Search engine DuckDuckGo takes out billboard ad telling everyone Google tracks you

first_imgIf you ask most people what competition Google has in the search space the top answers will likely be Bing and Yahoo! But the search market isn’t just dominated by big, well-known companies. There is at least one startup trying to make an impact.That new entrant is called DuckDuckGo, and it’s been setup and run by one man going by the name of Gabriel Weinberg. His search engine has one major difference to all the others: it does not track you at all.While DuckDuckGo is already proving popular within the tech community (managing 5 million queries a month), Weinberg wants his search engine to grow in popularity beyond that small group. This week he has taken out a large billboard advertisement in San Francisco. The $7,000 4-week ad simple proclaims:Google tracks you. We don’t. Search better at While it’s unlikely to get millions of users to switch away from Google, it does show that there are alternatives that allow for a much more private search. And that’s a growing issue for regular Internet users who are starting to ask the question, what happens to my data?Weinberg explains:People know that Google is storing searches and they know about the employee snooping. The part many don’t realize is that the serach term is being sent when the search is in the Google link. To help demonstrate the benefits of using a non-tracking search engine Weinberg also created the website, which gives an example of what a Google search means for your data. After viewing it you may want to give DuckDuckGo a try.Read more at WiredMatthew’s OpinionI’ve been using DuckDuckGo for a couple of weeks and it’s a solid search alternative. The biggest hurdle I’ve found is getting used to the interface, or lack there of. I’m used to Google’s layout and the links for news, images, shopping etc. which DuckDuckGo doesn’t have (yet?).I think that will be the issue for a lot of people–dealing with the change. And I bet many will walk away because it’s not as “nice” where as it is just different to Google.I urge you to give it a go. There is no tracking and it does return good search results. Who knows, you might even prefer it to Google.last_img read more