Children admit addiction to smartphone porn

first_imgDaily Mail (UK) 8 May 2012Elementary school children are developing addictions to online pornography in a worrying trend that some scientists believe is on the cusp of becoming a national epidemic. Several studies have discovered links between viewing online pornography and problems including social isolation, performing badly in school and behavioral issues. Seven out of ten teenagers have viewed pornography on the Internet with boys at greater risk than girls, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation in California….The growing problem puts pressure on the U.S. Government after a UK campaign for automatic blocks on porn and introduction of web filters to make adults who want to view pornography ‘opt in’. The increasing accessibility to smart phones and laptops has led to a surge in numbers of children coping with porn addiction, according to an Australian addiction specialist Robert Mittiga. He said that in some cases children were even watching pornography at school and sharing files with classmates.Only 3 per cent of pornographic websites require proof-of-age before granting access to sexually explicit material, and two-thirds do not even include any adult-content warnings. Under-18s can also often be mistakenly exposed to adult sex sites as email spam. Mr Mittiga warned that children were ten times more likely to develop an addiction than adults and that getting hooked could potentially escalate into criminality.The New Hampshire study of 500 students revealed worrying trends. Researchers were in particular concerned about the exposure of young people to deviant sexual behavior online. In boys, repeated viewing of violent sexual imagery threatened to link between pornography and sexual aggression.British prime minister David Cameron has intervened to insist a default block on porn in the UK, deactivated only when users make an active choice to have it switched off, is put back on the table. log on to sex sites as new technology puts porn in their pocketsThe Sunday Mail 6 May 2012Experts have warned of an increase in porn addiction in children as a new generation wired to smartphones and laptops have 24-hour access to hardcore material…. Mr Mittiga said some porn merchants were targeting kids by making pornography featuring cartoon and children’s book characters. Mr Mittiga said he had personally treated children as young as 14 for porn addiction and some young addicts spent up to 10 hours a day viewing explicit material.

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