Flyer For LOCKN’ Festival Confirm Grateful Dead Member On 2016 Lineup

first_imgUpdate: Tales From The Golden Road, the esteemed program on the Grateful Dead channel on SiriusXM, confirmed this news as well. See their post below.With Dead & Company hitting the Citi Field stadium in New York, NY, organizers of the LOCKN’ Festival naturally are taking the opportunity to promote their festivals to the New York heads. The festival flyer features all of the Grateful Dead-inspired bands, including previously announced artists like Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass, Keller Williams’ Grateful Gospel, Circles Around The Sun, and Garcia’s Forest.The big surprise, however, is at the top of the flyer: Phil Lesh & Friends. See the flyer below.Of course, this doesn’t say anything about which of his “Friends” will be included in the lineup. With so many great artists on the Lockn’ lineup, the possibilities are practically endless! We can’t wait.last_img read more

Phish Fall Tour Date Appears To Leak On Ticketmaster

first_imgIt seems that every year, right before Phish is ready to announce a tour, one of their dates slips out on ticketing website Ticketmaster. This year is no exception, as it appears that the jam band is performing on October 16th at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL. This Ticketmaster link shows the on sale date to be August 19th, though the link will probably be taken down once it is discovered. The event even comes up when you pull up the Phish artist page on Ticketmaster.Here is a screenshot of the ticketing page in question:On top of that, the website Phish Rumors has this exact date listed in their predicted schedule for the band’s 2016 fall tour. While nothing is for certain, our eyebrows are certainly raised at the possibility that fall tour dates could be announced any day now.Here are the rumored dates that they have listed:10/14 North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC10/15 North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC10/16 Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FL10/18 Ascend Amphitheater or Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN10/19 Ascend Amphitheater or Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN10/21 Infinite Energy Arena, Duluth, GA or Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA10/22 Infinite Energy Arena, Duluth, GA or Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA10/25 Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX(Maybe AL/TN/MS)10/26 Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX10/28 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV10/29 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NV10/30 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, NVlast_img read more

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Celebrate Sasha Brown’s Final Show In NYC

first_imgOn Saturday night in New York City, Irving Plaza played host to the final performance for Sasha Brown, the guitarist for Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. Having announced his leaving the band a few weeks ago, the house was packed as fans wanted to catch his final performance before moving on to new musical projects, with fans coming from as far away as Scotland. Excitement was in the air before the show even started. The beautiful not too chilly weather in New York City made for a perfect evening to chat about the upcoming show while standing in line before doors opened. Supporting band Kolars opened up for Sister Sparrow. This incredible duo blew the doors off. Their rockabilly vibe consists of Rob Kolar on guitar and Lauren Brown on drums and taps. If you’ve never seen these guys, you’re in for a real treat.  Sasha joined in for one song early on in the set, as Jackson Kincheloe joined in later on with harmonica and really helped to bring the house down. The audience was ready to go full steam ahead. Their set had everyone charged up in anticipation of what was yet to come. Be on the lookout for more from Kolars. This band has the right stuff!Sister Sparrow came out with a bang. During “Don’t Be Jealous,” Brown let it all hang out as he threw down a mic stand and busted into a steamy jam. The crowd was certainly in for a hell of a show. Jackson Kincheloe took over during “Catch Me If You Can,” as he lead with his railroad track of a jam on the harmonica. They kept the vibes on high alert as they rolled tight into “Frankie” before spreading their wings and taking “We Need A Love” on a crazy ride full of heavy horns by trumpet player, Phil Rodriguez and Brian Graham on tenor sax, while Brown threw out crunching guitar notes. He was clearly laying down everything he had throughout the evening. He made sure to take his fingers up and down the frets for a show to end all shows with Sister Sparrow on Saturday night. He was one of the original Dirty Birds, along with Kincheloe, and his sister Arleigh on lead vocals. The band made sure it would be a hell of a party at Irving Plaza. Kincheloe’s tender vocals softened during “Matter of Time,” after she announced to the audience that Brown was leaving the band, making sure everyone got fully into the show. They grooved into “Prison Cells,” a song that was originally written in honor of the Kincheloe’s sister, who was noted to be quite the mischief maker, before steaming right into Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” “Dr. Feelgood” was appropriately placed as Brown, once again, ripped into his guitar, unleashing his energy without holding back. The venue was on fire as, once again, Kincheloe blasted into her vocals, taking the song to blazing depths. The audience reacted with cheers, whistles and yells that reflected in the bands outpouring of incredible heat. Everyone was on a wickedly energetic high in the venue.Bassist Josh Myers showed off his deep funk side as they flowed into “Boogie Man,” keeping the crowd on their feet. After recognizing the mama’s in the house – both Brown’s and the Kincheloe’s – they grooved right into “Mama Knows,” which featured the whole band swaying back and forth in succession early in the tune. Drummer Dan Boyden got some love and showed off his talent while Kincheloe ripped into his harp. Jackson handles that harmonica like he’s ripping into a guitar solo; a true joy to watch. Brown continued to strut his stuff as he took fans on a jazzy, rock filled solo mid-song that cranked along as blasts of confetti streamed down on the band, and the crowd, in celebration.A New Orleans vibe filled the air as “Millie Mae” got underway. Arleigh joined Boyden on drums as she tapped away at the cymbals and drum heads before Boyden took off into a wild drum jam. The audience was asked to go “Sasha Brown down,” as hands clapped in the air and bodies swayed throughout the crowd. “Sugar” brought the set to a close, but not before Graham let loose on the tenor sax, only to follow with him flipping a shirt around and around above his head, making fans go nuts.During encore, Brown took over and dialed into a solid jam with his guitar, bending the strings in magical joy, and making sure he had nothing but the absolute best time to salute the band, and the fans, with a top notch good-bye. The evening closed on a high note, as they flew into Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” The set list clearly showed the band wasn’t messing around, as it was all about getting down and dirty with the jams.The evening, and Brown’s era with the band, ended with a bow from everyone, only to close with a solo bow from Brown, as a goodbye and thank you to the fans who’ve loved him from the beginning. Now it’s just a matter of time before we learn what Sasha Brown’s next project entails. Stay tuned as we follow on his next journey.For more information on Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, please visit their official website.Setlist: Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds at Irving Plaza, NYC – 11/12/16Bad Love, Don’t Be Jealous, Make It Rain, Stereo, Catch Me If You Can, Frankie, We Need a Love, Matter of Time, Prison Cells->*Valerie, Dr. Feelgood, Boogie Man, Mama Knows, Millie Mae, SugarEncore: My House, #Rock and Roll*Amy Winehouse cover, #Led Zeppelin coverWords and Photos by Sarah Bourque Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Elephant Revival Announce Return To Red Rocks In 2017

first_imgThis past May, Elephant Revival was invited to headline the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the first time, with support from Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band, Rising Appalachia, David Block, and the Human Experience. The quintet from Nederland, Colorado more than rose to the occasion, selling out the close to ten-thousand seat venue for their debut there and putting on a magical night of music in the most infamous venue of their home state.Coming off of their collaboration with the Colorado Symphony earlier this month, Elephant Revival announced that they would be returning to Red Rocks on May 21st, 2017, much to the delight of fans who are eager to see them return to the sacred outdoor space. The genre-defying ensemble will be joined by The Oh Hellos and Mandolin Orange, two folk duos hailing from Texas and North Carolina, respectively. Today, pre-sale tickets became available for Elephant Revival’s second return to Red Rocks. Join the group’s mailing list here to access the presale password for tickets to the event.For a taste of what to expect, check out this rendition of “Rogue River” from their performance at Red Rocks in 2014, when they played as support for DeVotchKa and Gregory Alan Isakov.last_img read more

Listen To Elliott Smith’s Previously Unreleased Live Version of “Angeles”

first_imgElliott Smith‘s Either/Or is approaching its 20th anniversary with a reissued deluxe version on March 10th. The Expanded Edition will feature five multi-track live recordings from Olympia, Washington’s Yo Yo A Go Go Festival in 1997, and four previously unreleased studio recordings.A previously-unreleased, live recording of one of the late musician’s best known hits “Angeles” will be included. Listen to the version below:Earlier in the month, a rare version of “I Figured You Out” was also released in anticipation of the upcoming Expanded Edition. Listen to that here.The 20th anniversary set features Smith’s third landmark LP remastered from the original tapes by Larry Crane, archivist of Smith’s estate and owner of Jackpot! Studios. Read more about the overwhelming amount of material he went through to reach this 2017 release here.Either/Or: Expanded Edition Track List:1. “Speed Trials” (remastered)2. “Alameda” (remastered)3. “Ballad of Big Nothing” (remastered)4. “Between the Bars” (remastered)5. “Pictures of Me” (remastered)6. “No Name No. 5” (remastered)7. “Rose Parade” (remastered)8. “Punch and Judy” (remastered)9. “Angeles” (remastered)10. “Cupid’s Trick” (remastered)11. “2:45 AM” (remastered)12. “Say Yes” (remastered)13. “My New Freedom” (Live) (unreleased)14. Pictures Of Me” (Live) (unreleased)15. “Angeles” (Live) (unreleased)16. “Some Song” (Live) (unreleased)17. “Rose Parade” (Live) (unreleased)18. “New Monkey” (keys) (unreleased)19. “I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure It Out” (remixed/remastered)20. “I Figured You Out” (unreleased)21. “Bottle Up And Explode” (Alternate Version) (unreleased)[via Rolling Stone]last_img read more

Dopapod Announces New Album, Fall Tour, And Year-Long Hiatus

first_imgDopapod dropped some surprise news this morning. With the announcement of their fifth studio album, MEGAGEM, due out October 27, which will be supported by a lengthy fall tour through New Year’s Eve, the band has also announced that they will take a year hiatus. “Following seven years of ceaseless touring, the sabbatical is a blueprint for wellness borne from love and mutual respect amongst old friends,” the press release explains. “It’s a pre-emptive move of self-preservation inspired by the TED Talk, ‘The Power of Time Off’.”“Every seven years this guy closes his design firm and everyone who works for the company works on their own projects for the year,” says keyboardist and singer/songwriter Eli Winderman. “When they come back, everyone is inspired and working with a newfound sense of excitement.”Fair enough, the band shows no immediate signs of slowing down. With today’s album announcement, Dopapod have also shared the first single “Plaese Haalp,” available as a ‘name your own price’ download on their Bandcamp page. MEGAGEM is available for pre-order at iTunes and you can watch the studio shot video for “Plaese Haalp” below.Choosing to record MEGAGEM’s instrumentals at the solar-powered Mountain Star Studios in Black Hawk, Colorado during the dead of winter, Dopapod found an optimal opportunity to unplug from all other noise. “The lack of oxygen led to some crazy ideas,” says guitarist Rob Compa. “When combined with the lack of phone service, human contact, or any other distractions, it allowed us to have the freedom to make a lot of that weird inspiration become reality.” Compa and Winderman knocked out the vocals soon after, in two days, at More Sound Recording Studios in Syracuse, NY.“A lot of these songs are also reactions to how the world is changing, about living your life in the present moment and the inner dialogues of the mind,” says Winderman. “MEGAGEM could be the brain, or it could also be a cell phone, controlling your subconscious thoughts and, thus, changing your habits. I think a lot of people are feeling this way because of the boost in technology, with everybody addicted and attached to their phones.”Being in that present moment took work, personal reflection and a new perspective on the power of silence. According to the press release, former drummer Neal “Fro” Evans reconnected with Dopapod after sharing his experience on a ten-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat that brought him great clarity. Inspired by this trip and the changes they brought him, Winderman followed suit and embarked on the sojourn himself. Evans rejoined Dopapod last year, following the band’s three-year stretch with drummer Scotty Zwang.When the band pushed on after parting ways with Neal the first time, Winderman says, they were operating out of fear. When they continued to tour past the point of good health, it was for fear that slowing down would render them irrelevant. Identifying the root emotion that drives big band decisions has been yet another fruit borne from meditation and self-improvement, and Winderman’s careful not to let fear drive any more big life decisions ever again. “The seed of the lyrics living in the present moment stemmed from this whole,” he says. “That’s what every meditation practice trains us to teach.”The fruits of this practice illuminate MEGAGEM’s joyous journey of self-understanding, as its buoyant compositions make space for lessons of personal growth and embracing the now.If there’s another benefit to the sabbatical, it’s an investment toward their faith in MEGAGEM. Being confident enough to let the songs seep into the world for a while, to let people chew on it, and not worry about being sustained by the visceral or immediate rush of seeing Dopapod live is an exercise in the confidence that comes with thoughtful decision making that ensures the creative juices will keep flowing for years to come.“MEGAGEM and the fall tour are our way of seeing everyone before we take some time to work on other parts of our lives,” says Winderman. “In doing so, we hope the progress we make in our personal lives will cross over into Dopapod. From all of the other bands who we’ve come up with, to all of the music fans that have shown us such incredible support over the years, we just want to say thank you. Dopapod would be nothing without you.”Dopapod // Tour DatesOct 26 — Philadelphia, PA — Theater of Living ArtsOct 27 — New York, NY — Irving PlazaOct 28 — New Haven, CT — College Street Music HallOct 29 — Burlington, VT — Higher Ground BallroomOct 31 — Saratoga Springs, NY — Putnam DenNov 01 — Buffalo, NY — Buffalo Iron WorksNov 02 — Ann Arbor, MI — The Blind PigNov 03 — Kalamazoo, MI — Bells Eccentric Cafe Back RoomNov 04 — Indianapolis, IN — The Vogue TheatreNov 07 — Iowa City, IA — Gabe’sNov 08 — Minneapolis, MN — Skyway TheatreNov 09 — Milwaukee, WI — Turner HallNov 10 — Chicago, IL — Park WestNov 11 — Cincinnati, OH — Bogart’sNov 12 — Morgantown, WV — 123 Pleasant StreetNov 15 — Richmond, VA — The NationalNov 16 — Raleigh, NC — Lincoln TheatreNov 17 — Asheville, NC — Salvage StationNov 18 — Atlanta, GA — Variety PlayhouseNov 19 — Charleston, SC — Charleston PourhouseNov 30 — Ft. Collins, CO — Aggie TheatreDec 01 — Denver, CO — Bluebird TheaterDec 02 — Denver, CO — Bluebird TheaterDec 05 — Fayetteville, AR — George’s Majestic LoungeDec 07 — Lexington, KY — Cosmic CharliesDec 08 — Columbus, OH — Woodlands TavernDec 09 — Columbus, OH — Woodlands TavernDec 10 — Columbus, OH — Woodlands TavernDec 13 — Pittsburgh, PA — Rex TheaterDec 14 — Washington, D.C. — Gypsy Sally’sDec 15 — Stroudsburg, PA — Sherman TheaterDec 16 — Syracuse, NY — The Wescott TheaterDec 30 — Providence, RI — Fete BallroomDec 31 — Boston, MA — ParadiseMEGAGEM Track Listing:1 – Plaese Haalp2 – Piazole3 – Zonk4 – Mucho5 – Confabulation6 – Turn by Turn7 – Buster Brown8 – StarfishFans of Rob Compa, Eli Winderman, and Chuck Jones can still catch them performing at Brooklyn Comes Alive in various supergroup formations later this month. Inspired by the vibrant musical communities of Brooklyn and New Orleans, Brooklyn Comes Alive is set to take place across three venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Bowl, Schimanski, Music Hall of Williamsburg) on September 23rd and 24th. The unique homegrown event puts the focus on the musicians, curating dream team collaborations, tributes, and artist passion projects for two full days of incredible music both new and old.The 2017 lineup is set to include hand-selected band lineups featuring all-star musicians like John Scofield, George Porter Jr. (The Meters), Vinnie Amico and Al Schnier (moe.), Bernard Purdie, Kofi Burbridge (Tedeschi Trucks Band), Joel Cummins, Ryan Stasik, and Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee), Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits), Mike Greenfield and Jesse Miller (Lotus), Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident), Alan Evans (Soulive), Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Henry Butler, Jon Cleary, Reed Mathis (Electric Beethoven), Michael League, Nate Werth, Chris Bullock, Robert “Sput” Searight, and Bob Lanzetti (Snarky Puppy), Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman (Trey Anastasio Band), and scores of others! ***Tickets Are On Sale Now!***Brooklyn Comes Alive is now offering single day tickets, as well as a ticket payment plan for as low as $30/month. When checking out, just select “Monthly payments with Affirm” as your payment method. To find out more about ticketing, VIP options, and lodging, head to the festival website.last_img read more

Watch New Orleans Suspects Give A NOLA Music History Lesson At Bayou Rendezvous [Videos]

first_imgWhen New Orleans Suspects agreed to give the crowd at this year’s 16th-annual Bayou Rendezvous a history lesson in the music of their namesake home, they drafted the Bonerama horns, flutist Kofi Burbridge and the ivory-tickling John “Papa” Gros to give them enough manpower to accomplish their monumental task. With hundreds of years and dozens of genres to choose from, the Suspects whittled down the set list down to a series of unforgettable classics by everyone from Fats Domino to The Meters. New Orleans Suspects’ entire set at this annual event on May 4th at NOLA’s Howlin’ Wolf was a master class in the music of the Big Easy. It was a wild and wonderful show and, best of all, the whole evening served as a fundraiser for the New Orleans Musicians Relief Clinic which helps the city’s legion of players stay healthy and jamming.The walk down musical memory lane began with “Blackbird Special” by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, followed by a raucous “Hey Hey (Indians Coming)” by The Wild Tchoupitoulas, a move clearly designed to get the rowdy audience whipped up even further. The Suspects clearly wanted to live up to their mission statement for the show when they fired off three classics from ages past like “Rockin Pneumonia” by Huey ‘Piano’ Smith, “I’m Walkin” by Fats Domino, “Iko-Iko” by The Dixie Cups. From there, he Suspects took us on a walk down “Cabbage Alley” by The Meters before sharing “Such A Night” by Dr. John and “Yellow Moon” by The Neville Brothers.Choosing songs to close the show was likely a very difficult endeavor but the funky po’ boy sandwich of  “Big Chief > Ooh Poo Pah Doo > Big Chief ” by the one-two punch of legendary artists, Professor Longhair and Wilson Pickett, hit the spot and left the crowd cheering and begging for more.You can click each song title to check out the tunes or watch a few of our favorites below. Before you do that, though, if you have a few bucks to spare and are looking for a good cause you should look no further than the New Orleans Musicians Relief Clinic. They truly are a boon to the music community in one of the most important cities in the scene. You can donate HERE then check out these clips and get funky!New Orleans Suspects – “Iko Iko”New Orleans Suspects – “I’m Walkin’”New Orleans Suspects – “Cabbage Alley”New Orleans Suspects – “Yellow Moon-Big Chief-Ooh Poo Pah Doo”last_img read more

Reed Mathis & Electric Beethoven Announce New Album, Special Colorado Run

first_imgReed Mathis & Electric Beethoven have recently been in the studio, spending a majority of their summer working on a new album reimaging Ludwig Van Beethoven‘s “greatest hits” for Color Red, a new label headed by The New Mastersounds guitarist Eddie Roberts. With a bunch of new material prepared and ready for the world, Electric Beethoven has announced that they will preview this new music during a limited run of shows in Colorado this September.“From a magical set at Beanstalk Festival a couple years ago to a two-night run at Cervantes’ that became the origin recordings for our Maps We Found Under the Ground release, Colorado has always felt like a safe place for us to unleash these improvisations and our fans there have always encouraged us to push the boundaries,” said a joint statement from the band. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span><span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>On September 19th, Reed Mathis & Electric Beethoven will partner with Mike Dillon Band for a special performance at the Fox Theater in Boulder. The fan-favorite group will follow up this performance with a two-night stand at Be On Key’s Psychedelic Ripple in Denver on September 21st and 22nd. For this latter two-night run, Electric Beethoven will serve as support for Supernatural Beings, an all-star side project featuring Joel Cummins (Umphrey’s McGee), Hash Vyas (Thievery Corp.), and Markus Rezak (Shred is Dead), with drumming duties shared by Jeff Franca (Thievery Corp.) on September 21st and Allen Aucoin (Disco Biscuits) on September 22nd.You can watch the group’s 2017 performance at Beanstalk Music Festival, which is led by host band and Colorado fan-favorites Magic Beans, below.Reed Mathis & Electric Beethoven – Beanstalk Music Festival 2017 [Video: Button Pusher Media]last_img read more

Kung Fu Announces Early-2019 Winter Tour

first_imgToday, Connecticut-based funk-fusion outfit Kung Fu has announced a 2019 winter tour. The 11-city swing will keep the band—comprised of guitarist Tim Palmieri, saxophonist Rob Somerville, bassist Chris DeAngelis, keyboardist Beau Sasser, and drummer Adrian Tramontano—on the road throughout the first two months of the year.The tour will begin on January 10th with a performance at Killington, VT’s Pickle Barrel before continuing to Albany NY (1/11) and Manchester, NH (1/12). The following weekend, Kung Fu will head south for a three-night run at Key West, FL’s Green Parrot. From there, the band will mount a three-night, three city run through Stanhope, NJ (1/31); Syracuse, NY (2/1); and Mount Snow, VT (2/2) before heading to Harrisburg, PA (2/8) and Brooklyn, NY (2/9) the next weekend. Finally, Kung Fu will round out their tour with a performance at Baltimore, MD’s 8×10 on March 1st.Before they get to their newly announced tour, Kung Fu still has plenty on their schedule to keep them busy through the last few weeks of 2018 including a number of Florida dates, a hometown show at New Haven’s Toad’s Place (12/21), and a four-night, three-city run leading up to New Year’s Eve. For more information on Kung Fu’s upcoming dates, head to the band’s website.last_img read more

Celebrate Jim Morrison’s Birthday With These Videos Of The Lizard King In Action [Watch]

first_imgBorn on this date in 1943, The Doors’ Jim Morrison was one of the most iconic and influential front men in the history of rock music. Contributing hits like “Break On Through (To The Other Side),” “Light My Fire,” “People Are Strange,” and “L.A. Woman,” Morrison was a special, yet eccentric talent.Though his final years were marked by incident, most famously the March 1969 concert in Miami, FL when Morrison allegedly exposed himself to the crowd after trying to incite a riot, it cannot be understated the lasting effect Morrison has had on the generations that have followed. His powerful vocals and vulnerability have cemented his legacy with The Doors as one of the foremost gatekeepers of classic and psychedelic rock.In honor of The Lizard King’s birthday, take a look at these videos of Morrison and The Doors:“Light My Fire”[Video: DrLecter]“Break On Through (To The Other Side)”[Video: Diopriest2]“The Unknown Soldier”[Video: MrMojoRisinn]“Five To One”[Video: Ama Lia]“Roadhouse Blues”[Video: JimJohnRayRobby]“Touch Me”[Video: Jorge Selas]“Riders On The Storm”[Video: JimJohnRayRobby]last_img read more