Vancouver’s Magenta Theater upgrades lighting system

first_imgThe next time you attend a performance at downtown Vancouver’s Magenta Theater, take a look overhead at all the new light fixtures. Take special note of the four lights hanging just before the tech booth, in the back corner of the auditorium.From south to north, those lights are Gail Ludowise, Ed Warner, Tom Hubbard and Bill Roberts. They’ve been named after “supervolunteers” who have given their all to the nonprofit theater. In other words, founder and artistic director Jaynie Roberts said, “They’re all Magenta fixtures.” Get it? Fixture volunteer Ed Warner spent most of last week supervising the delivery and installation of a sophisticated new lighting system at Magenta. He’s been the theater’s lighting manager for the past couple of years, and said he returned to theater lighting and technical design, his first love, after retiring from a career in the lighting industry.A couple of years ago, Roberts recalled with a laugh, Warner came into Magenta’s Main Street theater and marched straight past a volunteer orientation, then underway, to check out the lighting system overhead in the auditorium. He was impressed enough to get involved with the group, he said — clearly this was a serious outfit — and yet, what he really wanted to do was replace all those aging lights with newer ones. Why? The previous, incandescent lights were old-fashioned in every way, he said. They drew a whopping 45,000 watts of current, and burned hot enough to light cigarettes. They also burned hot enough to trigger the whole theater’s air conditioning system — so audiences were treated first to heat from overhead, then a cool breeze. You really don’t want changing weather inside your theater, Roberts said.last_img read more