Webmaster how to use Tencent, micro-blog and certification space to share marketing experience

probably no more than a month to write their own things, Baidu this update broke the tranquility of the past, the rain SEO host to have rain and for the memorial Jun Jun. Four winds from the SEO and marketing circles. I once wrote in my own article that the content is king, so that each browser can bring new users, and rely on the content of the site and sharing tools, and constantly bring new users. Micro-blog marketing and space marketing has become a lot of bigwigs in the past period of time in the discussion. I would still like to be a webmaster who speaks the truth and share the latest experience with micro-blog and space marketing.

micro-blog has become a lot of users often go to the website, reply to some friends of micro-blog and micro-blog in some micro-blog, his circle of friends, eat, travel, and even the toilet every hour and moment not micro-blog. As the majority of users, Tencent began to disclose some of the data to the outside world, but how to use micro-blog to do marketing and share reflux. Many websites or businesses join micro-blog and use micro-blog for marketing, and I’m among them myself. The first micro-blog marketing campaign brought in 6000 people.

How does

use micro-blog for marketing?. Before doing micro-blog marketing, need to do some preparation, first of all to micro-blog certification, not certified micro-blog do marketing, the effect is basically less poor. Common micro-blog marketing basically do activities, broadcast awards. The rules of activities need to be carefully explored to ensure that the activities are fair and not to be fraudulent. Micro-blog is marketing difficult, negative marketing that is too fast, so in micro-blog before, user authentication is equivalent to a media, need to be responsible for your own words, micro-blog marketing sales rarely, only for the promotion of the brand. Prizes should first be low-cost, distributed to a number of users, each user after winning the prize, so that more people believe that the event is true, attracting more attention. Prizes need to be prepared for a celebrity or a high fan. These are ready to start the micro-blog marketing campaign, clear text, and a hyperlink to a picture and website. At the beginning of the event, very few people were involved, so it was necessary to find a high fan’s user or celebrity to broadcast it, so the broadcast had to give the other party a commission. When the other party broadcast, there are certain skills, it is best to add a paragraph of quotations during the broadcast, so that people who watch the broadcast will be a lot of people. Keep a lot of celebrity interviews, and you can do a very good job by relaying your live micro-blog several times a day. My first activity, the 6000 broadcast, the number of people who know the brand is much more. So I still need to pay attention to my personal connections.

How does

make use of space for marketing?. The marketing effect of space is much better than micro-blog. Recommend you use space to do website promotion, first of all need to apply for space certification, apply for web site certification is easier. The advantages of authentication space include: Baidu was included, priority authentication space content to other users. The authentication space is in front of the space search content. Space >

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