Weatherford files second amended plan of reorganization

first_imgSecond Amended Plan of Reorganization Contemplates up to $2.1 Billion in Post-Emergence New Senior Unsecured Notes Financing Image: Weatherford files second amended plan of reorganization. Photo: Courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay. Weatherford International, Weatherford International, and Weatherford International, announced that the Company has filed the Second Amended Joint Prepackaged Plan of Reorganization of Weatherford International plc and its Affiliate Debtors under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (the “Amended Plan”) with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas (the “Court”). The Amended Plan is accompanied by an amendment to the Restructuring Support Agreement, which has been signed by holders of approximately 82% of the Company’s outstanding senior unsecured notes, and an amendment to the Backstop Commitment Agreement, which has been signed by approximately 80% of the holders of the Company’s outstanding senior unsecured notes.Under the Amended Plan, upon exit from bankruptcy the Company will have access to additional financing in the form of (a) an undrawn first lien exit revolving credit facility in the principal amount of at least $600 million, and (b) up to $2.1 billion of a single tranche of new senior unsecured notes with a five-year maturity. The new senior unsecured notes will consist of $500 million of new takeback notes and up to $1.6 billion in new financing (the “Rights Offering Notes”) to be issued for cash to holders of subscription rights issued in a rights offering to holders of the Company’s outstanding senior unsecured notes.The issuance of Rights Offering Notes is supported by the amended backstop commitment from the ad hoc noteholder group, reflecting an increase in the backstop commitment from the original $1.25 billion to up to $1.6 billion. The amount of new senior unsecured notes, up to $2.1 billion, represents a reduction of $400 million in aggregate principal amount of unsecured notes compared to what was contemplated under the Company’s original plan of reorganization. As a result of the $400 million reduction in unsecured notes, the Company believes that there will be a dollar-for-dollar increase in the imputed range of potential equity value for the reorganized Company. Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more

Economics Faculty – 10 month

first_imgClass DescriptionPrepare and teach assigned economics courses in accordance withcourse outline and published course schedule; assess studentprogress in each course taught; maintain accurate records ofstudent attendance and progress in assigned courses; seekcontinuous improvement in student-centered learning and pedagogy;stay current in his/her discipline; maintain scheduled office hoursfor availability to students; advise students; create a yearlyindividual professional development plan; participate with otherfaculty in developing and managing courses, curricula and academicpolicy; and establish and maintain effective working relationshipswith students, faculty, and others in order to contribute to thesuccess of CCBC as an institution. Responsibilities includeteaching five courses per semester, committee work at thedepartment, school, campus, and college level; attendance atdepartment, school, campus, and college level meetings;college/community service; and participation in professionaldevelopment activities. Located on Catonsville, Dundalk, EssexCampuses and Owings Mills Extension Center.Minimum RequirementsMaster’s Degree in Economics or a Business related field with 18credits of coursework in economics; Ph.D. in Economics preferred;minimum of two years’ experience teaching at the post-secondarylevel; some community college teaching experience preferred;experience working with diverse student populations; demonstratedability and interest in teaching Introduction to Macro-economics,Introduction to Micro-economics and at least one of the followingareas: Personal Finance or Environmental Economics; demonstratedability to teach and develop online courses; familiarity withquality assurance practice for online learning; evidence ofmembership in professional associations in one’s field preferred;participation in professional conferences and workshopspreferred.For best consideration, please apply by December 18,2020.CCBC Full Time Benefits At A GlanceBENEFIT SUMMARYMedical Plan yearEmployees may select CIGNA, or Kaiser Permanente Select HMO. Nopreexisting condition exclusions. All plans have prescription drugcoverage and mental health and substance abuse benefits. All plansrequire the selection of a primary care physician, but allow theoption to change. Annual Open Enrollment is inOctober/November.Dental Plan yearEmployees may select Cigna DHMO, CareFirst Traditional Dental orCareFirst Preferred Dental. Annual Open Enrollment is inOctober/November.Vision Plan yearEmployees may select Carefirst Preferred or Traditional Plans.Coverage includes one eye exam and benefits for glasses, contacts,or bi/trifocals every 24 months. Administered by Davis Vision.Kaiser medical plans allow members to have one eye exam yearly(covers exam only). Annual Open Enrollment is inOctober/November.Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Employees have access to the EAP, which provides CCBC employees andtheir family member’s confidential 24-hour online and telephoneaccess for legal, financial, and personal issues. Provided for CCBCemployees at no cost. Administered by CIGNA behavioral.Flexible Spending Accounts(section 125)Employees may select the FSA, which allows employees to pay forout-of-pocket medical and dependent care expenses. Employees mayallocate a maximum of $5,000 per household, per plan year fordaycare related expenses, on a pre-tax basis. Employees mayallocate a maximum of $2,550 for medical related expenses. A debitcard is provided to simplify claims processing for health careexpenses. Annual Open Enrollment is in October and November.Administered by Benefit Strategies.Life InsuranceEligible employees receive one times their annual salary rounded upto the nearest $1,000. The minimum benefit amount is $50,000 andthe maximum benefit amount is $200,000. CCBC pays 90% of thepremium. Evidence of insurability is required if enrollment occurs31 days after hire date. Administered by The Standard InsuranceCompany.Long Term Disability (LTD)Employees may enroll in the LTD Plan. Benefits are effective after90 days of continuous total disability and pays 60% of the grossmonthly salary. Evidence of insurability is required if enrollmentoccurs 31 days after the employee’s hire date. Administered by TheStandard Insurance Company.Legal ServicesEmployees may enroll in the Legal Services benefit, which provideslegal advice, consultation, and courtroom representation forcommonly used legal services; plus will preparation, trafficviolations, credit issues, warranty disputes, medical durable powerof attorney and uncontested divorce. Annual Open Enrollment is inOctober/November. This plan is administered by LegalResources.Retirement PlansEmployees are eligible, based on position classification, to enrollin one of three retirement plans: (1) MD State Teachers PensionSystem, (2) MD State Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), or (3)Baltimore County Employees Retirement System. All plans requireemployee contributions except MD State ORP.403(b) Supplemental Retirement PlansFor the 2016 calendar year, if you are under age 50, you couldcontribute up to $18,000, and if you are age 50 or older, you couldcontribute up to $24,000 because of a $6,000 ‘catch upcontribution’.Vendors: AIG-VALIC, TIAA-CREF, T. Rowe Price, Fidelity, Lincoln andING.457(b) Deferred Compensation PlanFor 2016, if you are under the age of 50, you could contribute themaximum of $18,000 to your 457(b) plan. If you are age 50 or older,that maximum increases to $24,000 because of a $6,000 ‘catch upcontribution.’ Vendor: Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.Tuition Waiver/ReimbursementCCBC tuition is waived for benefit-eligible employees after aprobationary period, if applicable. Tuition reimbursement forcourses taken at other colleges and universities are availableafter one year of CCBC employment. Employees are reimbursed:$200/credit undergraduate; $260/credit graduate courses, up to amaximum of 18 credits per fiscal year.Financial ServicesEmployees have access to a free checking account, direct deposit,loans and other services at First Financial Federal Credit Unionand M&T Bank.Time Off (fiscal year)12-month employees accrue up to 12 days for sick and safeleave the first year of employment and 18 days per yearthereafter. 10-month employees accrue up to 10 sick days the firstyear and 15 days thereafter. All employees are granted 3personal business days per fiscal year. Employees areeligible based on position classification and years of service toaccrue a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 20 days ofvacation per fiscal year.ParkingFree. Must obtain a parking permit from the Department of PublicSafety to use on all campuses.last_img read more

“Seafood Extravaganza” angers college

first_imgMess left in a student kitchen in Pembroke was so appalling that the scout cleaning it was “physically sick.”The state of the kitchen, described by the Home Bursar as a “squid and seafood extravaganza,” was caused by students cooking over the weekend.Lauren Clark-Hughes, a Pembroke student said, “they left a horrible mess. There is a difference between a little bit of mess and this.” Another student mentioned the “fish guts” that were left lying around after the dinner.Dr Bowyer, Pembroke’s Home Bursar urged the guilty students to admit to the mess.  He wrote in an email to the JCR, “until such time as those responsible come forward and take responsibility for the cleaning, or until I decide otherwise, the kitchen will remain closed.”The students pleaded guilty only after Dr Bowyer threatened to examine the CCTV footage and button-key logs. The kitchens were reopened after two days. The Home Bursar stated, “I am pleased to report that someone has accepted responsibility for the mess in staircase 10 and I am satisfied that it was a matter of thoughtlessness not malice…I hope ‘fish-gate’ is now behind us!”He added, “it was unfortunate that people had left the college and the kitchens in a mess.” The students were fined with an additional cleaning charge. College authorities suggested that the culprits may be students living out of college. An e-mail sent to the JCR mailing list stated, “as of now, let me also make clear that the kitchens on main site are solely for the use of main site residents and are not to be used by others. I shall advise porters and junior deans accordingly.”If no one had stepped forward, a fine was to be imposed on the JCR. A Pembroke first year described this prospect as “not fantastic.” She added, “I hope the people guilty come forward… it might have been second years who are not supposed to use our kitchens.”Caroline Daly, JCR President, commented “the mess left in staircase ten was an unfortunate incident which has now been dealt with by the Home Bursar. I am satisfied that no malice was involved in the situation and the students concerned have apologized.”last_img read more

Apple Store opens in Mishawaka mall

first_imgFor the many students who own MacBooks, iPhones and other Apple products, the brand-new Apple Store at University Park Mall will be a welcome addition to the South Bend area and Notre Dame community. The store, which opened at 10 a.m. Saturday, is only the second Apple Store to open in Indiana, joining the technology giant’s Indianapolis retail location. The new location will provide students with a geographically closer option for purchasing and repairing Apple products than the Chicago location, which was previously the closest Apple Store to Notre Dame. Several students said they believed the arrival of an Apple Store in the South Bend area was inevitable, if late in coming. “I personally think it was long overdue,” sophomore Kristin Ruekert said. “I can’t believe the closest one before was in Chicago.” Sophomore Meredith Angell expressed similar views on the store’s recent opening and the services it will be able to offer to Notre Dame students. “I’m surprised there wasn’t already an Apple Store around here because so many students have Apple computers,” Angell, a Mac owner, said. “I’m excited because I’ll be able to go there to get my computer fixed or ask questions about any problems I have.” Although the Office of Information Technologies provides vendor authorized warranty repairs on Apple, Dell and IBM/Lenovo computers, according to its website, some students were unaware Apple computers were included in OIT’s repair expertise. “I didn’t even know I could take my Mac to OIT to get it fixed if needed,” Angell said. “Now that there’s an Apple Store nearby, I would definitely take it there if anything happens.” Sophomore Maddie Smierciak said having an Apple Store close to campus was a factor in deciding which computer to buy prior to her freshman year. “When I bought a computer, I looked into whether or not South Bend had an Apple Store, and I was initially apprehensive about buying a Mac because there wasn’t one,” Smierciak said. “It makes me happy that the store opened because it gives me confidence that there is someone certified to handle Apple products nearby if anything happened.” The convenience of the new location in case of technological emergencies was also important to sophomore Mac owner Colleen Bailey. “I think the Apple Store will be a handy resource in case my computer breaks in the future,” Bailey said. Although the store is located a few miles from campus, Ruekert said the off-campus location of the Apple Store may hinder some students from bringing their computers there for repairs. “Students that don’t have cars probably won’t bring their computers on the bus with them to the mall,” Ruekert said. “I’m guessing a lot of students will still take their Apple computers to OIT if they have problems.” Sophomore Mac owner Tylor Gauger said he thought OIT’s Apple repair customer numbers would not change much as a result of the new store opening nearby. “I think it’s a good thing for the South Bend community, but I don’t think it will play a huge role for students because a lot of people will still take their computers to the well-learned Mac specialists at OIT for free,” Gauger said. “It would make more of a difference for purchasing Apple products.” Although she does not own an Apple computer, sophomore Betsy McGovern said she is interested in purchasing other Apple products from the new store location in the future. “I would definitely rather buy a new iPod there than have to wait to get one when I go back home,” McGovern said. “It will be way more convenient for people to get their iPods fixed there as well.” Smierciak also noted the prevalence of iPod-related issues among students and the fact that iPod repair locations were few and far between before the new store opened. “OIT can’t really fix your iPod if it breaks, and it’s a common problem for a lot of students,” Smierciak said. “The new store will be awesome for students who have iPod problems.” The “Go Irish Jobs” section of the Notre Dame Career Center website is currently advertising job openings for students at the Mishawaka Apple Store location and at locations across the country.last_img read more

Nutritionist presents on mindful eating

first_imgJocie Antonelli, nutrition and safety manager for Notre Dame Food Services, gave a presentation on mindful eating as part of the McDonald Center’s Mindful Mondays. Antonelli, who also offers nutritional counseling, said mindfulness is closely related to intentionality and explained how both are related to food in particular.  “Taking that idea of mindfulness and applying it to eating is, very simply, having an awareness of what you’re eating, why you’re eating, how you’re eating, all those kind of things that that involve eating, and being present in that moment,” she said. “We’re all busy, we’re all trying to fit a lot of things into our schedules, so we don’t always have time to eat without multitasking.”Freshman Reinaldo Angola-Hernandez said he took an interest in the presentation because he hopes to improve his health habits in college. “I was interested in going to the event because I want to build super healthy habits while I’m at college, partly because I want to prove to myself that I can make good choices without having my mother behind my back all the time,” he said. “Also, I’m always looking for any free events offered on campus that will help me grow as an individual.”Antonelli referenced New York Times bestselling author Dr. Susan Albers multiple times, saying Albers highlights mindfulness as a tactic to remove obstacles that prevent an people from determining their bodies’ dietary needs. “Many social and environmental factors can stand in the way of being able to accurately decode your body’s feedback. Mindfulness helps you break free from routine eating habits by examining the thoughts, feelings and internal pressures that affect how and why you eat or don’t eat,” Antonelli said.Antonelli also said Albers suggests it can be helpful to ask yourself questions about your environment, habits and body signals before eating to better register your body’s needs. To end the presentation, Antonelli led participants through a meditation that focused on fully savoring the experience of eating a piece of chocolate — listening to the crinkle of the foil, inhaling the smell and letting the chocolate melt in the mouth for a few moments before chewing.Angola-Hernandez said the chocolate meditation was a new experience for him.“I thought [the instruction] provided new and interesting insights, and I especially liked the chocolate meditation because I have never heard of that and I honestly thoroughly enjoyed those two tiny Hershey kisses way more than usual because of it,” he said. “I’m kind of excited to eat again just so I can actually slow down and savor every bite.”Antonelli said it’s important not to confuse mindfulness with being overly critical or strict with your diet. “Every item you’ve enjoyed can be part of a balanced and healthy diet,” she said. “It just takes moderation.” Tags: health, McDonald Center, mindful eating, mindful mondays, Notre Dame Food Serviceslast_img read more

MHAST annual meeting honors community members, discusses new initiatives

first_imgTwo people in the local community worked to support mental health were recognized, including former Union-Endicott student and now college student, Dominic Pasquale. The track runner organized a 24-hour run with his old high school teammates to raise money for MHAST last summer. Officials said financially, the association performed well and are feeling confident about working through the pandemic. (WBNG) — The Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier held its annual meeting Wednesday honoring a local student and discussing the positive direction of the non-profit.Held over Zoom, the meeting covered the 2019 year, which was pre-pandemic. MHAST Executive Director Keith Leahey said, “Dominic thank you to you and your entire team for literally going the extra mile to spread awareness and support for programming, so Dominic thank you do much.”center_img Association officials also talked about initiatives it is working on including expanding upon crisis stabilization services. To learn more about what was discussed, click here.last_img read more

Game plan

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PREMIUMJokowi’s plan to use B40 biodiesel by 2021 difficult to realize: Experts

Log in with your social account Linkedin Forgot Password ? Topics : Facebook Google LOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Experts have expressed doubt about President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s plan to increase the palm oil content in biodiesel to 40 percent on a mass scale by next year from 30 percent at present. They say producers may fail to meet the increase in demand and the quality standards.Indonesian Bioenergy Expert Association (IKABI) chairman Tatang Herman said it would take more than a year to prepare for the processing facilities to enable them to meet the technical requirements to produce biodiesel with 40 percent palm oil content.“The preparation for B30 started back in 2014, and the regulation was issued in 2015. That provides a lot of time for producers to prepare. However, the decision to upgrade to B40 is way too sudden,” he said in a public discussion on Friday.In January, Indonesia began the mandatory use of B30 biodiesel, which contains 30 percent … Indonesia biodiesel palm-oil B30-mandatory-policy B40-fuel exports EU IKABI read more

Only two apartments left for sale at Bilinga’s Seychelles on Pacific

first_imgRenders of Seychelles on Pacific.Apartments will feature large terrace-style balconies with built in barbecues and Miele appliances in the kitchen while each residence will have two car parks and storage. Prices start from $1.45 million while body corporate charges are expected to be around $100 a week. The development, at 102 Pacific Pde, is pet-friendly with lift access to each level. Construction is expected to start in April, 2019. “We expect Seychelles will be sold out well before construction starts,” Mr Stringer said. Renders of Seychelles on Pacific. Renders of Seychelles on Pacific.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa13 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days ago“We have received an overwhelming response from prospective purchasers with seven expressions received in the last three weeks and only two apartments remaining,” marketing agent David Stringer of DJ Stringer Property Services — Coolangatta said.“The demand for beachfront property is exceptionally strong with buyers looking for a luxury property in a boutique complex, with a myriad of lifestyle options.” Mr Stringer said Seychelles on Pacific was positioned on the ‘Golden Mile’ — the beachfront esplanade of Bilinga and North Kirra. Renders of Seychelles on Pacific. Renders of Seychelles on Pacific.INTEREST in a new luxury apartment project on the southern Gold Coast has been so great there are only two residences left for sale. Bilinga development Seychelles on Pacific will include nine apartments over seven levels with views from Rainbow Bay to Surfers Paradise. Renders of Seychelles on Pacific. “For surfers and beach lovers, you will immerse yourself into beach breaks right out your front door and miles of uncrowded beach to worship the sun,” he said. “In addition, the superb 8km ocean pathway has just been completed allowing you to cycle or walk from Currumbin right down to Rainbow Bay and Tweed Heads.” Three-bedroom apartments range in size from 160sq m to 181sq m while 305sq m whole-floor “super apartments” include three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a media room. last_img read more

Police: Six killed in Burundi violence

first_imgAt least six people were killed in clashes in Burundi’s capital on Tuesday, police said, the latest violence since President Pierre Nkurunziza won a third term in power.Police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye said one policeman was among the dead and another was seriously wounded in clashes with “insurgents” in the Ngagara district of Bujumbura.“There have been several armed criminal attacks in many neighbourhoods of Bujumbura which were apparently co-ordinated,” a senior police officer said, confirming that six people were killed in separate attacks overnight on Sunday.Police spokesperson Pierre Nkurikiye declined to comment on Monday on the violence.Burundi descended into violence in April after President Pierre Nkurunziza launched a bid for a third consecutive term in office, despite concerns over the legality of such a move. At least 240 people have been killed and more than 200 000 have fled the country since the opposition took to the streets to protest the incumbent’s refusal to give up power.Three people were killed in a shooting at a bar with a fourth killed nearby, overnight Sunday, a witness and police said, while two civilians were also killed in Bujumbura.Another person was killed and seven others wounded overnight Saturday in an attack on another small bar. Three police officers were also wounded in attacks.Burundi is still scarred by memories of its 1993-2006 civil war pitting rebels from the Hutu majority against an army dominated by minority Tutsis.At least 300 000 people were killed in the conflict, which kicked off a year before a genocide of mainly Tutsi people in neighbouring Rwanda.International alarm has been mounting after repeated appeals to Nkurunziza to enter dialogue with the opposition went unanswered and the political rhetoric grew increasingly poisonous – drawing comparisons with the hate speech that whipped up the violence in Rwanda.last_img read more