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recently, the "daily economic news" reporter found in the sh419 search, the magic department marked the page because the service is not stable may have links, unable to access the

What is the value orientation of the ?

we do a Wangzhuan project, such as a person, he opened an advertising alliance, and then he told his clients advertising alliance with real traffic 10 million times a day the first I said is not real digital analogy, digital. His client is willing to pay him 50000 yuan per day. But he did not flow, he went to find some traffic owners to buy traffic, and began to develop agent system and the system of referrals.

Wangzhuan? Is money or personal value? Personally, in fact it should be their greatest value. We do Wangzhuan, after all, there are still some people earn money, if you do not earn money, in fact, should think about yourself in this project do valuable things in the end how much

October 18th, the reporter came to wisdom square looking for magic department store office. Its official WeChat said that the magic department store’s office was one of the tallest in the park, while reporters searched through all four ABCD buildings in the park without finding their offices. Security, cleaning and the reception of the building staff made it clear that there is no "magic department store" office in the park.

recently, after the magic department can not access the official website, "entrepreneur" magazine reported the rebellion of former employees, reported the material content for the magic department CEO Wang Kaixin embezzlement 6 million yuan, also pointed out that in order to avoid layoffs, with the company’s money for Israel programs, or even newspaper the material that Wang Kaixin will go to the United States this year.

! "

in October 18th, by the media as Wang Kaixin’s mentors, the famous investor Lin Jinfeng for these rumors to the "daily economic news" reporter said, "to stop the project is true, but there is no misappropriation of funds. Even go to Israel is my money, not magic department store. There is a professional finance company that has a bookkeeping system, so expenditure is basically up to standard." For rumors of going to the United States, Lin said, "no", also said Wang Kaixin state "normal."".

on the above situation, the daily economic news reporter in WeChat in a written interview with Wang Kaixin, but as of press time, has not yet received a reply.

make friends will say, I everyday Wangzhuan spent a lot of time and energy. For example, I’m looking for advice everywhere, and I’m trying to do some advertising.

stop to visit office empty

, I say >

looks like pyramid schemes, and a lot of people understand that. But that’s the way it is in business. You either change your position in business or you have the ability to do enough at the bottom. For example, 1000 of the 10000 lowest stations are yours.

magic department store angel investment firm innovation Valley CEO Zhu Bo newspaper media interface, he has given up the company, has now put the magic department store on the list of deaths". In October 18th, reporters repeatedly called Zhu Bo phone, but failed to get in touch.

then, how about the magical department store after the official website stopped visiting? The daily economic news reporter conducted a field visit to its two offices.

then he found 100 agents, and promised to pull a downline to give them a 25% Commission on their downline income. The 10 station to the development of the assembly line, each line of each traffic to 0.3 cents, but the line station must complete 10 million traffic results in 10000 to find the site of the webmaster, finally reached 100 million traffic every day, we see 30000 yuan 10000 points every webmaster of money is 3 yuan per person per day. 100, agent webmaster points out 7500 yuan Commission, is 75 yuan per person per day, and the advertising people every day from 12500 yuan.

, if you can’t do two things, are you confident that you can do something else? And some people say, "OK, then I’ll change the environment.". I want to ask you, the new project, you change the environment is still others introduce you if it is, you are not looking for a new Wangzhuan then in the bottom, and then hold to a dream of getting rich continue to waste your precious time. Then complain that the project is a problem, I can not earn money, I confused, and then change the project.

in the circle of friends in June 30th, Wang Kaixin forwarded an article by the magic department store official WeChat, "the magic department store moved tall on the office building", referring to the "wisdom square" in Shenzhen, Nanshan District.

The example of

in the network recruitment information, the magic department office address became Shenzhen Nanshan District Meijia Plaza B block 504. Reporters inquiry industry and commerce information found that its registered address is located here, and then came to the land and found that this is a residential area. Reporter to apply for magic department employee identity into the district >

should be said that this is valuable, but you need to answer a question, how much do the same things as you have, they occupy the big proportion in the whole value chain, if you find a lot of people and you do the same thing, and you find that you do not have any even a little bit more value than they. Well, Congratulations, you’re still a newbie. The truth is usually hard to hear, but the fact is, who can change it,

The official website of

each reporter Wang Zhifu

experienced lightning moving, dismissed employees, suspected of tax evasion, etc., after the magic department store is no longer magic.


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