Nautical tourism requires the provision of navigation to all vessels and guests

first_img“The line ministry recognized nautical as the first activity that could restart tourism activities. Therefore, we hope that nautical will finally and officially be classified in the tourism segment and that the Government will take into account our set of measures to help the sector, which was proposed to it at the end of March 2020.. “, Lisjak emphasized. Boaters welcome the amendment to the Decision on the prohibition of entry into seaports and inland ports in the Republic of Croatia, which, among other things, allows the entry of yachts with a hull length of more than 24 meters at berth in Croatian nautical ports or ports open to public traffic, and all vessels under Croatian flag, report in a statement from the Association of Marinas of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The association again discussed the expectation of exemption of marinas from the payment of a fixed and variable part of the concession fee for maritime property, which was the topic of the last meeting with the state secretaries of the Ministry of the Sea and the Ministry of Tourism. It was also concluded that in this crisis it was clear that the long-standing appeal for the inclusion of marinas in the tourism sector must continue to be emphasized, as they were unacceptable for tourism support, and tax treatment at a general rate of 25 percent, unlike other tourism activities, fell in these circumstances.  Considering that a significant part of nautical tourism consists of boats and yachts less than 24 meters, especially those that are not exclusively Croatian-owned, the Association of Marina HGK appeals to include them in the amendment and to define a clear protocol for accepting ships. Therefore, they urge that their proposals be urgently accepted and that the start-up of marinas and charter companies be allowed to start as soon as possible, especially since the fixed operating costs are extremely high and they cannot afford to miss business opportunities. In the end, they conclude that positive information about the opening of the nautical season in Croatia as a safe destination would be the best promotion and invitation to guests for all other types of tourism. “Without clear measures for accepting ships, it will be almost impossible for Croatian marinas to receive guests and provide services. That is why we have drafted a protocol and sent it to the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the competent Ministries of the Sea and Tourism, and we are waiting for the latest instructions so that we can start providing reception services for guests in marinas. Given the potential of the nautical sector, we believe that the final proposal will be determined as soon as possible. “, said the president of the Association of Marines of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Sean Lisjak, adding that some of the competing destinations, such as Montenegro, have already made a step forward in this regard and that even southern Italy has announced the opening of nautical tourism.  The Association says that some guests may replace a vacation in an apartment this year with a vacation on a boat that provides them with social distance and all the conditions that epidemiologists recommend. A special topic was the relationship with charters and other tenants.  Charter companies have also sent a proposal for epidemiological measures to the CNIPH for the business through the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and some will start working with domestic guests as soon as passes are revoked. “We hope to accept our suggestions and publish charter recommendations as soon as possible”Adds Klisović. “It is very important to open the borders as early as possible for countries with a similar epidemiological situation, of course, with the necessary precautions, of course, and to harmonize them with Saturdays when charter guests usually come. Because if, for example, it opens on Monday, June 15, we also lose this remaining part of the reservations for the period from June 13 to 20, since the shifts of guests are only on Saturdays.”, Explains Klisović and reminds that charter, especially the small one, is no longer a luxury that the average Croatian family cannot afford because renting some types of boats in recent years can be compared to the cost of skiing for the family. “We asked through the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for inclusion in the CRO card even before the coronavirus epidemic, and recently we talked again with the Ministry of Tourism on this topic and found great understanding.”, Said Klisovic.  The HGK charter association also supports the marinas’ request for the exemption of concessions, aware that the marinas are waiting for state measures that would spill over to them for the obligation to pay berths for charter vessels. “Water is coming to the throat, payment deadlines are running, charterers cannot pay them, and marinas are waiting for measures from the state. We are all so on hold. ” notes Paško Klisović, President of the Association of boat accommodation providers-charter HGK. last_img

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