Burundian government steps up offensive against freedom of information

In recent weeks, the government has been tightening its grip on the media outlets and journalists that are still operating in Burundi despite the ongoing situation of virtual civil war.With the leading privately-owned news radio stations still closed since 14 May, the government has now turned its sights on Iwacu, a privately-owned weekly that is regarded as moderate and professional and is the only independent newspaper to have kept publishing throughout the turmoil. Iwacu has been the target of virulent attacks by presidential media adviser Willy Nyamitwe, an official who has assumed an increasingly important and radical role on the Burundian political stage in recent months.In a Facebook post on 2 September in response to an interview he disliked, Nyamitwe described Iwacu’s journalists as “tricksters” and “swindlers” – charges that have not been taken lightly by Iwacu editor Antoine Kaburahe because of the chaos still prevailing in Burundi.In a reply on Iwacu’s website, Kaburahe accused Nyamitwe of “trying to prepare public opinion in advance in order to justify a future action,” and pointed out that his newspaper, like any responsible media outlet, had a duty to question what the authorities do. September 11, 2015 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Burundian government steps up offensive against freedom of information Jean-Claude Ciza, a journalist who used to work for RTNB and now works with Radio France Internationale and Belgian broadcaster RTBF, was savagely beaten with a steel bar in Bujumbura on 4 September by Désiré Uwamahoro, a police officer named in UN reports as one of Burundi’s leading human rights violators.At the moment of the attack, Ciza was speaking by telephone with RTBF’s Burundi correspondent, for whom he had been providing a report on the situation in the Bujumbura district of Musaga.Ciza said Uwamahoro asked him to reveal the location of journalists working for Radio Isanganiro, Bonesha and Radio-Télé Renaissance and the location of RFI correspondent Esdras Ndkikumana.“There were lots of you around during the demonstrations but now you are all alone in the field so here is your lesson in how to behave,” Uwamahoro said as he began to hit him. At no point did the stunned Ciza try to flee, not even when Uwamahoro stepped back for a moment because another intelligence officer told him he had been ordered to shoot Ciza if he tried to run away.Jimmy Elvis Vyizigiro – a journalist working for the France 24 programme “Les Observateurs” and for Benevolenjia, a Dutch NGO that produces radio content promoting reconciliation – was attacked in his home on 27 August by four masked intruders who pinned him to the ground and beat him as they searched for the documents he had collected for a report about technical flaws in the electoral process. “We know you are a journalist – give us what you are doing on the elections,” his assailants said, burning his arms when he refused to cooperate. They finally left, taking documents and his audio recorder, camera and computer. Vyizigiro described how he was tortured in a video interview for Iwacu. Since then, he had been in hiding.RFI and AFP correspondent Esdras Ndikumana was arrested and then badly beaten on 2 August. Several sources say it was Désiré Uwamahoro (the previously named police officer) who ordered his arrest.More than a month later, this act of violence remains unpunished even though, in a statement posted on Twitter, the president’s office said it wanted to “urgently determine the circumstances of these acts worthy of a bygone age so that those responsible can be prosecuted and punished according to the law.” Extraordinary violence Reports “Instead of trying to butter up the government, Iwacu does what it is supposed to do, playing a role guaranteed by the constitution,” Kaburahe wrote. “The president still talks about ‘democracy’ so our work should not get his media adviser’s back up. Democracy means a wide range of media outlets. Conflicting opinions are a sign of good democratic health.”Kaburahe’s analysis is clearly not shared by the Burundian authorities, who have been intensifying their crackdown on journalists with both national and international media outlets.“We continue to pay close attention to the tragic events in Burundi, where NGOs and the United Nations are documenting the violence that the authorities are deploying against journalists,” said Clea Kahn-Sriber, the head of the Reporters Without Borders Africa desk. “It is illusory to imagine that you can forcibly control the media with complete impunity. Those responsible will one day be called to account. Now that the necessary institutions have been established, normality must be restored and the spiral of violence must end. This is the duty of a democratic government, which is how the Burundian government likes to consider itself.” to go further Crédit Photo: Prestation du gouvernement burundais, août 2015 ©IwacuWilly Nyamitwe ©Africatime.com Organisation November 27, 2020 Find out more No suspect has ever been arrested although the beating took place in the presence of many witnesses at the headquarters of the National Intelligence Service.Judicial harassmentJournalists who took the risk of remaining in Burundi or returning after having fled at the height of the violence have been the targets of judicial harassment and abusive legal proceedings by the authorities with the apparent sole aim of increasing the pressure on them.They include Gérard Nibigira, RPA’s correspondent in the central city of Gitega, who was summoned by the local prosecutor’s office on 28 August and accused of insulting the president. When presented to the court, none of the witnesses confirmed the accusation.The targets have also included Emmanuel Ndayishimiye, Bonesha FM’s correspondent in the northern province of Muramvya. His home was surrounded on the night of 24 August by about ten policemen who finally carried out a search of the house in the early hours.The head of the National Intelligence Service, which ordered the search, said it received information that Ndayishimiye, who had returned from Kigali the day before, had arms in his home. Nothing was found.Continuing media vacuumThe privately-owned radio stations closed by court order after the 13 May coup attempt have still not been able to resume operating, ostensibly because of two ongoing investigations, one into the damage they sustained and the other into the pro-coup messages allegedly broadcast by all of Bujumbura’s privately-owned news radio stations (Radio Isanganiro, Bonesha FM, RPA and Radio-Télé Renaissance) except pro-government Radio Rema.In interview for the Infos Grands Lacs website, presidential spokesman Willy Nyamitwe said there was no guarantee that these radio stations would be able to reopen in the near future. As grounds, he cited the needs of an investigation, although it has made no visible progress since its launch nearly four months ago. Four Burundian journalists complete 12 months in arbitrary detention BurundiAfrica News Follow the news on Burundi News Receive email alerts Radio-Télé Renaissance director Innocent Muhozi said he did not think the judicial authorities had the power to decide whether or not the radio stations would be allowed to resume operating.In an interview for the website of Radio Isanganiro, he said: “We all know how these radio stations were closed (…) I think they were destroyed and closed by the security services and as long as these security services continue to have a bigger say than the legitimate political entities (…) we will have a problem.”The prolonged closures are having a big financial impact on these radio stations. The manager of one of the closed stations said that, if a solution was not found soon, the staff would have to be laid off temporarily. Some of the stations continue to post content on their websites, but this is not seen by most the public in Burundi, where the Internet penetration rate is still low.This grim picture contrasts with the image that the government is trying to protect. A new government PR campaign is spotlighting the 15 or so radio stations that continue to operate in Burundi. But they are all entertainment, religious or pro-government stations.The Burundian government news agency has, for example, published a dispatch about a visit by the vice-president to Gitega-based Star FM, which was awarded a laptop for its election coverage. Other radio stations based in the provinces continue to operate but only reach a very local audience. They include Radio Umoco FM in Ngozi.An international observer said these provincial pro-government radio stations not only now monopolize the airwaves but are also increasingly free to broadcast extremist messages with complete impunity because the National Council for Communication, which regulates the media, does not have the resources to monitor the provincial radio stations.The level of media freedom in Burundi, once often cited as a regional example, has gradually declined since 2013, when an increase in restrictive laws and acts of intimidation against journalists began.Ever since it was announced the President Pierre Nkurunziza would seek a third term, the authorities have been cracking down openly on the media and most of the country’s journalists have fled abroad. Those that stayed mostly live in hiding to avoid being located and arrested by the intelligence services.The slim hopes raised by the appointment of a new cabinet in August soon evaporated and the few remaining observers in Bujumbura describe a state of virtual civil war with Kalashnikov gunfire and grenade explosions being heard every night and nocturnal arrests now the rule.Several civil society representatives and politicians have been killed or have been the targets of assassination attempts.Burundi is ranked 145th out of 180 countries in the 2015 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index. October 21, 2020 Find out more Help by sharing this information The 2020 pandemic has challenged press freedom in Africa RSF_en News BurundiAfrica Burundian appeal court upholds prison sentences for four journalists June 5, 2020 Find out more read more

Late Quaternary glacial history, flow dynamics and sedimentation along the eastern margin of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet

first_imgGeological and geophysical data from the NE Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf are used to reconstruct the glacial history, flow-dynamics and sedimentation of the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet (APIS) along its eastern margin during the Late Quaternary. Ice advanced to the shelf edge during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) and deposited a stiff till across the shelf. The presence of highly attenuated bedforms indicates that fast-flowing outlets drained the APIS through cross-shelf troughs to the outer shelf after this ice advance. The bedforms are formed in deformation till in response to deforming bed processes. Deglaciation of Robertson Trough and the troughs of Prince Gustav Channel, Larsen-A and Larsen Inlet was continuous (and possibly rapid) on account of the absence of ice-margin recessional features. In contrast, grounding-zone wedges across the shelf of Northern Larsen-A and south of Prince Gustav Channel indicate that ice retreat was gradual and was punctuated by stillstands. The transition from a grounded ice sheet to ice shelf conditions was completed before 11–12 14C ka BP on the shelf south of Prince GustavChannel, and is marked across the shelf by a change from subglacial till to a transitional heterogeneous unit dominated by coarse-grained facies. Transitional sediments record mainly sub-ice shelf rain-out and restricted bottom current and sediment-laden plume activity, as well as localised debris flows. Meltwater-derived facies are largely absent indicating that release of meltwater was not significant beneath polar ice shelves, or during deglaciation of the APIS. In the broader context, the colder, eastern side of the APIS was extensive and was drained mainly through fast-flowing outlets (palaeo-ice streams). Therefore, the eastern APIS would have been an important contributor to sediment and iceberg flux to the Weddell Sea Embayment during the LGM and subsequent deglaciation.last_img read more

Councilman to Seek Ethics Opinion on Skate Park Vote

first_imgGUINOSSO ABSTAINS, VOTES, ABSTAINSGuinosso recused himself from an April vote to apply for a county Green Acres grant that brought $500,000 in funding to the skate park, which would be located 13 feet from the sidewalk running alongside the Clothes Closet.“At first blush, I thought because we’re there, we’re conflicted,” Guinosso said Friday.He said that when he realized the Ecumenical Council had no financial interest in the Clothes Closet building, he decided to vote.He cast the only dissenting vote on the first reading of a bond ordinance authorizing spending on the project on Nov. 13. He argued that the project is too expensive and too distant from his Fourth Ward at the southern end of the island. The proposed site for the park is on the 500 block of Asbury and West avenues.Guinosso said that after Councilman Mike DeVlieger questioned his decision to change his mind on abstaining, he consulted attorneys who said it was a “borderline” decision. He said he further conferred with City Solicitor Dorothy McCrosson before deciding to recuse himself again for the final vote on Dec. 4.McCrosson said she can’t discuss what advice she gives to council members.The measure passed in a 5-0 vote (with Guinosso abstaining and Council President Tony Wilson not present). ISSUE RESURFACES AT THURSDAY MEETINGNo items related to the skate park were part of the agenda for a public City Council meeting on Thursday (Dec. 18), but Hartzell raised the issue during a segment for council members’ reports.He referenced a report from another news source that suggested Guinosso was advised or coerced into recusing himself. He said the article led people to believe he had been pressured into recusing himself. He said he didn’t think any council member did or would.“If you were pressured, you need to say it in front of the public,” Hartzell said.The challenge led Guinosso to respond, “You’re probably more conflicted than I was.”It started a long exchange with Guinosso suggesting he would take the information on both his own decision not to vote and Hartzell’s decision to vote to the state Local Finance Board, which oversees ethics complaints.The local government ethics law (see section 5:35-1.5) suggests that the Local Finance Board will not issue advisory opinions on matters that have already occurred.“I was going to look into an advisory first,” Guinosso said. “But I may reconsider (and file a complaint).”“If he wants to take it there, that’s OK,” Hartzell said. “It will clear it up for everybody.”Hartzell said he’s “talked to at least 10 lawyers” and is confident that no conflict exists on his part.He said he raised the issue on Thursday because he felt council was under attack and its reputation was at stake. He said he would have supported Guinosso if he chose to vote on Dec. 4. Pete GuinossoCouncilman Pete Guinosso said Friday he plans to seek an advisory opinion from a state ethics panel on the vote that approved $750,000 in spending to build a new skate park in Ocean City.Guinosso said he questions the vote of Councilman Keith Hartzell, who rents commercial property to the 7th Street Surf Shop at 720 Asbury Avenue.As co-president of the Ocean City Ecumenical Council, which runs the charitable Clothes Closet immediately adjacent to the site of the proposed park, Guinosso recused himself from the final vote that approved the funding. He suggests that Hartzell, landlord for a surf shop that sells skateboards, should have abstained from the vote as well.At issue are conflict-of-interest laws designed to prevent people from using public office for personal gain.Keith HartzellIn each case, it seems hard to discern any direct personal benefits for either councilman by voting for or against the skate park funding.“We don’t own the building. We don’t pay rent,” said Guinosso of the city-owned Clothes Closet facility. “The only thing we do there is hand out clothes to the poor.”Guinosso’s leadership of the Ecumenical Council is voluntary and unpaid.Hartzell said Friday that he has no financial interest in the 7th Street Surf Shop, which has been a loyal tenant since 2008. He said the shop brings in less than 1 percent of its revenue from the sale of skateboards and skate accessories.Any potential ethics violation would hinge on an interpretation of a section of the state ethics code (see N.J.S.A. 40A:9-22.5) that reads as follows:No local government officer or employee shall act in his official capacity in any matter where he, a member of his immediate family, or a business organization in which he has an interest, has a direct or indirect financial or personal involvement that might reasonably be expected to impair his objectivity or independence of judgment.Did either councilman have “a personal involvement that might reasonably be expected to impair his objectivity or independence of judgment”?last_img read more

The Army Is the Most Trustworthy Institution for Guatemalans

first_imgBy Dialogo July 20, 2012 About 84 percent of Guatemalans consider the Army the most trustworthy institution of the state, and in contrast, about 72 percent judge that Congress is the least trustworthy one, according to a survey published by a local media outlet on July 17. About 48 percent of the 1,203 people interviewed had a positive view of the activities of the judicial branch, and about 39 percent said the same about the National Civil Police, but only about 28 percent said that they had confidence in the work of the legislature, according to the poll by the firm Prodato, conducted at the request of the daily Prensa Libre. The Army, involved in serious human-rights violations during the civil war (1960-1996), won popularity in the last decade following the decision by successive administrations to send it into the streets to confront organized crime, especially drug trafficking. In Guatemala, violence leaves a daily average of 16 people dead, and the homicide rate is 42 per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the highest in the world. The poll was conducted between July 2 and 8, with a margin of error of 2.8 percent.last_img read more

Equinor Reports New Oil Discovery in Johan Castberg Licence

first_imgEquinor and partners Eni and Petoro have completed the Skruis exploration well in the Johan Castberg licence, and confirmed a volume of 12-25 million recoverable barrels of oil in the well.“This is an important discovery. It helps to determine the size of the Johan Castberg resource base which is currently being developed. Securing resources near existing infrastructure is an important part of Equinor’s ambition and strategy on the Norwegian continental shelf,” said Nick Ashton, Equinor’s senior vice president, Exploration, Norway & UK.Skruis is the first operated exploration well drilled by Equinor this year in the Barents Sea.“The Skruis discovery confirms the potential in this part of the Barents Sea. Over the past couple of years, we have learned that exploration in the Barents Sea is challenging and takes patience. We still have three Equinor-operated wells and one partner-operated well left to drill in the Barents Sea. We also have a good portfolio for the next couple of years. Together with the wells we drilled in 2017, this will help clarify the potential in the remaining part of the Barents Sea,” said Ashton.The partners will now further consider tie-in of the discovery to Johan Castberg. The Johan Castberg field is planned for start-up in 2022 and currently has full capacity up to 2026-2027. The timing of a potential development of the Skruis discovery will be adjusted to this.“Through the Johan Castberg field development we open a new oil province in the Barents Sea, enabling us to tie in this type of small discoveries that will be highly attractive when the infrastructure is in place,” added Knut Gjertsen, project director for the Johan Castberg development.Recoverable reserves in Johan Castberg are estimated at between 450-650 million barrels. The volumes from Skruis and the Kayak discovery from 2017 are not included in this estimate.The exploration drilling in the Skruis (7220/5-3) well was started in September by the Songa Enabler drilling rig. Production license PL532 Johan Castberg is located some 100 kilometers north of the Snøhvit field, with first oil scheduled for 2022. Equinor has ongoing operations on the prospect Intrepid Eagle in PL615 in the Hoop area of the Barents Sea.last_img read more

RB Public Library Celebrates 75 Years As The Eisner Memorial Library

first_imgState Senator Joseph Kyrillos and Jan Eisner, great-great granddaughter of Sigmund and Bertha Eisner. ON SATURDAY, APRIL 14, members of the Eisner family, friends and patrons of the Red Bank Public Library gathered in what was once the family home to commemorate 75 years as the Eisner Memorial Library.Brigid McCarthy, library board president, gave the welcoming address and Library Director Faith Chmiel followed by introducing attendees that included Freeholder John Curley and Red Bank Mayor Pasquale Menna, whose grandmother worked in the Sigmund Eisner Company’s factory during World War I and World War II. Several generations of the Eisner family were also present.Jan Eisner of Atlantic High­­lands, a great-great grand­daughter of Sigmund and Bertha Eisner, said: “Thank you on behalf of my grandfather Monroe, and my father Robert, for designating April 14, 2012, the Eisner Memorial Library Day.” Many of the original uniforms manufactured by the Eisner factory, on loan from Jan Eisner, were on display.Gerald Eisner, grandson of the Eisners, made the trip from Scarsdale and fondly remembered spending every Sunday in the house playing the card game Russian Bank with his grandmother Bertha and maiden great-aunts, Ida and Rosa. He also reminisced about working one summer in the Bridge Avenue factory as a machinist. It was 1939, he was in college and earned $12.50 a week. He was the boss’ son and the female sewing machine operators liked to give him special attention. “They thought it quite funny,” he says. Gerald grew up at 247 Broad St., in what is now the United Methodist Church’s parsonage.The highlight of the afternoon came when Elizabeth McDermott, local history librarian, cut the ribbon extending across the door to the newly-named New Jersey History Room located on the second floor of the library. A climate and light-controlled space, it houses priceless collections of atlases, directories and information detailing the history of the library, Red Bank and Monmouth County dating back to the early 1800s. Many possessions and personal memorabilia belonging to the Eisner family add to the historic value of this room. McDermott, along with an archival consultant obtained through the New Jersey Historical Com­mission, oversaw the project to completion. It will be open to the public from 2 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons and by appointment. It is available to researchers, students, gene­alogists and anyone interested in local history.The three Eisner sons, J. Lester, Raymond and Monroe presented the Italian villa-style home to Red Bank in 1937 where they saw a crying need for a library. Built in 1856, Sigmund and Bertha Eisner purchased the 16-room home in 1906 and renovated it twice, adding a mahogany living room in 1920. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, raised their family and entertained many in this home.The event held on Saturday was the kick-off of a year-long celebration in observance of the opening of the Local History Room.For more information contact the library at (732) 842-0690 or visit their website www.lmxac.org/redbank.last_img read more

Corruption, reservation stall proceedings in Council for second day

first_imgThe Council was adjourned for the second consecutive day on Friday over State government’s “failure” to give reservation for the Dhangar (shepherd) community, and address the issue of corruption by Cabinet ministers. Like Thursday, the House was adjourned three times before continuous pandemonium forced the chairman to call off the proceedings for the day prior to lunch time. Leader of the Opposition Dhananjay Munde claimed that the Opposition had ‘conclusive evidence’ against 16 ministers of the BJP-Shiv Sena government and the treasury benches were causing commotion only to avoid a debate. “This Government is trying to protect the corrupt. This has been the policy of this government, and we condemn their casual approach to such a serious issue,” he said. The Opposition MLCs said the government has broken away from the traditions of the august house by evading important debates brought up under the Legislative Rules. “This Government has broken away from the tradition by not allowing the dissenting voices to put across a point of public interest,” said Bhai Jagtap (Congress). ‘Sena behind downfall of Marathi’ Members of the Opposition on Friday blamed the Shiv Sena for the downfall of the Marathi language, alleging that the party when in power had not done enough to preserve the language. Speaking in the Council over the proposal for grant of classical status to Marathi language and issues related to its conservation, Kapil Patil of the Lok Bharati Party said, “The Sena despite being in power for so many years has not done enough. It even enters agreement with its staff and members in English, and then claims to be a saviour of the language in public.” He also demanded at least 50 % subsidy for Marathi medium schools.last_img read more

NBA: Celtics to play 76ers in London

first_imgNew York, United States — The Boston Celtics will meet the Philadelphia 76ers at the O2 Arena in London in January for a regular NBA game, league officials announced Thursday.The game, to be played January 11, will be the Celtics’ second trip to London, having played Minnesota there in a 2007 pre-season contest, and the first for the 76ers, whose prior British experience was a 2013 pre-season game at Manchester against Oklahoma City.ADVERTISEMENT Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH K-pop star Jung Joon-young convicted of gang rape, spycam crimes UPLB exempted from SEA Games class suspension Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles01:43Who are Filipinos rooting for in the NBA Finals?02:29Giannis Antetokounmpo powers Bucks in bounce back win over Celtics01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Valdez, Reyes say PH team can do better after win WATCH: Streetboys show off slick dance moves in Vhong Navarro’s wedding LATEST STORIES Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Catriona Gray spends Thanksgiving by preparing meals for people with illnesses The NBA announced its five Christmas Day match ups Thursday with an NBA finals rematch between the Cavaliers and host Warriors representing the marquee contest. The two teams have met in each of the past three finals.The remainder of the NBA schedule will be announced next week. The October 17 opening is the earliest start since the 1980-81 campaign began on October 10, 1980. LOOK: Venues for 2019 SEA Games SEA Games in Calabarzon safe, secure – Solcom chief The Celtics feature two-time NBA All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas, who led Boston with a career-high 28.9 points a game last season, plus newly acquired All-Star Gordon Hayward from Utah and four-time NBA All-Star Al Horford, the team’s top rebounder, from the Dominican Republic.“It’s very exciting for our team and the whole Celtics organization to compete in front of our loyal fans in London,” Thomas said. “I can’t wait to connect with them at the NBA London Game 2018 and hopefully make new fans in the process.”Counting pre-season contests, it will be the NBA’s 16th game in London.“Our events have become an annual opportunity for basketball fans across Europe to come together and share their passion for the NBA,” league commissioner Adam Silver said.The Houston-Golden State contest will not only feature nine-time all star Paul in a new uniform but the Warriors will receive their NBA championship rings for the second time in the past three seasons.Gordon Hayward’s Celtics will also take on LeBron James’s Cleveland Cavaliers on opening night in a NBA playoff semi-final rematch.ADVERTISEMENT The league announced the London game, its opening night contests and Christmas Day games as part of a partial release of its 2017-18 schedule on Thursday.Chris Paul will make his debut with Houston on October 17 when the Rockets visit the Golden State Warriors on opening night.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThe 76ers boast some of the NBA’s top young talent, including 2016 NBA Draft top pick Ben Simmons of Australia, who missed all of last season with a foot injury, and 2017 top draft selection Markelle Fultz as well as 2016-17 campaign All-Rookie selections Joel Embiid of Cameroon and Dario Saric of Croatia.“I look forward to coming back to London with the Sixers after visiting for the first time this summer,” Embiid said. “We are a young, hungry team and will be sure to give the fans an exciting game against Boston in January.” MOST READ Read Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

10 months agoKenyon consortium to drop Newcastle takeover bid

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Kenyon consortium to drop Newcastle takeover bidby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the lovePeter Kenyon’s consortium is set to drop their takeover bid of Newcastle.The Sun says his offer is still £100million adrift of Mike Ashley’s asking price.Former Manchester United and Chelsea chief Kenyon has come up with a way of increasing the original £200m he and his consortium have at their disposal.But extraordinarily, for owner Ashley to get the £300m he wants, Newcastle would have to qualify for the Champions League in the next decade.Kenyon has been working with the American Rockerfeller Capital Management to raise extra cash but the additional £100m would depend on the club reaching certain goals.One of them would be to finish in the Prem top four within ten years.Ashley has rejected that suggestion, wanting all the money up front. last_img read more