Local elections with national implications

first_imgWith Tenney the likely favorite for the Republican nominee, and her opponent George Phillips having already announced concession, she will face Brindisi again, but Krasno believes elections for the presidency and Senate spots will be more of an interest. Krasno emphasized those districts are traditionally Republican-leaning districts, but in 2018, they went blue, as current incumbents Anthony Brinidsi (NY-22) and Anthony Delgado (NY-19) claimed victory. Back in 2018, the race between Claudia Tenney and Brindisi for the congressional spot was hotly contested, with lots of national interest. Jonathan Krasno is a political science professor at Binghamton University, and commented on the key congressional races in the the NY-19 and NY-22 districts. If the Republicans are going to win back control of the House, it has to start somewhere, and it has to start in districts like these districts,” Krasno said. “The road back to a majority begins in NY-22nd, and probably in NY-19 as well.” This year, Krasno said it’s vital the Republicans win those districts in order to set themselves up for wins in other districts around New York State and the country. (WBNG) — The elections on Tuesday not only play an important role here in the Southern Tier, but they also have national implications as well.last_img

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