Colombia Dismantles Important Terrorist Support Network

first_img As a result of Operation Cradle of Liberty, and following coordinated inter-agency work involving the Colombian Army and the Criminal Investigation and Interpol Directorate of the National Police, eight people were successfully arrested on March 1, thereby dismantling an important network supporting terrorism acts by Fronts 38, 45, and 56 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), an irregular armed group, engaged in criminal activity in the eastern department of Arauca. The arrests took place simultaneously in the population centers of Arauca, Saravena and Tame, including the Alto Cravo area of the same municipality, places used by the terrorist organizations as support areas, where they succeeded in camouflaging themselves among the civilian population in order to gather criminal intelligence that, once acquired by members of the network, was turned over to the armed portion of FARC Fronts 38, 45, and 56, which in turn executed terrorist actions targeting energy, road, and petroleum infrastructure and engaged in extortion targeting the region’s productive sector and the resources put at the service of the community in general. Those arrested are three women and five men between 20 and 50 years old who were being sought by the competent authority on charges of rebellion; all allegedly dedicated to directly participating in the FARC’s intelligence and logistical-support activities in the department of Arauca. With this operation, terrorist plans and actions on which the FARC terrorist organization expected to move forward in the next few days in the area of the Tame-Saravena road, an area of criminal activity by the mentioned fronts, were successfully neutralized. With information from the 18th Brigade Press Office By Dialogo March 06, 2012last_img

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