Chinese girl offers virginity for an iPhone 4

first_imgEarly this month we heard the story of a Chinese teenage boy who was so desperate to get an iPad 2 he decided to sell a kidney. The cash he would get in return for the organ was more than enough to cover the cost of the tablet. What he didn’t count on was a few complications following surgery and the anger of his mother when she realized what he’d done.Now the desire to own Apple gadgets in China has sparked another controversy. This time it’s not a boy selling organs, but a girl offering her virginity. In exchange, all she wants in the man to buy her an iPhone 4.AdChoices广告Using the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, called Weibo, she explained that she desperately wants an iPhone 4, but her father has said she can’t have one. So she’s decided to take matters into her own hands and is using her body and virginal status to get what she wants.We don’t know her exact age, but do know she was born in the 90s potentially making her a young teenager. Regardless, her offer isn’t being met with a lot of enthusiasm on Weibo with many posting negative comments. However, there’s always going to be someone out there willing to take her up on the offer, and we do fear for her safety as well as how much she will regret this after the event.No smartphone is worth a girl’s virginity and we hope she comes to her senses before going through with the act. We also see a marketing opportunity here for Apple: give the girl a free iPhone and let her keep that virginity for a real partner she falls in love with. Although that might just spark more girls offering the same in the hope Apple will come to their rescue too.More at The Korea Herald, via SAIlast_img read more