Rock Band 4 developers fill Amazon with positive reviews of own game

first_imgRock Band is back, and Rock Band 4 is aiming to give you a reason to move the couch out of the way and dust off all those plastic instruments you keep under the bed. Each full Rock Band installment has been great (if you like playing musical Simon with plastic instruments or prefer a cooler version of karaoke) on its own and better than the last, and Rock Band 4 should be no different, especially considering you can import DLC tracks from previous games. At this point, even though both Rock Band is attempting a comeback, the fake musical instrument genre probably only appeals to the fans that never stopped loving it and would give the game a rave review no matter what — but that didn’t stop Harmonix employees from getting caught leaving overwhelmingly positive reviews on their own game’s Amazon product page.The rumor that Harmonix employees were leaving great Amazon reviews of their own game was first spotted on Reddit, and the below image helped match some employees to their own reviews:Harmonix was contacted about the reviews, and confirmed that they were indeed from their own employees. The developer said that it believes the reviews were sincere (and rightfully so, people can be proud of their work, of course), but the reviews should be edited to make clear that they are from people who actually made the game. Some of the reviews were already updated to reflect this stance, both by identifying the reviewer as an employee of the company, and even an explanation as to why the reviewer felt the need to leave some words on Amazon about their own game.This might seem a little scummy, but Harmonix quickly rectified the situation, and the employees made heartfelt edits. Though the initial reviews should’ve made note of employment status, there’s nothing wrong with recommending something you’re proud of and believe in. In a possibly related note, check out for more awesome coverage about things we all enjoy.last_img read more