The search engine and users are equally important to our Shanghai Phoenix station is concerned

understand the search engine and users to their own preferences, what are the common optimization work to plan the entire site, only on both sides of the work done, you can work in Shanghai dragon to reflect the true value, the above point of view from the original www.sashuiche1贵族宝贝, A5 first, please indicate.

is for our Shanghai dragon webmaster search engine and users still have great differences, the search engine can grab text, code, and the user more love is video, pictures, concise text. So we are doing the work of Shanghai Longfeng to clear objectives, such as many local websites is invisible to the user, the most common chain, chain, chain code, and structure optimization, these aspects should be biased for search engines: the video on the site, pictures, the site layout, page layout and the content, because the relationship to the site for the user experience, these aspects of the work of Shanghai dragon so it should be biased in favor of the user and do. read more

The reason is not included with the solution solution

1, through the love of Shanghai site tool to push and release chain to lure Baiduspider website to grab the article, if after one or two days are not included, can be through the web site to see if Baiduspider is in the diary to grab this link, if there is a grab connection, but it is not included, so will the next step

collectionMost of the

do just for the Shanghai dragon optimization staff, but most of this question, the website does not include the problem how to love Shanghai, or some website article update ten days is not included, even some website updated original articles, love Shanghai search engine is not included, and some even false original site can reach the second, then these problems in the end is what causes it? And how to solve? A net win for the reason we analyze the vehicles not included read more

Four points on the site outside the chain to pay attention to.

In order to maintain the stability of the chain of

as the saying goes, the hero does not ask the origin, the chain is the same, what to do, what not to do more than N times, ensure the small, good, and so on, all done, I believe that there will soon be a high weight, is the truth.

source: the stability of the chain lies in the cultivation of foreign chain, doing the signature for marking, stability is the kingly way, not in front of links, behind the deleted, did not allow the se to your standing a little sense of trust, why waste toil, time is money and enhance the stability of the chain on the site more effective, a few years of efforts than link quality links to just do more strong, because of the time also can accumulate weight, ensure the stability of the link, not because of some error effects to their site, thus affecting the weight. read more

Love Shanghai 2 some views and the Shanghai dragon green future

come to talk about the source of the news, "the appropriate punishment for bearing release the soft site, reduce its evaluation, in the search engine at the same time, for the love of Shanghai news source site to clean up the news sources, news sources can not leave the link is not what, for the promotion, not too much lower our results, after all the links are often in order to keep the site outside the chain, instead of leaving the promotion, the promotion of medical website is leaving the business, jump directly to the business, so they generally have little effect, but the news source site to clean out the news source, love Shanghai can clean out obvious Sina? No, this also can be seen in Shanghai with a love of intimidation, threatening some news source site, may reduce the promotion of soft news source from the source, and make our new hair The smell of the source threshold becomes higher, reduce such promotion efforts. read more

How to use the Q & a platform outside the chain

third: add link. The webmaster do the quiz platform the main purpose is to do the chain, or to do their own brand promotion, but now ask the chain platform is very difficult to do. Love Shanghai know new site in Shanghai that add love after 3 times, it will be difficult to love by the Shanghai review, thus unable to answer this question. Although in the search can add URL, but also through the audit, we all know that the weight of the search did not know high weight, but also need to add links to reasonable, advertising will have serious title. When answering the question answer. Don’t add the box, if you really need to add a web site, can be used in the form of text description URL, or keyword fill in your website directly, which requires your web site keywords ranking. The front page of the site address cannot be added, the webmaster can try to add pages within the website address, or for such problems in the BSP blog related solution, add the BSP blog in reference to the address that. read more

Don’t put the Shanghai dragon when toil, do optimization should pay attention to strategy

don’t do Shanghai dragon as toil to pay attention to strategy. For example, write a >

released some of the spread of things is very effective, such as publishing a web site in Webmaster tools, webmaster resources network source code, the chain has its own website the source code, other people to download the template and use the communication chain. In the work, we should go to the analysis of other sites, to break through the bottleneck of their Shanghai dragon. In the process of analysis, find that other people do the chain mode, will bring some new thinking. If you do not know how to send the chain, where to go, every day should be how much, according to a web site in a row of the first page of the search engine, it analysis and summary record, to make a plan, follow it to do, this is a way of thinking and strategy the. read more

Green outfit a combination of real-time news analysis love Shanghai latest information

Shanghai news about love, I am very busy these days, the person in charge of the subway group and find help follow up into the sweet love Shanghai news source, I tried, the word is done, then the news did almost one day a person to engage in tens of thousands of IP is relatively easy, especially when the news very high, such as the recent Nicholas Tse Deng Chao entertainment event, "search volume Nicholas Cecilia divorce" these days are W few a few W, continue to update your news, segmentation is done, the first page of a original, with a picture. read more

Experience in website optimization data backup is the key

effect on the siteThe love Shanghai The November 1, 2011 Does not affect the basic

station in the past is the latest snapshot of the next day, not two days, now four days have not been updated, the server is not stable for love Shanghai influence is very large optimization snapshot, snapshot not update, other content optimization, Shanghai natural love not found, more new content is again good, do the chain again good, not updated snapshot, it is difficult to have a good ranking. Probably no spiders to crawl, is still not put out to grab. read more

Deng Kanhao blog right down a month wise remark of an experienced person


Description: Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Keywords: This paper by Deng Kanhao

Title: Deng Kanhao Guangzhou Shanghai Dragon – Shanghai dragon consultant blog

this time without recovery on the outside of the chain to the blog, my heart is still very happy. Haha, if you have the right down the website you can also test this method.

this time drop right back the biggest reason is that blog changed the title, keywords, description, template modification. These four things are basically big changes: read more

Detailed Shanghai Longfeng optimization work process the implementation of article two

speaking in front of the "on the Shanghai dragon" work flow optimization of preparation method, today began. When you are ready to work related material, the natural next to enter into the implementation process. As the saying goes, a good idea if not through practice, it is not empty talk, what persuasion. Just write the same soft, if there is no actual data, it can only be theoretical knowledge, can not succeed or not. So for the Shanghai dragon optimization, execution is the practice ability is the most important, all have to go through the baptism of the actual theory will stand up. So we should how to implement Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Today I to talk about my own experiences. read more