasses in 30 years: “I don’t think it’s because of lack of motivation, but rather a circumstance … Madrid has a very big, very important history, and for us the motivation is high, very high, because we know it’s a trophy. We respect everything that touches us . Madrid has 13 … 13, no? Champions League, which is a very good fact. In the Cup it is a little worse, but we want to change it, let’s try. “Victor, in front: “Zaragoza is a historic club and it will make it difficult difficult. What they want is to happen. We are in the same way, we want to give everything in the field. The experience of his coach, who I think is the one with the most matches he’s in First and he’s sure he’s ready too. The difficulty is not going to surprise us tomorrow, we have to be prepared again. This is going to continue like this until the end. “Casemiro, without rest: “It’s part of this template, like everyone else, and we know how important it is. I like to get the good out of this template, in general. I confirm that you are almost an important player in our squad, who plays a lot. There are players who play more than others, but this is not going to change. “Transfer of the assigned: “I look at all the players we have, of course. What interests me is that they have minutes in the clubs they are in. We always wish, for example, Vallejo in this case with his new team, the best; to Lunin, too ; and Ceballos, let him play again. “Mariano, absent in training: “It is not available, it is a bit annoying and when one has a bit of annoyance, it is better not to risk more. Right now I can not tell you anything else. I do not like it and surely he does not like being out of the team for this reason”.last_img

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