Taobao new reading to encourage noviceAfter shlf1314 Adsense K, the appeal was successful

and then find the reason, I thought that I had a section of the music forum will, then write a complaint, said I did not cheat, did not care about that music forum advertising, please find out the like. Second days, Adsense letter said, carefully checked my account, also is that risk advertisers to find information on the Internet. Then, to see a lot of people can not appeal success. Then a bit disappointed.

finally is to insist on as much time as possible every day, online, optimistic about the store, check the baby sold the remaining time. Patience to answer buyer’s inquiries, good faith service!

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and careful selection of the agent manufacturers, through their own carefully selected baby goods Quick Edit settings and beautify the good baby classification is very important and beautiful at the same time can let the buyer at a glance can contribute to make good to hear or see the role that can not be ignored

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also advises you to periodically check the site’s hits, log in for any suspicious activity, and tell us about your discovery via the following URL: shlf1314/adsense>


in order to prevent future invalid activities, it is recommended that you look at these resources for information about invalid activities, our plans, policies, and how to maintain good reputation in your account:

was not willing to do so, and to appeal, to think, to remember that afternoon to see Adsense ECPM up to 0.5, but then show hundreds of times, so did not care how. So the reason I guess are written up. At that time already feel hopeless, have re apply for second accounts. Who knows the next week, suddenly received Adsense letter:

my Taobao store address:, nekot=g%2Cnr2wwzl2nbqw6mq1230711650813

this is my shop for 2 weeks to get the volume of experience, take out and share with you, I hope to help you.

on line for two weeks, two transactions, from the first day of the line to today, I made preparations and efforts:


my :11074843, welcome to discuss

      August 7th afternoon, open the Adsense to see how much revenue when, suddenly told what gives advertisers risk, out of my account was ignorant, very angry very helpless. I did not cheat, how will cause my number. There are more than 70 knife account see, you can get the money.

with me


fourth in baby pricing and picture selection to work hard, 1, agent shop: agent website, science and engineering baby, figure more, less, there are beautiful and not beautiful. This requires you to filter, filter, give you the baby you want to release points, as far as possible true and beautiful. If the same baby agent website provides a lot of pictures, then choose the most can manifest the baby a little personally think that a good arrangement order is the color of the whole model according to the official pictures or photos as whole collocation; tile; details, by the upper body to the lower part of the same color; shoot 2, such as non agent your purchase shop: the camera light must be adjusted, as the economic background a cost savings is equal to its own earn a ha tidying up the self according to the size of the best baby 500*500 recommended by photo shop and beautify the baby with as shadow magic hands, after that to YAHOO electronic registration the photo album pass up. Then click attached to the baby’s description page where you publish the baby page.

I’ve been working hard in the community to learn about the seller’s experience store landscaping, publicity, etc., and to sh419 search for free decoration sites and materials.

, after a thorough review of your AdSense account, we decided to restore it. However, there may be some delay in starting ads on your site, as all of our servers receive a change notification that may take up to 48 hours.

then increase the clothing consumption and popular information flow in major shopping network in the business of similar shops to observe which DD hot blast, research, selling profit and pop comparison price and quality

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