Contrasting strategies of provisioning and chick growth in two sympatrically breeding albatrosses at Campbell Island, New Zealand

first_imgThe provisioning strategies of two closely related species of albatross breeding sympatrically were studied at Campbell Island, New Zealand. Black-browed Albatrosses (Diomedea melanophrys) had a higher provisioning rate of chicks than Grey-headed Albatrosses (D. chrysostomaa) as a result of a higher feeding frequency. Provisioning and satellite tracking data suggest that Black-browed Albatrosses forage over neritic waters in trips of up to 5 days, in combination with longer trips over oceanic waters. In contrast, it was not possible to separate clearly short and long trips in Grey-headed Albatrosses, but they probably forage mostly over oceanic waters, combined with rafting or feeding near the colony during stays of short duration at sea. No inter-annual differences in foraging trip duration were apparent between years for either species. Chicks were fed larger meals at older ages and when in poorer condition, probably due to a limitation on the rate of assimilation of food. For both species, chick condition after feeding did not influence the duration of foraging trips. Black-browed Albatrosses from Campbell Island feed locally in neritic waters and up to 2,000 km from the colony, in contrast to conspecifics from other sites which feed principally over neritic waters. Grey-headed Albatrosses were largely dependent on oceanic resources as for conspecifics studied elsewhere. This study shows that foraging and provisioning strategies are flexible within species, allowing them to exploit more or less distant resources.last_img read more

Juab Track Competes At Mountain Valley Invitational

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah-Wednesday, Juab track & field competed at the Mountain Valley Invitational hosted by Westlake High School.The boys’ champions were the American Fork Cavemen (118 points) while Juab’s boys finished fourth with 76 points.The girls’ title was won by the Lone Peak Knights (90 points). Juab’s girls placed ninth with 31 points.The top eight finishers in each event will be listed.  Juab athletes who placed in the top 8 in any given event will appear in bold face.Girls 100-meter hurdlesJessie Mangum-Spanish Fork 15.98Olivia Taylor-Salem Hills 16.37Sydney Black-Salem Hills 16.60Sydney Watson-Springville 17.34Chynna Hartle-Lone Peak 17.63Helena Eckstein-Springville 17.92Marie Alaimo-Skyridge 18.09Kaitlyn Kimball-American Fork/Alyce Hansen-Lone Peak 18.11Boys 110-meter hurdlesIsaiah Gerald-Westlake 14.90Elias Gerald-Westlake 15.68Treven Strong-Springville 16.24Jacob Eldridge-Juab 16.66Joey Trageser-Spanish Fork 16.92McCade Davis-Spanish Fork 16.93Aidan Sutton-Lone Peak 17.25Ashton Miller-American Fork 17.43Girls 100-meter dashBrilee Pontius-Westlake 12.18Tiale McGee-Skyridge 12.57Mali Boyer-Springville 12.58Elisabeth Norton-Lone Peak 12.67Rachel Foster-Skyridge 12.84Kate Fallon-Spanish Fork 12.98Regan Morris-Skyridge 12.99Hannah Hawkins-Lone Peak/Sarah Golightly-American Fork 13.00Boys 100-meter dashSmith Snowden-Skyridge 10.93McCae Hillstead-Skyridge 11.10Coleman Beck-Skyridge 11.23Jaxson Denton-Maple Mountain 11.23Lucas Hyde-Lone Peak 11.37Brayden Bluemel-Hollaway-Westlake 11.38Seth Rigtrup-Springville 11.38Tobias Staples-Westlake 11.41Girls 1600 meter runAvalon Mecham-American Fork 5:15.26Avery Moore-American Fork 5:15.96Abigail Barlow-American Fork 5:22.63Hazel Baird-American Fork 5:28.09Mara Holmes-Lone Peak 5:29.91Natalia Boltz-American Fork 5:31.34Sarah Merrill-Lone Peak 5:31.37Natalie Jensen-American Fork 5:32.16Boys 1600-meter runBrayden Packard-American Fork 4:17.69Tyler Reese-Spanish Fork 4:28.78Connor Storrs-Skyridge 4:29.48Kooper Dibb-American Fork 4:32.05Jarren Barfuss-Skyridge 4:35.54Kaden Pack-American Fork 4:37.03Dason Day-Juab 4:38.15Logan Garnica-Springville 4:38.47Girls 4 x 200Lone Peak Knights 1:46.45 (Sadie Schow, Hannah Hawkins, Megan Eaton, Allison Richter)Spanish Fork Dons 1:49.02Springville Red Devils 1:52.20 (Maili Boyer, Lox Neves, Weslie Collett, Molly Hunter)Boys 4 x 200American Fork Cavemen 1:32.27 (Maddox Ray, Ashton Miller, Robert Rasband, Karissa Taylor)Westlake Thunder 1:33.73Springville Red Devils 1:40.64 (Alec Noll, Gibson Condie, Seth Rigtrub, Chad Franke)Girls 400-meter dashLexi Goff-Lone Peak 1:00.92Ally Blackham-Skyridge 1:01.27Meredith Boggess-Lone Peak 1:01.52Lilly Stratton-Salem Hills 1:01.73Melia Grundvig-American Fork 1:02.51Hannah Hawkins-Lone Peak 1:03.00Sydney McDaniel-Springville 1:03.38Sarah Golightly-American Fork 1:03.40Boys 400-meter dashCade Olsen-Spanish Fork 52.50McKay Francom-Springville 53.45Tim Rasmussen-American Fork 54.15Carter Lynn-Juab 54.40Brady Beers-Skyridge 54.56Max Staheli-Salem Hills 55.41Jacob Eldridge-Juab 55.77 Logan Sircable-Maple Mountain 56.09Girls 300-meter hurdlesJessi Mangum-Spanish Fork 48.91Madison Galbraith-Springville 49.30Alyce Hansen-Lone Peak 50.85Kaitlyn Kimball-American Fork 51.43Miriam Pendleton-Spanish Fork 52.19Jadyn Rees-Springville 52.32Chynna Hartle-Lone Peak 52.79Sadie Crandall-Springville 53.14Boys 300-meter hurdlesIsaiah Gerald-Westlake 41.11Jake Hunter-Westlake 41.95Ashton Miller-American Fork 42.51Joey Trageser-Spanish Fork 43.00Aidan Sutton-Lone Peak 44.51Nathan Athay-Skyridge 44.62Treven Strong-Springville 45.16McCade Davis-Spanish Fork 45.92Girls 4 x 100 relayLone Peak Knights 50.17 (Lexi Goff, Tori Lord, Alison Richter, Elisabeth Norton)Skyridge Falcons 50.21Spanish Fork Dons 51.40 (Kate Fallon, Jocelyn Hansbrow, Jessi Mangum, Miriam Pendleton)Boys 4 x 100 relayMaple Mountain Golden Eagles 46.10 (Logan Sircabie, Banks Jackson, Jaxson Denton, Carson Golding)Springville Red Devils 46.43 (Gibson Condie, Seth Rigtrup, Chad Franke, Alec Noll) American Fork Cavemen 46.74 (Maddox Ray, Ashton Miller, Robert Rasband, Jayde Romney)Girls 800-meter runKylie Olsen-Skyridge 2:22.23Nelah Roberts-Skyline 2:25.66Jenna Corbridge-American Fork 2:26.49Lydia Templeman-Springville 2:27.45Lydia West-Maple Mountain 2:28.22Emmie Chatfield-Lone Peak 2:28.60Shelby Jensen-Westlake 2:28.82Marissa Hall-Juab 2:29.25Boys 800-meter runMichael Moffat-Westlake 1:59.42Samuel Nelson-American Fork 2:01.23Lucas Peck-American Fork 2:02.23Dason Day-Juab 2:04.48William Merkley-American Fork 2:08.69Zachary Bradshaw-Springville 2:09.29Grandin Olson-Salem Hills 2:09.66Clark Baker-Maple Mountain 2:09.85Girls 200-meter dashBrilee Pontius-Westlake 25.20Rachel Foster-Skyridge 26.42Elisabeth Norton-Lone Peak 26.58Katelyn Smith-Maple Mountain 27.20Hannah Hawkins-Lone Peak 27.22Tori Lord-Lone Peak 27.27Lilly Stratton-Salem Hills 27.32Meredith Boggess-Lone Peak 27.50Boys 200-meter dashCarson Golding-Maple Mountain 23.43Isaiah Gerald-Westlake 23.61Bodee Blackett-Juab 23.80Seth Rigtrup-Springville 23.84Brayden Bluemel-Hollaway Westlake 23.84Jaxson Denton-Maple Mountain 23.91Jared Dye-Juab 23.93Jake Hunter-Westlake 23.96Girls 3200-meter runNelah Roberts-Skyline 11:23.56Sarah Galbraith-Springville 11:25.48Amelia Hunter-Salem Hills 12:03.18Kenia Ainsworth-Skyridge 12:19.37Marissa Hall-Juab 12:19.75Trina Fix-Skyridge 12:23.02Erica Maestas-Salem Hills 12:30.80Lydia Felix-Springville 12:31.87Boys 3200-meter runNathan Hess-American Fork 9:54.10Jayden Fitzgarrald-American Fork 10:05.14Ethan Herzog-American Fork 10:20.12Seth Kjar-Skyridge 10:20.97Jd Logan-Skyridge 10:31.58Jaden Taylor-Springville 10:31.81Andrew Abel-American Fork 10:33.41Erol Yellowhair-Skyridge 10:34.44Girls 4 x 400 relayLone Peak Knights 4:05.52 (Lexi Goff, Megan Eaton, Meredith Boggess/Alison Richter)Maple Mountain Golden Eagles 4:24.02 (Laura Hammer, Lydia West, Ashlyne Murray, Olivia Larsen)Springville Red Devils 4:34.36Boys 4 x 400 relay1. Juab Wasps 3:41.43 (Boston Baxter, Dason Day, Jacob Eldridge, Carter Lynn)2. Maple Mountain Golden Eagles 3:43.27 (Logan Sircable, Aiden Atwood, Kevin Calderon, Isaac Woolford)3. Springviille Red Devils 3:50.37Girls 4 x 800 relaySpringville Red Devils 10:34.73 (Jaclyn Rees, Sarah Galbraith, Madison Galbraith, Addilyn Orndoff)Spanish Fork Dons 10:54.59 (Sophie Riding, Bayleigh Redd, Emma Fox, Staci Lomenick)Westlake Thunder 12:34.31Boys 4 x 800 relayWestlake Thunder 9:16.02 (Jessica Shumway, Treven Strong, Tyler Asay, Abby Landes)Boys Long JumpElias Gerald-Westlake 21-08.25James Palmer-Skyridge 21-01.25Isaiah Gerald-Westlake 20-06.25Jack Lee-Salem Hills 20-04.25Treven Strong-Springville 20-02.75Sean Matern-Lone Peak 20-02.25Cooper Cowan-Westlake 20-00.75Thomas Jones-Springville 19-11.25Girls High JumpLeah DeHart-Salem Hills 5-02.00Sadie Wright-Juab 5-00.00Sydney Hansen-Salem Hills 5-00.00Emily Dowell-Westlake 4-10.00Brooklynn Hunter-Juab 4-10.00Madison Galbraith-Springville 4-10.00Abby Davis-American Fork 4-08.00Abigail Kirby-Salem Hills 4-08.00Boys High JumpElias Gerald-Westlake 6-05.00Dawson Olsen-Juab 6-00.00Sean Matern-Lone Peak 6-00.00Treven Strong-Springville 5-10.00Saxon Higbee-Skyridge 5-10.00Cameron Paxman-American Fork 5-08.00Kenton Murdock-Juab 5-08.00Ryan Flake-Spanish Fork 5-06.00Girls JavelinBrekell Gammell-Salem Hills 130-00Tieri Rigamoto-Westlake 119-08Valerie Clark-Juab 110-05Emma Meyer-Skyridge 99-01Ellie Rowley-Juab 95-11Grace Knudsen-Maple Mountain 94-08Halle Lyman-Salem Hills 89-00Skylar Denison-Maple Mountain 79-07Boys Javelin1. Bodee Blackett-Juab 146-032. Boden Ballow-Juab 139-063. Jack Lee-Salem Hills 137-064. Whit Slack-Skyridge 128-085. Matt Taylor-Skkyridge 128-016. Douglas Garrett-American Fork 125-047. Parley Petersen-Juab 122-078. Jared Dye-Juab 120-01Girls Shot PutMalia Niumatalolo-Skyridge 35-01.50Tieri Rigamoto-Westlake 34-09.50Kymberly Parry-Westlake 33-09.00Grace Knudsen-Maple Mountain 30-07.00Penina Strong-Springville 30-07.00Emma Meyer-Skyridge 30-03.50Carly Hodge-Skyridge 30-00.00Makenna Roylance-American Fork 28-07.50Boys Shot PutHunter Deuel-American Fork 45-05.50Fisher Stokes-Maple Mountain 45-02.00Maka Fainga-Skyridge 44-10.00Misi Sika-Skyridge 42-02.00Colton Butterfield-Maple Mountain 41-07.00Cameron Beck-Skyridge 41-06.50David Phillips-Juab 40-09.50Luke Banner-American Fork 39-11.50Girls DiscusGrace Knudsen-Maple Mountain 105-06Tieri Rigamoto-Westlake 101-00Penina Strong-Springville 92-02.75Carly Hodge-Skyridge 90-03Brylee Greenhalgh-Juab 86-08Ellie Black-Salem Hills 79-07.25Emma Meyer-Skyridge 78-05Alanna Teriipaia-Skyridge 75-01.50Boys DiscusHunter Deuel-American Fork 129-03Colton Butterfield-Maple Mountain 128-06Daylen Christensen-Juab 124-11.50Jhamen Finau-Skyridge 124-03.50Fisher Stokes-Maple Mountain 123-10.25Misi Sika-Skyridge 122-08.50Maka Fainga-Skyridge 117-11.25Hyrum Goble-Salem Hills 113-11.50 Brad James March 24, 2021 /Sports News – Local Juab Track Competes At Mountain Valley Invitationalcenter_img Written bylast_img read more

Cheeky chalkboard outside Leaders branch attracts criticism

first_imgHome » News » Agencies & People » Cheeky chalkboard outside Leaders branch attracts criticism previous nextAgencies & PeopleCheeky chalkboard outside Leaders branch attracts criticismEstate agency is criticised by competing agents after sign is spotted by a passing proptech CEO and uploaded to LinkedIn.Nigel Lewis25th September 20191 Comment2,496 Views A photograph posted on social media platform Linkedin has sparked a furious debate among property industry professionals about what is and is not acceptable competitive behaviour.The photograph of a chalk board outside the Droitwich high street office of 120-branch chain Leaders points out that local competitors Your Move and Andrew Grant have recently closed their high street branches within the town.It was photographed by proptech platform HyStreet CEO Awais Ahmed and posted on LinkedIn, who asked: “Going after another agents stock with a well written letter when they close a branch is one thing, but what do we think about this?”.In response Kristian Stott, CEO of Andrew Grant pointed out that his company still had a presence in the town because, as The Negotiator reported this week, his company is turning wholesale to a hub model.The Your Move branch in Droitwich was closed recently as part of parent company LSL’s huge restructure of its Your Move and Reeds Rains branch network, and Droitwich sales and lettings are now handled by its neighbouring Bromsgrove branch.Most commentary about the LinkedIn story on the platform has been critical of Leaders, including one agent not connected to Droitwich who said: “We have had an estate agent in our town close a branch today. I don’t feel the need to put a sign in my window gloating”.Another said: “Poor choice in my opinion, people have lost jobs in the very community that this branch will be serving. Not a great advert. Would have been better to offer help to those clients that were affected.”andrew grant Leaders Your Move September 25, 2019Nigel LewisOne commentCraig Reynolds, Urban & Rural Urban & Rural 25th September 2019 at 10:58 amSimply DespicableLog in to ReplyWhat’s your opinion? Cancel replyYou must be logged in to post a comment.Please note: This is a site for professional discussion. Comments will carry your full name and company.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Related articles BREAKING: Evictions paperwork must now include ‘breathing space’ scheme details30th April 2021 City dwellers most satisfied with where they live30th April 2021 Hong Kong remains most expensive city to rent with London in 4th place30th April 2021last_img read more

HSwMS Carlskrona About to Wrap Up Her Role in Atalanta

first_img View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Defense Back to overview,Home naval-today HSwMS Carlskrona About to Wrap Up Her Role in Atalanta View post tag: Warship Share this article View post tag: maritme On Friday 2 August, Commodore George Novo Palma, who is the Force Commander of the EU Naval Force, went on board Swedish warship, HSwMS Carlskrona, to meet the Commanding Officer, Commander Mathias Jansson, and to bid farewell to his crew, as the Swedish warship is nearing the end of her deployment with Operation Atalanta.HSwMS Carlskrona has been operating as part of the EU Naval Force for nearly four months.During his time on board, Commodore Palma was given a tour of the highly specialised ‘Role Two’ Medical Department, as well as the Intelligence Cell, which has a specialised image analysis function. The image analysis function, together with the helicopter, has proven to be invaluable in capturing high quality images of the Somali shoreline to identify potential pirate activity. The Force Commander also met the HSwMS Carlskrona’s specialist ordnance and boarding teams. The Boarding Team conducted a number of Friendly Approaches with local fishermen during the deployment. Speaking about the contribution of HSwMS Carlskrona, the Force Commander said: “The ship’s company of HSwMS Carlskrona should be rightly proud of their contribution to Operation Atalanta. They have remained alert and at a high readiness, and completed all the operational tasks I asked of them.”After his speech to the crew members, Commodore Palma presented an Operation Atalanta crest to Commander Jansson. Commander Jansson thanked the Force Commander and stated: “One important thing for this mission is to have good relations and communications with each other. Since I met the Force Commander in Djibouti the 5th of April, we have had a really good and fruitful communication during the whole part of the mission.”As a small gesture of appreciation, Commander Jansson gave Commodore Palma the European Union flag that has flown from the mast of Carlskrona during the participation in Operation Atalanta.[mappress]Press Release, August 5, 2013; Image: EUNAVFOR View post tag: Navy View post tag: Wrap View post tag: role View post tag: Carlskronacenter_img View post tag: HSwMS HSwMS Carlskrona About to Wrap Up Her Role in Atalanta View post tag: Security View post tag: Naval View post tag: piracy View post tag: Defence Authorities August 5, 2013 View post tag: Swedishlast_img read more

NDPD warns community about phone scam

first_imgThe Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD) warned students in an email to the Notre Dame community on Tuesday about a phone scam appearing to come from the main NDPD phone number (574-631-5555). The caller claims to have a warrant for the person’s arrest and requires an in-person meeting at a remote location or a credit card number to avoid arrest.“Please know that NDPD does not make notifications in this manner and would never ask for a credit card or other personal information over the phone or to meet in a remote location,” the NDPD email said. “Please make a note of this and contact NDPD if you have any questions.”In the email, NDPD warned students to look for signs they may be receiving a scam phone call. “Scammers often alter caller ID numbers to make it look like an actual agency is calling,” the email said. “The callers use titles and fake badge numbers to appear legitimate. They may use the victim’s name, address and other personal information to make the call sound official. Sometimes merely calling the number listed may result in a charge to your phone service.”The email listed other methods for students to see if they are being tricked by a phone call, including if the caller leaves a voicemail message to call them, asks for credit or debit card numbers over the phone, demands that the student pay immediately without first sending a bill in the mail or threatens to report the student to law enforcement to have them arrested. NDPD provided a list of preventative measures against phone scams in the email, including verifying the claims the caller makes by contacting NDPD or a University official, refraining from providing personal information and carefully analyzing payment requests.Tags: NDPD, Notre Dame Police Department, phone scamlast_img read more

2005-2006 Elected Officials

first_imgmjacobs Timothy McQuiston 2004-11-09T20:02:37Z 2004-11-09T20:01:12Z 2004-12-08T17:54:10Z Vermont Secretary of State 10.2625 Sheet1 90 600 600 3 2 False False False Sheet2 False False False Sheet3 False False False 8640 12120 360 315 False False Print_Titles 1 =Sheet1!$1:$1# of SeatsDISTRICT NAMEIncumbentALPHA NAMEMAILING ADDRESSCITYSTATEZIPPARTY AFFILIATION1GovernorYDouglas, JimPO Box 1414MontpelierVT05601Republican1Lt. GovernorYDubie, Brian E.40 Mansfield AvenueEssex Jct.VT05452Republican1TreasurerYSpaulding, JebP.O. Box 222MontpelierVT05601Democratic/Republican1Secretary of StateYMarkowitz, DebP.O. Box 204MontpelierVT05602Democratic/Republican1Auditor of AccountsBrock, Randy2396 Highgate RoadSt. AlbansVT05478Republican1Attorney GeneralYSorrell, William H.P.O. Box 809MontpelierVT05602Democratic2Addison SenateYAyer, Claire504 Thompson Hill RoadWeybridgeVT05753Democratic2Addison SenateGiard, Harold W.1786 Crown Point RoadBridportVT05734Democratic2Bennington SenateYSears, Dick343 Matteson RoadNorth BenningtonVT05257Democratic2Bennington SenateYShepard, Mark6 Polygraphic LaneNorth BenningtonVT05257Republican2Caledonia SenateYCanns, Julius D.1 Cherokee DriveConcordVT05824Republican2Caledonia SenateKitchel, JaneP.O. Box 82DanvilleVT05828Democratic6Chittenden SenateYCondos, Jim23 Victoria DriveSouth BurlingtonVT05403Democratic6Chittenden SenateFlanagan, Ed131 Main Street #702BurlingtonVT05401Democratic6Chittenden SenateYLeddy, James P.14 Elsom ParkwaySouth BurlingtonVT05403Democratic6Chittenden SenateYLyons, Virginia “Ginny”241 White Birch LaneWillistonVT05495Democratic6Chittenden SenateYMiller, Hinda84 Deforest HeightsBurlingtonVT05401Democratic6Chittenden SenateYSnelling, Diane304 PietteHinesburgVT05461Republican2Essex-Orleans SenateYIlluzzi, VinceP.O. Box 226OrleansVT05860Republican2Essex-Orleans SenateStarr, Robert A.958 Route 105WNorth TroyVT05859Democratic2Franklin SenateYCollins, Donald “Don”23 Broadway StreetSwantonVT05488Democratic2Franklin SenateYKittell, Sara Branon437 Chester Arthur RoadFairfieldVT05455Democratic1Grand Isle SenateYMazza, Richard “Dick”777 West Lake Shore DrColchesterVT05446Democratic1Lamoille SenateYBartlett, SusanPO Box 123Hyde ParkVT05655Democratic1Orange SenateYMacDonald, Mark A.404 MacDonald RoadWilliamstownVT05679Democratic3Rutland SenateYMaynard, Hull7983 Cold River RoadShrewsburyVT05738Republican3Rutland SenateYMullin, Kevin J.118 Oxyoke DriveRutlandVT05701Republican3Rutland SenateWilton, Wendy165 Lincoln AvenueRutlandVT05701Republican3Washington SenateYCummings, Ann E.24 Colonial DriveMontpelierVT05602Democratic3Washington SenateYDoyle, William “Bill”186 Murray RoadMontpelierVT05602Republican3Washington SenateYScott, Phill20 Fuller StreetMontpelierVT05602Republican2Windham SenateYGander, Rod43 Tyler StreetBrattleboroVT05301Democratic2Windham SenateYWhite, Jeanette K.35A Old Depot RoadPutneyVT05346Democratic3Windsor SenateYCampbell, JohnPO Box 1306QuecheeVT05059Democratic3Windsor SenateYDunne, Matt314 Clay Hill RoadHartlandVT05048Democratic3Windsor SenateYWelch, Peter346 Town Farm HillHartlandVT05048Democratic2Addison-1YMaier, Steven122 Green Mountain PlaceMiddleburyVT05753Democratic2Addison-1YNuovo, Betty A.P.O. Box 347MiddleburyVT05753Democratic1Addison-2YJewett, WillemP.O. Box 129RiptonVT05766Democratic2Addison-3YClark, Gregory S.PO Box 198VergennesVT05491Republican2Addison-3YHouston, Connie T.3935 Basin Harbor RoadVergennesVT05491Republican2Addison-4YFisher, Michael364 Cobb Hill RoadLincolnVT05443Democratic2Addison-4YSharpe, Dave1209 Meehan RoadBristolVT05443Democratic1Addison-5YSmith, Harvey T.2516 Lime Kiln RoadNew HavenVT05472Republican1Addison-Rutland-1YYoung, Mark S.P.O. Box 38OrwellVT05760Republican/Democratic1Bennington-1YBotzow, Bill1225 South Stream RoadBenningtonVT05201Democratic2Bennington-2-1YCorcoran, Timothy R. II8 Corey LaneBenningtonVT05201Democratic2Bennington-2-1YKrawczyk, Joseph L. Jr.286 Rice LaneBenningtonVT05201Republican2Bennington-2-2Mook, Anne Lamy228 Washington AvenueBenningtonVT05201Democratic2Bennington-2-2YMorrissey, Mary A.228 Dewey StreetBenningtonVT05201Republican1Bennington-3YMiller, Alice88 Horton Hill RoadShaftsburyVT05262Democratic1Bennington-4YLivingston, JudyPO Box 977ManchesterVT05254Republican1Bennington-5YMolloy, Lawrence E.Box 11ArlingtonVT05250Democratic1Bennington-Rutland-1Komline, PattiPO Box 781DorsetVT05251Republican1Caledonia-1YLarocque, Leigh B.2414 Old Silo RoadSt. JohnsburyVT05819Republican1Caledonia-2Leriche, LucyPO Box 259HardwickVT05843Democratic2Caledonia-3YBostic, Don641 Rocky Ridge RoadSt. JohnsburyVT05819Republican2Caledonia-3YClark, David T.630 Crow Hill RoadSt. JohnsburyVT05819Republican2Caledonia-4YHudson, Cola H.P.O. Box 511LyndonvilleVT05851Republican2Caledonia-4Lawrence, Richard194 Bean Pond RoadLyndonvilleVT05851Republican1Caledonia-Washington-1YLarrabee, SteveP.O. Box 67West DanvilleVT05873Republican1Chittenden-1-1YLippert, Bill2751 Baldwin RoadHinesburgVT05461Democratic1Chittenden-1-2Orr, Scott A.20 Baldwin RoadCharlotteVT05445Democratic2Chittenden-2YMcCullough, Jim592 Gov ChittendenWillistonVT05495Democratic2Chittenden-2YPeterson, Mary N.2588 North Williston RdWillistonVT05495Democratic2Chittenden-3-1YAswad, Bill74 Ridgewood DriveBurlingtonVT05401Democraticlast_img read more

Japanese man’s COVID-19 case raises concerns about Indonesia’s detection ability

first_imgA Japanese national has reportedly tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus after visiting Indonesia, raising concerns about the country’s ability to detect carriers of the deadly virus.Because of this incident, Indonesian authorities are being urged to take swift actions to prevent its spread.Bayu Krisnamurthi, who headed the National Committee for Avian Flu Control and Pandemic Preparedness between 2006 and 2010, said the Japanese man could have transmitted the virus to others in Indonesia through droplets expelled by coughs and sneezes. “The health authorities should quickly clarify this case. It should be assumed that the virus could have been contracted by someone else before the symptoms appeared,” Bayu told The Jakarta Post on Sunday.Previously, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported that the Japanese man was in his 60s, lived in Tokyo and worked at a senior care facility.The man visited a healthcare facility in Japan on Feb. 12 after developing “cold-like symptoms” but was sent home after he was not diagnosed with pneumonia. He then worked on Feb. 13, spent Feb. 14 at home and reportedly traveled to Indonesia on a family vacation on Feb. 15.The NHK report did not specify the man’s itinerary while in Indonesia. The man returned to Japan on Feb. 19 and was soon hospitalized for having severe difficulty in breathing. He was said to be in “serious condition”.Separately, the Tokyo Novel Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Center of the Tokyo Metropolitan government’s website confirmed that a Tokyo resident in his 60s had tested positive for the disease and that his symptoms appeared on Feb. 12.The release does not mention any travel history to Indonesia, only that the man had not been to China within the previous 14 days. The patient’s condition was listed as serious.The man was the 29th case of COVID-19 recorded in Tokyo.Meanwhile, the Indonesian Health Ministry’s disease control and environment health directorate general secretary, Achmad Yurianto, said the ministry had contacted the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Tokyo to seek confirmation about the Japanese man, but his identity remained unknown.“We neither know his name nor which part of Indonesia [he visited]. So what can we investigate?” Yurianto told the Post on Sunday.Foreign Ministry acting spokesperson Teuku “Faiz” Faizasyah said that there had been no official communication with the Japanese authorities about the man.The Post tried to contact the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo by phone on Sunday, but the line only responded with an answering machine message saying to contact the embassy during business hours.“That’s the problem: Up until now there has been no information yet from Japan,” Yurianto said.Airports across the country are using thermal scanners to detect persons who have contracted the coronavirus and are requiring international arrival passengers to provide health documents in the form of general declarations. Airlines must also provide passenger manifests to officials in the health office.However, people with no health concerns on arrival might not show detectable signs of previous exposure to the coronavirus.“We could not possibly check them all, including their phlegm,” Yurianto said.Moreover, Bayu Krisnamurthi said the authorities should have already known the proper procedures for a virus outbreak, as there had been previous cases including the avian flu, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), among others.He said the authorities should at least update the public daily about the coronavirus so people can get accurate and useful information since viruses mutate.“Citizens should also be persuaded to take preventive measures: wash hands, wear masks when sick with influenza, eat well-balanced nutritious food and, if needed, take some vitamins to increase the body’s immunity,” he said.Meanwhile, Amin Soebandrio, the director of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, said that if the Japanese man showed no symptoms during his stay in Indonesia he could remain undetected despite already carrying the virus during the incubation period.The coronavirus’ incubation period is up to 14 days.“This is not just in Indonesia. [The man would be undetected] in any country if no symptoms show before he returned to Japan,” Amin told the Post.Amin said that persons infected with the virus during the incubation period could theoretically spread the virus, although they would not necessarily do so if they did not show any symptoms.“If the person already has the symptoms then he can [spread the virus],” Amin said.Amin said that the Indonesian government had followed proper procedures as according to the World Health Organization, including requiring health cards and quarantine travelers recently coming to China.“So the problem is not in our ability to detect [the coronavirus] or not because we have all the measures,” Amin said.The case is the second time a patient tested positive for COVID-19 after a visit to Indonesia.The first, a Chinese man identified as Jin, tested positive with the virus earlier this month, eight days after returning from Bali.According to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE), as of Sunday evening (Jakarta time), there were 78,823 confirmed cases globally, most of whom were in China where the virus has killed 2,437 people.Outside of mainland China, a total 1,887 cases has been confirmed in 31 countries, including Hong Kong and Macau, resulting in 20 deaths.Japan had 135 confirmed cases with one dead, according to Johns Hopkins CSSE.A total of 23,364 people had recovered from the disease worldwide.Topics :last_img read more

Martin Keown reveals Arsenal’s ONE advantage over top four rivals Manchester United and Chelsea

first_img Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 7 Aug 2019 3:12 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.4kShares Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is entering his first full campaign as United boss (Picture: Getty)‘We saw last season that Emery had taken Arsenal up the ladder a little bit and fourth place looked a real possibility,’ Keown told Football.London.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘I don’t feel this year that the top four positions are cemented. Fourth place is definitely vulnerable.“I say that because Chelsea have what we expect to be an outstanding manager but one where nevertheless no-one knows how that journey is going to go. He’s a novice, new to this situation. The same is true for Solskjaer really. He lost that consistency with the players after a very good start.‘In the shape of Emery Arsenal have a much more experienced manager. Chelsea have lost one or two players. There’s comings and goings at United, huge pressure for them’.More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errorsThere’s just over 24 hours left in the English transfer market and much could depend on who Arsenal and United manage to bring in.The Gunners remain keen on signing a centre-back and Celtic full-back Kieran Tierney.United need to sign a midfielder following the departures of Marouane Fellaini and Ander Herrera but they’ve been frustrated in moves for Christian Eriksen and Paulo Dybala.MORE: Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand makes Premier League top four prediction Unai Emery is entering his second term as Arsenal boss (Picture: Getty)Arsenal legend Martin Keown believes Unai Emery’s experience could make the difference for the Gunners this term.The Spaniard is entering his second campaign at the Emirates following his arrival from Paris Saint-Germain.Arsenal finished fifth and runners-up in the Europa League last term, and the Gunners are the third highest spenders so far this summer following their acquisitions of Nicolas Pepe and William Saliba.It’s been at summer of change at Stamford Bridge after Frank Lampard replaced Maurizio Sarri, while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is entering his first full term at Old Trafford.ADVERTISEMENTThe three teams are expected to fight it out for a top-four finish and Keown believes Emery could prove pivotal in that race. Advertisement Comment Martin Keown reveals Arsenal’s ONE advantage over top four rivals Manchester United and Chelsea Advertisementlast_img read more

Tonight’s Super Nationals show will be all Stock Cars, Modified qualifying, All-Star Invite moved to Saturday

first_imgBOONE, Iowa (Sept. 9) – When wet weather moves out of the area and work on the track is com­plete tonight, the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s program will resume at Boone Speedway with 20 Stock Car heats and two Stock Car features.The top four finishers from each qualifier advance to the main event on Saturday; no more Stock Car “B’s” will be held so the top six in points after heats and qualifying features will complete the starting field of 30.No Modified heats or qualifying features will be held tonight and the Fast Shafts All-Star Invita­tional will be moved to Saturday evening’s program.Friday’s racing program resumes at 9 a.m. Saturday with the remaining six Modified race of champions heats, then 30 Modified heats and two qualifiers to determine the front eight starters on the outside row. There will be no “B” features to complete Friday’s racing program.Pit passes for the scheduled Saturday race program will be $30.The grandstand will be cleared after the Friday show is com­plete on Saturday. Last-chance Modified races are first on the program for Saturday’s 3 p.m. show. Race of champions and main events for the Modifieds, Stock Cars, Northern SportMods and Hobby Stocks follow.last_img read more