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share bike users, traffic in a second tier city just takes

we look at shared bicycle Houston, first of all is to use these bikes free deposit, you first need to join them, but the threshold is 200 to 400 of the deposit, so the 100 thousand users to deposit at least is 2000000 yuan, 1 million of users at least 200 million yuan deposit is not, what else, the stability of this part of the deposit is still very high, if the money to do a financial investment and other industries, a year to earn a cost of money is also very easy, so from the beginning of the second year all financial income are net profit.

capital already cold winter, share bicycle and have what kind of poineering opportunity,

then the data into each bike sharing market users, comes with a personal information, in which all need personal information, big data has big influence on the era, is a tourism advertising, or a link to a nearby gym, as long as the effective use of information can achieve the realization of conversion.


sharing bikes also has competition and is a big drag,

also, if the subway, buses are always crowded, will also increase people to share options of bicycle, this also means that the frequency of use of bicycle sharing in a second tier traffic developed higher place.

the city of Xuzhou, has opened a green travel public bicycle service over the weekend, nothing else to do, Xiao Bian will ride for half a day to give yourself a new view for fun, the use of the tool is: from the government to push.

entrepreneurs all dream of "changing the world", and they must also have a good and mature business model to ensure their dreams continue. So, where’s the profit point for sharing bikes? If you charge for an hour or so, the user might be better off buying a bike.

in this long, short distance, sharing a bike is just enough.

shared application environment is: bike and walk a little far, and very close to the car, such as only the distance bus station, railway station one or two in the waiting time may have walked half the distance, walking time and long time, cycling has become the best choose.

sharing bikes?

confused and confused

although I have no doubts at large, but in some specific things of life, is often "confusion". One thing to do is not to do, left or right, and so on theoretical confusion will encounter every day. This time, what should I do?

How was

The process of

To explore the form of the

Chinese from the traditional philosophy, "I" and the surrounding environment including all around: people, things together constitute a space ring, "I" in certain time period through the ring, thus unifying space-time. Therefore, people is good, sooner or later you have to go to the "he" why not on the position, "he"! So if the general principle, elaborate, tuenhai may need to spend 10 years to write a Book of philosophy…… .

the self achievement is built on the base of public achievement, this is the essence of "harmony" China. Unfortunately, only a China Kai end, "heaven" is in the modern western world. Modern China carry forward some of the so-called "people", what is "heaven know" is still in the early stages.

Based on the


remember the community electricity supplier "last mile" story, fighting for the white hot to "who can live to the last", which hides too much frustration. From August to mid October this year, v-mobile and ofo have announced their completion of the four round of financing, before this, ofo is just a small yellow car, the campus for students the v-mobile bike not into Beijing, and now travel the last mile into entrepreneurs, won the favor of investors perspective.

What are the business attributes of

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

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